‘The Three’ explores the relationship between 3 alien species

An upcoming sci-fi thriller claims to be the first movie to explore the relationships between three different alien species: the insectoids, the reptilians, and the greys. Versa Media Inc. and AVA Video Productions are the production companies behind The Three. The filmmakers recently released a teaser trailer that highlights twenty-five […]

Alien movie ‘Ejecta’ plays on secret government conspiracies

IFC Midnight is making it clear that UFOs and aliens are a key focus in the company’s content portfolio. The subsidiary of AMC Networks acquired distribution rights to two UFO-related films earlier this year: Hangar 10 and Extraterrestrial. And, this distribution label has reportedly just acquired distribution rights for another […]

‘Earth to Echo’ trailer reveils mechanical alien

A full trailer for the upcoming extraterrestrial-themed film Earth to Echo was released on Wednesday, March 19. Earth to Echo poster. (Credit: Walt Disney Studios) The plot of this movie might sound familiar. Movie news website /Film states, “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: suburban kids who like […]