UFO Circles Air Force Base; F86 Fighter Jets Scrambled! | UFO CHRONICLE –1951

By Air Intelligence Information ReportCG 27th Air Division (Def), Norton AFB, Calif9-23-1951 OSI Report Re UFO Over Long Beach & Muroc, California (Pg 1) 10-25, 26, 30-1951 See Also: UFO Chased By Jets Over Los Alamos | UFO CHRONICLE- 1952 UFO Over Hanford Atomic Plant Triggers ‘Alert Condition’; Fighter Jets […]

UFO Reported By Former Astronaut/Fighter Pilot Deke Slayton | VIDEO

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Air Intelligence Info Report: UFO Sighting by Colonel Gerald W. Johnson

By Maj. John E. AlbertWing Intelligence OfficerTurner AFB, Georgia8-29-1952 See Also: Former Fighter Pilot Recounts UFO Encounter | VIDEO The Foo Fighter Mystery Former World War II Fighter Pilot Bud Clem’s 1945 UFO Experience at the Hanford Plutonium Production Plant UFO CHRONICLES | Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down Saucers [UFOs] […]