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Astronomers discover Interstellar Comet or is it an Interstellar Alien Spacecraft!

Astronomers using the PanSTARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii spotted for the first time an unusual space object what they believe is a comet that does not orbit the sun. According to the Minor Planet Center further observations are needed to confirm but this space object may be the first clear case of an interstellar comet.

As the astronomers never have seen a comet that did not come from somewhere within the solar system, either the Oort Cloud or the Kuiper Belt they believe, due to the highly eccentric orbit of the object, that it came from beyond the solar system, from the direction of the star Vega, in the constellation Lyra.

The space object named as Comet C.2017 U1 has a diameter of about 160 meters and was moving at an enormous speed of 26 km per second!

The object came within 38,000,000 km of our sun, passing the Earth on October 14, 2017 at a distance of 24,000,000 km, which is about half the distance to Mars, before the Sun’s gravity hurled it back outward.

Then according to the Minor Planet Center, on October 25, 2017 in very deep stacked images taken at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) the object was found to show no presence whatsoever of any cometary nature. The object was renamed A/2017 U1, becoming the first comet to ever be re-designated as an asteroid.

At first it was an interstellar comet, now it is an asteroid, with other words, they don’t know the origin of the object.

You know, everything about this space object which visited our solar system for the first time is strange and we may wonder whether the object, which seems to follow its own path, is not a large icy rock but an interstellar spacecraft piloted by a highly advanced alien race coming from a place near the star Vega, in the constellation Lyra.

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Alien Mining Machinery discovered on the Far Side of the Moon

We present an analysis of Apollo 15 and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images of two unusual features in the crater Paracelsus C on the far side of the moon.

At first glance these structures appear to be walls or towers on the lunar surface. By combining multiple images we show the larger feature, oriented in a northeast/southwest direction, is not simply a wall but two walls on either side of a narrow valley or “passageway”.

Using single image shape from shading and 3D terrain visualization we show in a computer generated perspective view looking northeast that the southwest end appears to be the entrance to the passageway.

A reverse angle view looking southwest shows the passageway ending at a rise of terrain at the other end, possibly leading underground.

The terrain surrounding the two structures is not flat but appears “excavated” by some unknown artificial mechanism.

As these objects are visually different from the lunar background because their underlying structure is different, we assume that the two objects are in fact mining machines/crawlers used for mining operations, conducted by extraterrestrials.


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Planet-sized transmitters powering interstellar alien spacecraft in distant galaxies, scientists say!

Mysterious flashes in space could be alien spacecraft at work, Harvard scientists say.

A newly published research suggests that mysterious phenomena called fast radio bursts could be evidence of advanced alien technology. Specifically, these bursts might be leakage from planet-sized transmitters powering interstellar probes in distant galaxies!

“Fast radio bursts are exceedingly bright given their short duration and origin at great distances, and we haven’t identified a possible natural source with any confidence,” said theorist Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.”

As the name implies, fast radio bursts are millisecond-long flashes of radio emission. First discovered in 2007, fewer than two dozen have been detected by gigantic radio telescopes like the Parkes Observatory in Australia or the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. They are inferred to originate from distant galaxies, billions of light-years away.

Researchers at the Harvard University examined the feasibility of creating a radio transmitter strong enough for it to be detectable across such immense distances.

They found that, if the transmitter were solar powered, the sunlight falling on an area of a planet twice the size of the Earth would be enough to generate the needed energy. Such a vast construction project is well beyond our technology, but within the realm of possibility according to the laws of physics.


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NASA is using secret advanced alien technology to fly their Solar Probe Plus spacecraft into the sun’s Corona?

NASA and other scientific organizations claim that UFOs near the sun are merely a collection of streaks left by cosmic rays, charged particles from space, which whizzed through the camera’s sensor, or CCD, as the images were taken.

Besides, due to the extreme temperatures it is impossible that alien spacecraft can get close to the sun. Especially the material in the corona is extremely hot and the temperatures in the sun’s corona (upper atmosphere) can get as high as 2 million degrees Celsius makes that these UFOs will burn up, according to Skeptics.

So, where the aliens apparently do not have the technology to get their spacecraft close to the sun, NASA seems to have no problem with this issue.

And that is exactly what is going to happen next year when NASA will fly its Solar Probe Plus on its first mission into the sun’s corona (upper atmosphere) and “touch” the sun.

Image:NASA’s Solar Probe Plus spacecraft. Credit: NASA.

Solar Probe Plus as it appears in the above image is slated to launch during a 20-day window that opens July 31, 2018. According to NASA the spacecraft will collect data on the mechanisms that heat the corona and accelerate the solar wind, a constant flow of charged particles from the sun.

Where as the Space Shuttle has a reinforced carbon-carbon heat shield which is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 4,700 degrees Celsius, the heat shield of the Solar Probe Plus must be able to withstand temperatures of up to 2 million degrees Celsius which makes you wonder whether NASA is able to design such an advanced alien technique or maybe they got the information from third parties or unknown sources, think about information collected from crashed UFOs or a partnership between NASA and an alien race.

It is said that the sun is not what we’ve been told and despite the NASA organization says that their mission to the sun is to collect date only it may be a cover-up to hide the real purpose of their mission.

Meanwhile the NASA organization supported by all the skeptics, trolls and paid disinformation agents goes on to tell the people that UFOs near the sun are just only cosmic rays or charged particles from space.

Additional information:

The temperature at the Sun’s surface is around 5,500 degrees Celsius.

The atmosphere of the sun is composed of several layers, mainly the photosphere, the chromosphere and the corona.

The lowest layer of the sun’s atmosphere is the photosphere. It is about 300 miles (500 kilometers) thick.

The next layer is the chromosphere and is the second of the three main layers in the Sun’s atmosphere and is roughly 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers deep.

And the third layer is the corona which is the outer atmosphere of the Sun. It extends many thousands of kilometers above the visible “surface” of the Sun.

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Steve Quayle: “Something is happening and the Antarctic is Critical”

Author Steve Quayle contends, “Black physics is beyond the PhD level, and we are seeing this with CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research).

What is so critical for people to understand is, as more activity takes place at CERN, the occult rituals associated with it are so in your face you can’t dismiss this stuff anymore as being the ranting’s of this fringe or that fringe.

??? – Coordinates: 69°19’57.71″S 158°52’28.99″E

Quayle says, “Most people don’t understand that something is happening and the Antarctic is critical.”

It is, because of the advanced technology of the Third Reich . . . that they went under the ice, so to speak, and came into contact with beings, sentient beings that Wernher von Braun and others have made reference to many times before they passed away.

So, all this is a matter of record. When you put all the records together, it points to this: There is some entity or group of entities that are thinking and have advanced technology, buried in Antarctica.

Why are World Leaders visiting Antarctica? Basically because this group of entities give orders to the religious and political leaders of our day!

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle, author of “Empire Beneath the Ice” and learn that the history of the world is not what it is. It is what the powers that be pretend it to be.

  XX 69°19’57.71″S 158°52’28.99″E (square)

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Mysterious Blue Spiral Appears In The Sky Over Mexico

Kat Martin spotted this weird blue spiral in the sky over Mexico on December 7, 2016.

My first reaction was “lens flare” but this blue spiral is too perfect and it reminds me the Norway spiral years ago. Moreover, I have never heard of a blue spiral lens flare.

But what makes it even stranger is the round red object at some distance behind the blue spiral.

Could it be a blue electromagnetic pulse originating from an unknown source or maybe it is a holographic display realized by a technology which is unknown to us?

But what about the red object behind the spiral? There is a logical explanation for this phenomenon?


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