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Alien Implant from India

Just back from my trip to India, and it was epic in many ways. To experience this rich, ancient culture first-hand was a wonderful opportunity. I made friends and allies, and we’ve got the start of an effective research organization there.

alien hunters in India

Young alien hunters in India

My young investigators have all the right stuff and we hope to break to the stigma against the topic that exists in this fascinating country.

The case they uncovered that brought me to India involves a bright professional woman in her early 30s. She and some of her family members have experienced multiple contact with what they described as children as “monkey people.” Our patient has recall of receiving alien implants at various times in her life.

india alien implant shoulder

India implant in situ

My investigators were impressed with her story, the details and clarity, as well as the physical evidence she presented. They shared her medical records, Xrays and reports, and after I spoke with her myself, I believed this was a genuine case with the markers of the rare alien implant in her shoulder.

The seemingly metallic object was visible beneath the skin as a lump. The patient was resolute to have it removed surgically, which would be a simple procedure. She was also interested in learning more about her contact experiences than she was able to remember. She was very eager for me to come and oversee the surgery personally, and work with her privately.

The surgery was going to be performed in Delhi, under conventional medical setting. The surgeon and the hospital director were very cooperative. They followed my directions about handling the object and importantly maintaining chain of custody. The entire procedure was documented on video, and included 5 witnesses besides myself.

alien implant in formalin

Derrel directs the nurse to place the implant in formalin to preserve it.

The object was covered with a biological casing. The surgeon did think this was unusual, but I have seen this before in previous implant surgeries. The pathology testing will reveal if this is a natural inflammatory response, or something else (as I suspect.)

The patient had no physical ill effects. However, that night she did experience extreme terror, sensing “they” were angry at the object’s removal. Similar emotions were also felt by other family members. There is more that I cannot share at this time, but let’s just say that I don’t mind messing with the alien’s program here (grins).

The patient then took me to Mumbai to meet her family and work with her privately. I was impressed by her sincerity, and the extensive psychological testing gave me insight into her particular case. I suspect there are at least 2 other sites of previous implantation (possibly still extant), and she does exhibit a typical scoop mark on one of her legs.

implant biological casing

The implant in its biological casing

Overall the experience was cathartic for the patient and my hope is also that I was able to provide some comfort and insight. However, it’s not unusual to have a rollercoaster of conflicting feelings follow such an event (probably result of alien programming and interference). I am here for the patient and her family as needed. She’s part of our special “family” now.

I plan to remove the biological casing, have both tissue pathology and metalurgical testing done and report on the findings. This is just the beginning.

I’ll have some more info soon about other aspects of this fascinating trip, so stay tuned Alien Hunter Nation!

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Travelin’ Man

It’s been a real busy summer, including a wonderful trip to Roswell, New Mexico for the annual conference at the Roswell Museum. Always a delight to work with these fine folks, who preserve the legacy of that fateful 1947 event. More importantly, they bring everyone together to share how far we’UFO Roswell Museum Derrel Simsve come in exposing the reality of the alien presence, and how much further we still have to go. One of my favorite parts of the conference is getting to moderate the experiencers panel. As I’ve always said, it’s going to take all of us sharing our discoveries and encounters–that means both the investigators and abductees/contactees. Some of the best pieces of evidence I have came from folks out there that were paying attention enough to share with me things they’ve found (on their own bodies and around them.)

I had a fun trip a couple of weeks ago to New Mexico to follow up on an unusual sighting of something unusual. Hate to be cagey about this, but I can’t share details just yet. Hopefully soon!

Those of you who heard me on Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black know I’m working an extraordinary case right now with a woman from India. The medical records I’ve seen so far, and my contact with her, lead me to believe this could be one of those rare cases of alien implants. Looks like I’ll be heading out there next month to find out more. I’ll be connecting with a couple of young researchers there and visiting local UFO hot spots and more. Can’t wait to share it all with Alien Hunter Nation!

Then looks like I’ll be heading to colder climate in October–a conference in Edmonton, Canada. I have a couple of ongoing cases nearby, too, so this will be a great chance to work them up close and personal.

Looking forward to sharing more insights with you here and on my Facebook page!

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New Episodes: “Uncovering Aliens”

Sorry for the last-minute notice…but my co-star Maureen Elsberry of Open Minds just alerted me that 2 more episodes of our show “Uncovering Aliens” will air Wednesday night, January 15.

This will be on Science Channel, another of Discovery’s networks. (You recall the last episode was on Animal Planet.) Everyone’s time is local and different, but according to the website the shows will air multiple times. Look it up and set that DVR, friends!

We did some good work on these shows, which include a re-run of “Black Ops Conspiracy,” the show we did in Sedona, plus “Abductions and Bright Lights,” and “Alien Harvesting.” I haven’t seen them yet, so am looking forward to viewing how our research is interpreted.

Thanks for tuning in, and you know your comments and feedback means the world to me so keep those proverbial cards and letters coming!

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Fun With “Uncovering Aliens” on Animal Planet

On the set of “Uncovering Aliens” in Sedona, AZ with UFO witness and co-stars Maureen Elsberry, Mike Bara and Steven Jones

I want to thank everyone who tuned in to the “sneak peak” last night of “Uncovering Aliens,” the Animal Planet TV series I worked on this year. And those of you who made a point of setting your DVR–that counts, too! I watched with my HUFON friends, and can’t tell you how much your enthusiasm and support meant to me. You’re my “family,” so it means the world.

I read all your comments and emails, so wanted to let you know a few things about that episode that you’ve asked me about:
1. Yes, we did get buzzed by an unmarked black helicopter while we were filming.
2. Yes, I did find a circle of radiation at Bradshaw Ranch. That was not staged!
3. Ditto on the UFOs we saw during our nighttime Skywatch. Folks asked if what we saw may have been satellites, but not the way the moved–being close together and then moving apart. Co-star Mike Bara, who knows about such things, was impressed to say the least.

The witnesses who came forward, like Wilbur, you are very courageous and we were impressed with your sincerity. Also want to take this opportunity to thank the hardworking crew at RawTV. Really, folks, you have no idea how much work goes into putting on a show like this. The Raw team is tops.

We do some more “alien hunting” in future episodes including my favorite part, working with abductees. Don’t have air dates for those yet. Some of you have asked how to help, and if you are so inclined, I’d be most honored if you would send your comments to the network team. Here’s their contact info:

  • Brian Eley, Vice President, Communications, Ph: 212-548-5153 E: Brian_Eley@discovery.com
  • Tahli Kouperstein, Senior Director, Communications. Ph: 240-662-2221 E: Tahli_Kouperstein@discovery.com
  • Karin Failla, Director, Publicity,Ph: 310-975-5904 E: Karin_Failla@discovery.com
  • Grace Suriel, Director, Social Media,Ph: 240-662-5781 E: Grace_Suriel@discovery.com

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