American Airlines Pilot Reports UFO With ‘Big Reflection’ 40,000 Feet Over Arizona – Alien UFO Sightings

Shares 697 Pilots on two separate aircraft reported an unidentified flying object high over southern Arizona last month. One of them, a commercial pilot flying a passenger jet for American Airlines, said the object was above 40,000 feet and “had a big reflection.” The Feb. 24th incident began when the pilot of […]

Two UFO’s Crossing Private Aircraft Dangerously Close In Mid-Flight

Argentine pilot surprised by two UFO’s which buzzed his aircraft dangerously close in mid-flight.  A veteran civilian Argentine pilot filmed out of his cockpit windscreen of his private aircraft flying through dense clouds when two UFOs crossed in front of his aircraft at high speed ‘twice’ in both directions (port […]

Roswell’s Bizarre Aircraft Boneyard | VIDEO

By Flanker41 www.military.com2-28-14      This ordinary small town holds extraordinary significance for aviation: it’s home to Elvis’ private jet, an airplane demolition yard, and the most famous aircraft that no one’s ever seen. […] Continue Reading ► See Also: Top Secret Spaceship-Like Aircraft To Be Unveiled By Russia Divers […]