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Russian President Vladimir Putin Abducted By Aliens, As Depicted by Ukrainian Children’s Drawings | VIDEO

Russian President Putin Abducted By UFO, As Depcited by Ukrainian Children's Drawings

By uatoday.tv

Children’s animation studio works with Ukrainian schoolchildren to make cartoon

     An animation studio in Kyiv has turned Ukrainian children’s drawings into a cartoon showing the abduction of Russian President Vladimir Putin by aliens, take a look.

The animation entitled ‘UFO over Kremlim’ was initially created as a gift to Ukrainian servicemen stationed in the east of the country as many Ukrainian volunteers write letters and prepare gift packages for soldiers battling pro-Russian separatists.

The children’s animation studio recently uploaded their cartoon onto a social media website, garnering tens of thousands of views online.

15-year old student Nikita Golomutko, who has been with the studio for two years, says the four part animation series is a portrayal of Russia wanting to take control of Ukraine.

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Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Heading Toward President’s Ranch | 7th ANNIVERSARY of THE STEPHENVILLE LIGHTS

Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Heading Toward President's Ranch | 7th ANNIVERSARY of THE STEPHENVILLE LIGHTS

By Rob Freeman

     Video of recorded radar data, animated by the RADARplot application.
Shows 2 hours (at approx x50 speed) of the data from the Stephenville 2008 incident (3 of 5 radars). . . .

. . . Aircraft with transponders are shown as green (above 5000′) and blue (below 5000′). Primary radar returns that don’t correlate with a transponder are shown in white.
Aircraft entering and flying around the Brownwood MOAs (two groups of 4 aircraft), are jets from Carswell AFB.

The Schulze-Powell track begins at 18:51 between WitJ and WitG and moves towards PCR Crawford. Although intermittent, a cumulative plot (see other video) shows a definite track. Other interesting anomalies are present.

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