Registration for MEMRA 2016, Module 1, Now Open

The first MEMRA module will begin January 11, 2016. Registration is now open. Four courses are being offered: Beginning Biblical Hebrew (140+ videos) Beginning Biblical Greek (130+ videos) Beginning Biblical Aramaic (140+ videos) Beginning Ugaritic (50+ videos) See the Course Descriptions for the required textbook for each course. Each course […]

Were the Gospels Originally Written in Aramaic or Hebrew?

I’m often asked this question, so it was nice to come across this paper by Jan Joosten online. Joosten Aramaic or Hebrew behind_the_Gospels Joosten is an excellent scholar in Aramaic, Syriac, Greek, and Hebrew. This is a worthwhile (and sane) introduction to the issue. Readers will note that eventually Joosten […]