Alien Skull – 'Hobbit' Skull Found In Indonesia Is Not Human : Scientists

Scientists analysed a ‘hobbit’-sized skull found in Indonesia back in 2004 have claimed that it is a Alien Skull-Not Human. The fossil was discovered in Indonesia and named Homo floresiensis, or… Click on Headline to read complete story…

‘Unexplained Files’ to cover controversial UFO cases tonight

The hit Science Channel show The Unexplained Files is set to tackle two controversial UFO cases in tonight’s episode. The episode will first cover a mysterious skeleton discovered in Peru in 2011. The skeleton made headlines the following year when analysis revealed unusual DNA sequencing. The media quickly latched on […]

Did the Smithsonian discover ALIEN skulls in Antarctica?

An archaeologist and his team reportedly discovered three elongated skulls in Antarctica. American Live Wire, a self-described “entertaining news & information” website, published a story on April 2 claiming that Smithsonian archaeologist Damian Waters and his team uncovered three elongated skulls in La Paille, Antarctica. The article claims that this […]