Alleged Alien-Human Hybrid, Intelligence Agenicies, The FBI and a FOIA Appeal

DoJ Responds to FOIA Appeal, Directs FBI to Search Further for Lash Files      A May 10 email (see above) from the Department of Justice stated my appeal for files on Jeffrey Alan Lash “has been processed with the following final disposition: completely reversed/remanded.” The email was from the […]

Alleged ET-Human Hybrid, Jeffrey Alan Lash and Latest FOIA Requests

 Lash Files Remain Elusive      My latest efforts to obtain official files on the case of Jeffrey Alan Lash included FOIA requests submitted to the FBI and CIA. In December I received a response from Section Chief David M. Hardy of the Department of Justice Office of Government […]

“… Lash was an ET-Human Hybrid Working for US Intelligence Agencies …”

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange Case of Jeffrey Alan Lash By Jack      On or about July 17, police retrieved the deceased body of Jeffrey Alan Lash from a vehicle parked in Pacific Palisades, Cal. The story soon broke that two women, Catherine Nebron and Dawn […]