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Secret Truth Behind America’s ‘UFO Highway’ | VIDEO

Secret Truth Behind America's 'UFO Highway'

     Flying saucers and visits from extraterrestrials have long been a source of fascination in American culture. There are many who believe aliens and their ability to visit Earth are a fact, and some are willing to

go to great lengths to prove it. That’s the subject of author Ben Mezrich’s new book, “The 37th Parallel,” which tells the story of one man’s 30-year quest to prove aliens are real. Mezrich joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the book and the so-called “UFO Highway.” …

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Travelin’ Man

It’s been a real busy summer, including a wonderful trip to Roswell, New Mexico for the annual conference at the Roswell Museum. Always a delight to work with these fine folks, who preserve the legacy of that fateful 1947 event. More importantly, they bring everyone together to share how far we’UFO Roswell Museum Derrel Simsve come in exposing the reality of the alien presence, and how much further we still have to go. One of my favorite parts of the conference is getting to moderate the experiencers panel. As I’ve always said, it’s going to take all of us sharing our discoveries and encounters–that means both the investigators and abductees/contactees. Some of the best pieces of evidence I have came from folks out there that were paying attention enough to share with me things they’ve found (on their own bodies and around them.)

I had a fun trip a couple of weeks ago to New Mexico to follow up on an unusual sighting of something unusual. Hate to be cagey about this, but I can’t share details just yet. Hopefully soon!

Those of you who heard me on Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black know I’m working an extraordinary case right now with a woman from India. The medical records I’ve seen so far, and my contact with her, lead me to believe this could be one of those rare cases of alien implants. Looks like I’ll be heading out there next month to find out more. I’ll be connecting with a couple of young researchers there and visiting local UFO hot spots and more. Can’t wait to share it all with Alien Hunter Nation!

Then looks like I’ll be heading to colder climate in October–a conference in Edmonton, Canada. I have a couple of ongoing cases nearby, too, so this will be a great chance to work them up close and personal.

Looking forward to sharing more insights with you here and on my Facebook page!

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Houston’s Alien Hunter in the News

Alien Hunter from Houston Texas in the News  Had a blast a couple weeks back filming with the crew from Channel 2 Houston. Reporter Owen Conflenti asked some great questions, and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.

The final piece aired tonight in Houston, and the video is posted on their website.

I appreciate getting the chance to share a bit about what I do and why.

One funny note: I seem to be getting a lot of comments lately about my wardrobe, whether it’s my black duster I wear on a lot of “Uncovering Aliens” episodes, or as Owen says in the report, the fact that I’m wearing a jacket. Well, I thought I’d dress up a bit for the camera, didn’t mean to cause a fuss! Hey, I’m no fashion hound, but I do think my new hat looks sharp, don’t you?

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“Alien Invasion” Episode of Uncovering Aliens to Air

uncovering_aliens_ftr2-600x330For everyone who has has been asking for more episodes of my show “Uncovering Aliens,” this may interest you…It looks like Discovery’s Science Channel will be airing the 4th episode of the series, “Alien Invasion”, Wednesday January 22. Also on the schedule is a repeat of “Alien Abductions & Bright Lights.”
I haven’t seen this episode yet, and I never know what part of our investigations will be included in the final broadcasts. Pretty sure, though, there will be something on alien implants, underwater UFOs and an alien abduction case or two.

As you may have figured out, Discovery originally developed the program for their Animal Planet network. But they’ve been airing episodes on the Science Channel recently. Well I love animals and I love Science so either way is fine with me. Sorry the schedule is so erratic, but check this link and also your local listings.

I really appreciate hearing from everyone, including my Facebook followers!

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Fun With “Uncovering Aliens” on Animal Planet

On the set of “Uncovering Aliens” in Sedona, AZ with UFO witness and co-stars Maureen Elsberry, Mike Bara and Steven Jones

I want to thank everyone who tuned in to the “sneak peak” last night of “Uncovering Aliens,” the Animal Planet TV series I worked on this year. And those of you who made a point of setting your DVR–that counts, too! I watched with my HUFON friends, and can’t tell you how much your enthusiasm and support meant to me. You’re my “family,” so it means the world.

I read all your comments and emails, so wanted to let you know a few things about that episode that you’ve asked me about:
1. Yes, we did get buzzed by an unmarked black helicopter while we were filming.
2. Yes, I did find a circle of radiation at Bradshaw Ranch. That was not staged!
3. Ditto on the UFOs we saw during our nighttime Skywatch. Folks asked if what we saw may have been satellites, but not the way the moved–being close together and then moving apart. Co-star Mike Bara, who knows about such things, was impressed to say the least.

The witnesses who came forward, like Wilbur, you are very courageous and we were impressed with your sincerity. Also want to take this opportunity to thank the hardworking crew at RawTV. Really, folks, you have no idea how much work goes into putting on a show like this. The Raw team is tops.

We do some more “alien hunting” in future episodes including my favorite part, working with abductees. Don’t have air dates for those yet. Some of you have asked how to help, and if you are so inclined, I’d be most honored if you would send your comments to the network team. Here’s their contact info:

  • Brian Eley, Vice President, Communications, Ph: 212-548-5153 E: Brian_Eley@discovery.com
  • Tahli Kouperstein, Senior Director, Communications. Ph: 240-662-2221 E: Tahli_Kouperstein@discovery.com
  • Karin Failla, Director, Publicity,Ph: 310-975-5904 E: Karin_Failla@discovery.com
  • Grace Suriel, Director, Social Media,Ph: 240-662-5781 E: Grace_Suriel@discovery.com

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“Uncovering Aliens” Premiere Episode: Black Ops Conspiracy

Uncovering Aliens AD Just saw this ad for the new TV show, Uncovering Aliens and our premiere episode which they’re calling “Black Ops Conspiracy.”

I’m posing with my posse: feisty Mike Bara, the no-nonsense Maureen Elsberry and ever-dapper Steven Jones from the UK.

Getting excited for the viewing party Sunday night!

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