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UPDATE: Alien Shooter Story is Credible Believe Ufologists

UPDATE: Alien Shooter Story is Credible Believe Ufologists

Argentina: Rosario Ufologist Says Hunter’s Story is “Credible”

By Inexplicata

     After the initial astonishment and widespread diffusion in the media, the case involving the hunter from Santa Rosa who claims having slain an extraterrestrial has moved to another level: it is now a matter for investigation by UFO researchers. To one of them, the abduction was not extraterrestrial but rather military in origin. A psychiatrist wants Tavernise to submit to a deep relaxation technique to see if there are images in the depths of his mind that have not yet come to light. The case will be published in a book compiling cases that have occurred in the past 10 years.

Luis Reinoso is an attorney who has spent his life researching the UFO phenomenon. In 1965 he established the EDOVNI center in Rosario, which celebrated its 50th year of uninterrupted work on the subject. This trajectory, and the premise of doing responsible work, was acknowledged in 2011, when the Argentinean Air Force summoned the native of Rosario to form part – as an external advisor – of a special commission created to study reports by passengers and pilots alike regarding the presence or sighting of objects of unknown provenance.

Last Friday, Reinoso was spending a few days vacationing in the mountains of Córdoba when he read the article on the police report filed by Alberto Tavernise and did not hesitate to board the first bus to La Pampa. Since then, he has interviewed Tavernise a few times and also engaged in field work to learn more about the hunter’s personal details and the geographic context in which the encounter between the man and the five small beings took place.

Alberto Tavernise
In Reinoso’s opinion, the story put forth by [Tavernise] is “solid and coherent” and therefore “credible”. In any event, he explained, it is not his duty to judge credibility, but to gather all of the physical evidence available on the case, whether they are photographs, ground traces, witness accounts or anything else that contributes elements. During a second stage, the investigation will continue with a visit by a psychiatrist who will meet with Tavernise, who has already expressed having no misgivings about participating in the study. The psychiatrist shall apply a deep relaxation technique that will permit images recorded in the depths of Tavernise’s mind to be unlocked, should any remain.

Reinoso has a powerful theory regarding the incident with the 1.20 meter tall beings and the man’s subsequent abduction: “It wasn’t abduction by an extraterrestrial craft, but what we call a “government abduction” [MILABs in U.S. parlance — SC] in which aliens serve as the pretext for covering up the true origin.

The most notable difference between one and another can be found in the consequences for the abductee: the first are not traumatic and in general promote the individual’s spiritual growth; the second create traumatic memories which the person finds hard to endure, and the physical consequences are longer lasting, as occurred with Tavernise.

Behind all this, suggests the researcher, are power groups that remain out of sight, interests promoting a “New World Order” and who tirelessly experiment a variety of unthinkable weapons of mass population control on human beings.

For this reason, in order to keep their operations secret, nothing could be better than to ascribe the blame to extraterrestrials. Should they exist, and if they are among us – of which Reinoso is convinced – they have nothing to do with these experiences.

Luis Reinoso is the author of two books on the UFO phenomenon: “Tras las huellas de los ovnis” (1984) y “Nuevo Orden Mundial – Globalización y fenómeno ovni” (2005). His third work is currently in progress and surely includes a reference to the Tavernise case.

He visited our province for several days three decades ago to study the “Platner Case”. According to his calculations, he has studied some 80 cases and has records of at least 20 abductions in recent times. During the interview with LA ARENA he disclosed that there are two cases which have been the focus of official criminal investigation – one due to the spontaneous participation of a prosecutor, and another due to the experiencer’s own report – plus a police record. Tavernise’s case would be the second police report, although the first to contain details about the alleged confrontation.

The “Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales” was created by Resolution No. 414 / 2011 of the Chief of Staff of the Argentinean Air Force with the purpose of “organizing, coordinating and methodically carrying out investigations into possible causes of unidentified flying object sightings within airspace under National Jurisdiction,” as can be read on the agency’s website. In such cases where investigations have “reached a certain and exact conclusion”, the order is to publicize such results.

* [Translation (c) 2015 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Hunter Claims He Shot ‘An Extraterrestrial’ | ARGENTINA

Hunter Claims He Shot 'An Extraterrestrial'

By Inexplicata

     “They are grey and have four fingers on their hands and four toes on their feet. They stand approximately a meter and fifteen centimeters,” says Alberto Tavernise, who says he was later abducted.

The uncanny story could be the plot of a science fiction film. However, it concerns the dramatic story told by a resident of the community of Luan Toro, located 20 kilometers south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

Alberto Tavernise, 59, shared his experience with Cronica – an encounter he will never forget. “A few months ago I was hunting in a nearby field, and I saw something going on at a hunting stand. That’s when I was surrounded by five extraterrestrials,” he said.

Regarding their physical appearance, he stated that “they were grey, with four fingers on their hands and four toes on their feet, standing approximately a meter and fifteen centimeters tall. They looked like they show them in the movies.”

Contact with these grey creatures did not end there. “They came to my house and abducted me, in a subsequent instance.”

The critical moment of this narrative came about, without question, with the alleged death of one of the interplanetary visitors.

“One day I went out to hunt them. We had a confrontation during one encounter and I shot the one I referred to as The Scout, because he always went ahead,” he explained. “When I approached the body, there was no blood in the wound, and three others came at me. I returned to the site a few minutes later, and the body was no longer there, since it had been taken away by a spacecraft,” he concluded.

