‘FAA’s Release of its First Official Report on UFOs’

Meanwhile, south of the border … By Billy CoxDe Void12-22-15      Wonder how Argentina’s air force (FAA) would respond if a UFO were on track to bust the no-fly zone over the home of its president, as happened in the United States in 2008? Or if a UFO briefly […]

Aguadilla UFO Video Update: FOIA Request for Government Copy Answered

Rain, rain & more rain By Billy CoxDe Void10-27-15      Given the dramatic nature of the 2013 Aquadilla UFO footage, not to mention its subsequent forensic analysis by an independent team of researchers, De Void decided to informally query some flacks in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office […]

Experts Chime in on Puerto Rico UFO Video

By Alejandro Rojasopenminds.tv9-4-15      Since the release of a report analyzing a UFO video allegedly captured by a Customs and Board Patrol (CBP) aircraft using a thermal imaging camera, online UFO researchers have shared a lot of opinions. Several have come up with alternate theories. However, the few experts […]

“…Investigation Of Arguably The Most Significant UFO Footage…”

Boeing schmoeing, gimme Aguadilla By Billy CoxDe Void9-1-15      Three weeks gone now since the release of a detailed investigation of arguably the most significant UFO footage of the modern era. Yet, not a peep about it in the mainstream press. Can you believe that? Could this be part […]

Controversial ‘Aguadilla UFO’ Filmed Years Earlier at Area 51? | VIDEO

Credit: HardCopy / military.com UFO Filmed by US Air Force at Area 51      Editor’s Note: This video clip originally aired in February of 1995, on the syndicated, tabloid news TV show, Hard Copy; the segment was entitled, “The Air Force U.F.O. .” See Also: Aguadilla UFO Video: “… […]