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Strange Being caught on camera in Corrientes, Argentina

The Argentine media published on September 13, 2017 the news that the Corrientes police has photographed a supposed alien being in an area called ‘Parque Miter’ near the capital of Corrientes.

After being warned by a group of young people police officers visited the place and saw ‘a strange person’ with a strange behavior walking around.

Credit image: Diarioprimeralinea.

When they want to contact and to identify the ‘strange person’ they realized that the appearance was more likely an extraterrestrial being on which they took an image of the supposed alien.

At the moment the police officers tried to approach the being, it escaped by jumping into the waters of the Paraná River and disappeared, reports news outlet Diarioprimeralinea.

Credit image: Diarioprimeralinea.

While it is not the first time people have captured images of extraterrestrials in Argentina, we are not sure whether the being depicted in the image is a real alien, fake or a publicity stunt, given that they managed to capture the perfect image in the middle of the night.

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Strange Alien Being with conical head spotted on the surface of Mars

A while ago NASA confirmed that life on Mars could still be discovered but although NASA’s curiosity mars rover still scouring the surface of Mars no sign of life has yet to be found.

Or may they have overlooked something?

On the 1151 Martian day or SOL 1151 of the rover’s mission on Mars (November 2, 2015), the Curiosity captured something what seems to be an alien who stands in a gap of a big rock.

Although skeptics will say that this is just another case of pareidolia in the image a head, eyes, torso, arms and legs can clearly be distinguished.

The head appears to be conical, like a bird head. Left leg/foot is sticking out while the left arm folded across the chest touching the elbow of the right arm.

According to physicist Dr. John Brandenburg, who has published a study the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, suggesting that two races of beings, the Cydonians and the Utopians, were killed off in dual nuclear explosions that left Mars in the state we currently observe it today.

There is plenty of archaeological evidence of prior life on Mars and as crazy as it might sound, it’s quite possible that Mars still is inhabited by a form of strange life considering the being depicted in Curiosity’s intriguing image.

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Motor trail group surprised by mysterious human-like being in forest of Bandah Aceh, Indonesie

Recently members of a motor trail group took a tour in the forest of Banda Aceh which is the most western province of Sumatra, Indonesie when suddenly a strange small figure emerged from the forest.

As a result the first rider fell to the ground, then the figure stopped on the track, observed the bikers before he ran away with a considerable speed.

Although the bikers on their motorcycles followed the figure who walked barefoot, they were unable to catch up with him. The figure managed to disappear into the forest again.

There is much speculation that the figure was not a human being but is it possible that the figure is a grown adult with dwarfism who lives alone in the forest or may be the figure, given his reaction, is a member of an isolated group or tribe who don’t know the rest of the world exists.

Note: I have asked my Indonesian friends whether there are tribes still living in the forest of Bandah Aceh or not and they told me that there are still tribes living in the forests of Kalimantan and New Guinea Papua but in the forest of Bandah Aceh was very unlikely.

The following video has gone viral in Indonesia and one wonders what or who is the small figure that suddenly appeared in front of the bikers?


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Tiny creature runs away from Curiosity’s drilling activities on Mars

On January 29, 2015 NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover used a drill carried at the end of its robotic arm to bore into a flat rock on Mars and collected a sample from its interior.

Images were taken by the Front Hazcam right and the Front Hazcam left on board the rover and published on page SOL 882 of NASA’s website Mars Jet Propolsion Labarotary.

At first glance, it seems to be standard images showing the robotic arm which carried out a drill but if you take a closer look at the images taken by the Front Hazcam right you will notice a very small being, what could be an insect.

‘Mars Alive’ who discovered the anomaly made a time-lapse footage in which you can see that the insect is moving during the drilling activities.

Although some people suggest the anomaly is just a piece of debris due to vibration from the drill, I’m not sure if it is just a piece of debris because the legs of the insect, maybe a bug, ant or spider, are clearly visible and it looks like it runs away from the drilling activities.

A tiny living creature on Mars or just debris, here is the time-lapse footage.


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Mystery Shadow Creature Found On Mars?