The physical consequences of the incident have been, as in many other cases, insomnia, headache and sensitivity to light.

Opinions are divided on the subject. UFO researchers are being guarded, the police is keeping silent, and local residents remain astonished.

[Transcription of the interview between the CRONICA reporter and the experiencer]:

Hello, good afternoon this is and advance of what is going to be the cover story tomorrow on Cronica. Alberto Tavernise, a resident of La Pampa, age 59, reportedly killed an extraterrestrial being. Just like you heard it. This was the interview he granted Cronica a few moments ago.

CRÓNICA: How did you get there? Is this a place you visit frequently?

ALBERTO: No, I started going to the hunting blind, then I saw something coming and going and it drew my attention, since I’ve been hunting for 10-12 years and I found this abnormal. One day I decided to do a walk-around of the hunting blind and that’s when everything occurred. They realized I had found them, and on the 9th of August, five of them came at me. I was surrounded. Two of them got under the hunting blind, and when I went to shoot at them, they put me to sleep. When I awoke, they were no longer there.

CRÓNICA: Tell us, what were they, Alberto?

ALBERTO: They were exactly…they had four fingers on each hand, four toes on their feet, a heel, standing 1.15 more or less, grey-colored, and well…that was happened on the 9th of August…

CRÓNICA: What about their heads? What were they like, Alberto?

ALBERTO: Their heads were like they’re shown in the drawings and in movies – inverted, large eyes

CRÓNICA: So you’re telling us that they realized you had seen them.

ALBERTO: Yes, I had seen them there, yes. But later on I had, shall we say…it became hard for me to go back due to the fear factor. When I went back —

CRÓNICA: That’s OK, fine, but were you…did they kidnap you, Alberto? Did they take you away?

ALBERTO: Yes, yes, in the end they did.

CRÓNICA: Uh-huh.

ALBERTO: So what happened? They came to my house, then I felt rage, and I went looking for them. [inaudible] there was always one up front, the one I called The Scout, it made no noise, had no odor, nothing. So I had a confrontation with one of them, I shot him a few times. When I approached the spot, it was lying face up; there was no blood or anything. Three more rushed me…


ALBERTO: …and I held on to my rifle, threw two smoke bombs, the kind you use in the war, since I more or less had an idea what I was facing, but it wasn’t that bad, and the three new ones went to where the fallen one lay. I left, and when I came back, they had taken him away. Then about a week to ten days later, I saw plastic in the field [?] and two flying saucers were in view, one in front of the hunting blind, some 120 meters from it, and another to its left, some 150 meters away, and the residue from combustion was a black plastic that emerged and stuck to the grass, shall we say…


ALBERTO: …stuck to the soil, to the grass, and measuring 80 meters by 150 meters. It’s all documented the prints. I took photographs, everything, everything.

CRÓNICA: Alberto, where you able to photograph one of the beings?

ALBERTO: No, no I didn’t. I didn’t have time for anything. All I have is the photo of the flying saucers, where they descended, the combustion residue, and then well…I had had contact with them some four or five times. Six or seven, maybe.

CRÓNICA: During your first contact, you tell me that they put you to sleep. Do you think you were abducted?

ALBERTO: I think so. But I couldn’t calculate the time because I didn’t have a wristwatch on me. It’s broken and in my jacket pocket. I wasn’t able to figure out the time. When I awoke they were no longer there.

CRÓNICA: Any physical aftereffects, Alberto? Have you felt any changes in your body?

ALBERTO: Yes, yes. It changed my life. Because they took me away for two hours [on a second occasion]. Let me tell you, I’m telling you how things happened sequentially. After the flying saucers came [I never returned] to the hunting blind until the 7th of September…


ALBERTO: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Everything was quiet until Saturday at 12:45 a.m. when a flying saucer went over the blind and it took me. I managed to look at the time when they dropped me off, I was sufficiently conscious of where I’d been, but they dropped me off at Choperch.

CRÓNICA: Alberto, where were you?

ALBERTO: In a place that was all white and black lines, symmetrical. I was lying down, only able to move my eyes. I had one on my left and three on my right.

CRÓNICA: In other words, you’re certain that you were aboard a spaceship?

ALBERTO: Yes. No, I don’t know, can’t tell you whether it was a spaceship, but it sucked me [up]. The light came, hovered over the hunting blind, and lit everything up in an amber yellow hue and didn’t give me a chance to do anything [illegible] nearly two hours went past. When they dropped me off again at the chair in the blind, over by the lagoon some 50 meters distant I could see a stag drinking water. You know what that stag looked like to me? Like a zebra, due to the trauma I was experiencing. It’s one thing to tell the story; it’s another to experience it. Let me tell you – I spent three days in bed, sleeping with my eyes open…


ALBERTO: …with a headache that lasted nearly two months. Had to go to the doctor, have tests performed, to a neurologist to have an EEG, to the ophthalmologist, and I was left with aftereffects in my eyes that have lasted to this day. My eyes have troubled me since that day.

A Cautionary Note

Luis Burgos of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía has made cautionary comments regarding the veracity of the claims made by Alberto Tavernise, the “extraterrestrial killer” of La Pampa Province. In a comment to our INEXPLICATA posting, he noted that the experiencer was “a fable-spinner” of a kind that had not been seen in Argentina since the 1960s or 1970s. Elswhere, he added that his organization had been looking into the case since November 2014, but faced a hostile reaction on the part the experiencer when the latter’s statements were not believed.

* Translation & Transcription (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Crónica

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