Argentina’s UFO Agency is Being Shut Down – Here’s Why

     When Mauricio Macri became the new President of Argentina, his administration decided to shut down several pet projects of his predecessor, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. One particular division is an Argentinian UFO agency. By www.latinpost.com2-18-16 In May 2011, Fernandez de Kirchner started the Commission for the Study of […]

Argentina’s Real-Life X-Files Unit; Its Rise and Fall

     LIMA, Peru — Even at the best of times, Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was controversial. Accused of populism, corruption, mismanaging the economy and un-statesmanlike mood swings, she also, apparently, had an interest in extraterrestrial life. Simeon Tegelwww.globalpost.com2-15-16 In fact, in May 2011, she launched a […]