This is a strange one!

I have analyzed the raw image and concluded that this artifact is not a shadow. It is something which appears to be on the rock in the foreground, or in the process of scaling the rock.

Very odd, especially if it is a living creature and note, it has the two eyes, two arms and body.

We know that NASA/JPL editing software makes many artifacts and possible living beings on Mars what looks like a rock or the shade of a rock but in my opinion this is not the shadow of a rock.


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Project Camelot: Grey Alien Spotted on John Edmonds Interview Footage

John Edmonds has been dealing with the dark side of the UFO big picture, going down the rabbit hole for 19 years.

John and his wife have been fighting with Grey aliens for many years. There are several vortexes on his ranch where beings of all kinds come and go. Some are friendly and some are not.

Last week during an interview on Google Hangouts Live between Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and John Edmonds, Kerry suddenly spotted a grey alien behind John Edmonds.

Grey Alien spotted on the live interview footage. 

Kerry Cassidy:

Correct time code info between 1.16 and 1.17.02… time code varies depending on version you view it on, excerpted here: 1.18 to 1.34 when John says the words ..”I don’t have the ability..” in reply to the space ship under the ground question.

Please note this interview was done on Google Hangouts Live… I did not use a camera other than the built in camera in my computer. The cameras are simply the video cameras that come with our computers and are used by Google Hangouts with YouTube.

So the footage visible is shot from the camera on John’s computer which had a view of John and whatever was in the room in the background.

We have no control over this technology it is part of the computer.

I spoke to John and he is reviewing the footage.

John: “I see the image you are talking about That DEFINITELY was not me in that video clip!”

Annotated on the videos below, see and judge for yourself.

Grey Alien spotted on the live interview footage. Correct time code info between 1.16 and 1.17.02
Video below:
Grey Alien on Film.
Excerpt John Edmonds Interview Footage.

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Alien creature caught on photo at the Arctic Circle proves again we are not alone?

On 03-28-06, the UFO Casebook received a photograph from a reader. The December 20, 2005 photograph purportedly shows an alien being partially hidden in some brush. I enlarged the area in question, and enhanced the area which revealed in fairly good detail what does appear to be that of a being certainly not of human origin.

Along with the photo, which is a really nice one I must say, a few details were given. I have written the sender asking for more information regarding the taking of the picture. If and when I receive this info, I will post it to this page.

Here are the details that I have at this time. We didn’t really take the picture for the alien, we realized afterwards that it was there. We were over the Arctic Circle, and we were alone, no one within 50 kilometers. We were traveling in a snowmobile. What you see as the main subject of the photograph is an iced over river.

Area of enhancement enlarged.

Updated Information: 04-06-06 After sending a request to sender for more information, the UFO Casebook received the following information on April 6. I don’t really have much more details on that day. I can say that it was a snowmobile ride with some friends, we were 200 km up to north circle, between Sverige and Norway, the nearest city was Kiruna.

The photo was taken with a Nikon 5400 with no zoom and it was around midday, of the 20th of December 2005. Nothing strange happened, it was -20°C, and silence all around with some wild animals. That’s all, we realized there was something showing in the photos some months later when a friend of ours kept saying there was something strange in that brush. Don’t really have much more details on that day.

The photo of the alien in the Arctic Circle proves again that we are not alone?

It is not the first time strange creatures or beings are caught on cameras, wildlife cams or surveillance cameras.

Remember the famous video of strange entities caught on a surveillance camera in Fresno, California, early 2007.

Strange entities in Fresno, California.

Despite an in-depth analysis, carried out by Victor Camacho, and shown and discussed as part of a presentation at the 2008 MUFON Symposium in San José (July 2008) this event remains a mystery.

And the 2010 story of a hunter near Baton Rouge who said he found a freaky photo on his deer stand camera in the Louisiana woods at night.

Despite the hunting camera was broken, the memory card was still there and so was the bizarre image of a hybrid alien creature.

Below the famous video of the strange entities in Fresno, California.

Thanks Ken Pfeiffer – worldufophotosandnews.org and ufocasebook.com

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