Update Ancient Alien Mummies Discovered in Peru are Reptilian Not of the Earth

In addition to our article: Special Report: Ancient Non-Human Body Discovered in NAZCA Peru it appears that besides the ancient three fingered and three toed mummy, a total of five mummies have been discovered in NAZCA Peru. The five 1,700 year-old mummies are more reptilian than human. New images of […]

Dascam films Creepy Reptilian Face and UFO hidden in Cloud Formation

A dashcam video of a strange cloud formation uploaded by channel zero shows a partially cloaked object that looks similar to a flying saucer. Even stranger is the mysterious shape below the UFO depicting a creepy reptilian face. Although the video uploader did not mention the date and location, the […]

Ancient Legends of the Reptilian Alien Gods

Reptilian – serpent – snake iconography is found throughout the planet in art work and petroglyphs, referring to the spiral of consciousness creation and human DNA. It is laced with metaphors about human origins and destiny. Several ancient peoples all over the world have described reptilian beings, and some have […]

Ancient Legends of the Reptilian Alien Gods: India

Explore the myths and legends for all corners of the world that describe reptilian beings from our past. In this episode we explore ancient legends of India In India, extensive histories exist regarding the Naga, a Reptilian race said to live underground and interact with the kings and others on […]