Airplane passenger films strange rotating phenomenon when flying over China’s Xi’an – Take a look!

While on a flight the airplane passenger noticed strange lights for about 20 minutes and at some point the lights seem to be rotating before disappearing into the clouds below. The event happened on April 12, 2018 – The lights are not connected to each other and it seems they […]

Another Illustration of Why Anomalist Research Needs to be Submitted to Peer Review

Remember the demon fairy fiasco? If not, read that link first. Although “peer review” in this case (below) isn’t about submission to an academic journal, the principle is the same. Anomalous objects, experiences, events, etc. should be submitted for review by experts capable of objective evaluation before claims about what […]

Plane Takes Evasive Maneuvers to Dodge UFO; Investigation Pursues

2 flight attendants injured after pilots forced to take evasive action over Lake Ontario      A Porter airlines flight crew had to take evasive action to avoid a flying object, which may have been a drone, as the plane approached Toronto’s downtown airport on Monday morning. None of the […]

‘UFO’ Recorded in the Skies Above Manchester | VIDEO

By Alex       This footage shows a ‘UFO’ in the skies above Manchester – but we’re pretty confident it’s not proof of extraterrestrial life. The clip was taken by a holiday-maker as he took off from the city’s airport, and shows unusual white lines streaming through the […]

Airline passenger records UFO video over Liverpool

An airline passenger allegedly recorded video of a UFO through the plane’s window. The plane and the UFO were reportedly flying over Liverpool, England. The roughly two-minute video shows the mysterious bright UFO in the clouds, flying along the same trajectory as the plane. Although the UFO initially looks like […]

Rockets Launched at Passenger Planes Over Perth? Second Incident Comes To Light!

By Paul DeanThe UFO Chronicles2-1-15      On the 19th of March, 2014 a passenger plane had a “near miss” incident with a long, green or grey, cylindrical shaped object while on its merry way to landing at Perth Airport. Researcher Keith Bastefield and I studied this case for months, […]

Two Commercial Flights Have Been Buzzed By UFOs Over Perth

UFO or secret rocket base? Unknown object in Perth’s skies By Paul      Aviation experts and ufologists are puzzled by an object that forced a Perth-bound flight to take evasive measures last year to avoid a collision. On March 19, a Skippers Aviation flight was forced to change […]

Near Collision Between Passenger Plane and UFO | Final Report

By Paul DeanThe UFO Chronicles1-1-15       In Australia, according to the website of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), they are “…Australia’s national transport safety investigator…The ATSB is Australia’s prime agency for the independent investigation of civil aviation, rail and maritime accidents, incidents and safety deficiencies.” On the […]