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Underwater ‘Stonehenge’ Monolith Found Off the Coast of Sicily, sits on the 37th Parallel !

I get asked all the time if I know of  important locations outside the USA which fall on the 37th latitude or the Paranormal Highway (aka 37th Parallel). So I’ve promised if I hear of anything, I would update the website readers. Besides Athens, Greece and the Gobekli Tepe temple in Turkey resting on the 37th Parallel, this unusual Stonehenge-type monolith popped up in recent news which also lies on the Parallel. Found 24 miles north of the volcanic island of Pantelleria it was submerged during a massive flood close to 10,000 years ago.


– Information taken from Discover News article,  written Aug 6, 2015 04:50 PM ET // Image: Credit: Emanuele Lodolo

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious Stonehenge-style monolith in the deep sea off the coast of Sicily, shedding new light on the earliest civilizations in the Mediterranean basin.

Broken in two parts, the 3.2-foot-long monolith has a rather regular shape and features three holes of similar diameter. One, which can be found at its end, crosses it completely from part to part, the others appear at two sides of the massive stone.

Such features leave no doubt that the monolith was man-made some 10,000 years ago.

“There are no reasonable known natural processes that may produce these elements,” Zvi Ben-Avraham, from the Department of Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University, and Emanuele Lodolo, from the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics in Trieste, Italy, wrote in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

The monolith was found at a depth of 131 feet, on what was once an island in the Sicilian Channel. Called Pantelleria Vecchia Bank, the island was located some 24 miles north of the volcanic island of Pantelleria and was submerged during a massive flood about 9,500 years ago.

Indeed, the entire geography of the Mediterranean Basin was radically altered by the increase in sea level following the Last Glacial Maximum.

“The Sicilian Channel is one of the shallow shelves of the central Mediterranean region where the consequences of changing sea-level were most dramatic and intense,” the researchers wrote.

During the Last Glacial Maximum, the Adventure Plateau — the shallowest, north-western sector of the Sicilian Channel — was connected to Sicily, forming a broad peninsula that was separated from the North African coastline by about 30 miles.

“The gradual increase of the sea level caused the flooding of most of the peninsula, with the exception of some morphological highs that, until at least the Early Holocene, formed an archipelago of several islands separated by stretches of extremely shallow sea,” the researchers said.

One of those islands was the Pantelleria Vecchia Bank, where the massive monolith was found and where an ancient civilization thrived. These ancient people possibly colonized and settled the various islands of the archipelago, attracted by a suitable climate and a geographical position between Europe and Africa.

Everything ended about 9,500 years ago, when, according to the post-glacial curve of sea-level change for the Italian coasts, seawater submerged Pantelleria Vecchia Bank.

“This discovery reveals the technological innovation and development achieved by the Mesolithic inhabitants in the Sicilian Channel region,” Lodolo told Discovery News.

He noted that the monolith, which weights about 15 tons, was made of a single, large block that required cutting, extraction, transportation and installation.

“Such an effort undoubtedly reveals important technical skills and great engineering,” Lodolo said.

It is not known what the monolith’s fuction was or whether it was part of a large complex.

“Most likely the structure was functional to the settlement. These people were used to fishing and trading with the neighboring islands,” Lodolo said.

“It could have been some sort of a lighthouse or an anchoring system, for example,” he added.

The most famous archaeological discovery of Mesolithic age is the monumental temple complex of Göbekli Tepe, in south-eastern Turkey. Excavated by a German team in the 1960s, the site has been dated to about 11,600 years ago and is believed to have been a religious center or sanctuary serving a well-organized settlement.

“Almost everything that we do know about prehistoric cultures derives from settlements that are now on land. On the contrary, an extensive archaeological record of early settlings lies on the sea-floor of our continental shelves,” Lodolo said.

“If we want to trace the origins of civilization in the Mediterranean region, we must focus on the now-submerged shelf areas,” he added.

Thank you Discovery News…

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“NBC KOAA News” Local UFO investigator inspiration for new book and movie.

Monday, July 20, 2015 10:47 PM
By Andy Koen

The life of a UFO investigator from Southern Colorado will be the subject of a new Hollywood thriller. The book and movie deal will feature former El Paso County Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy Chuck Zukowski. He’s researched dozens of animal mutilation cases, many of them right here in Colorado, and posted his findings in his blog ufonut.com.

“Since 1967 we’ve had over 10,000 cases across the US and out of all the cases that were investigated by law enforcement, no one’s ever been caught,” Zukowski said.

Several of the animals he encounters don’t appear to have died naturally. There are incisions in the bodies that appear cleanly cut rather than the rips and tears expected from wildlife attacks. Some carcasses are devoid of blood and most cases lack the presence of scuff marks on the ground suggesting a fight or tire tracks and footprints suggesting human activity.

In 2011, Zukowski plotted out the locations of known animal mutilations on a map and compared his data with UFO sightings and saw a trend emerge.

“I started seeing this pattern across the US that there’s these events, paranormal events, happening and so it’s almost as if there’s a paranormal highway,” Zukowski said.

Large clusters of the cases appear to run along the 37th degree north latitude. It was a stunning enough find that Zukowski was featured in an episode of the Science Channel’s Unexplained Files last summer. Now, even bigger things are in store.

“There have been thousands, thousands of cattle mutilations that have never been explained, nobody’s ever been arrested for, that nobody knows why or how this is going on and Chuck is the expert on this,” said best selling author Ben Mezrich.

His previous work includes titles such as Bringing Down the House about MIT students who beat the Vegas casinos and Accidental Billionaires, the literary counterpart to the movie Social Media.

“I’m always intrigued by that, really smart people who do something really unusual or who break ground or go into that gray area,” he said.

There’s more to the story than just a map of animal mutilations. In fact, Ben and Chuck hinted at a conspiracy involving a multi-billion dollar corporation, but they couldn’t elaborate further.

“I don’t want to go into it too much here yet because it might make it more difficult to write the book, but there’s definitely some over-arching conspiracy that needs to be explained,” Mezrich said.

As for Chuck, he’s a bit surprised by the all the attention.

“I stay up late at night thinking about that, you know I’m always thinking, God what have I really done that’s that exciting.”

The book is expected to be released sometime next year. Mezrich is working with Flynn Picture Company, the producers of San Andreas, for the film adaptation.

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37th Parallel “Pulsar Communication” Part 2

The chart below shows which Pulsar Stars have the same astronomical declination and terrestrial latitude in red text. As you can see, there are many significant sites which have a Pulsar Star directly overhead!

Based on the chart above I started thinking, “The electromagnetic waves of a Pulsar move across space at a certain number of repetitions, or cycles per second; the cycles per second are known as frequencies.” These frequencies or radio pulses, can be picked up by radio telescopes across the world and can actually be heard pulsing, like a thump, thump, thump.

A Thought

If a Pulsar Star’s pulse or radio frequency could be used as a carrier wave, then maybe a space modulator can be placed in a transmitter within a satellite in the direct path of a Pulsar Star’s pulse and encode the carrier wave with a specific signal.

Note: A modulator is a device that can convert analog signals like a radio wave into a digital signal that can then be coded with a specific message.

Communication is the basic process of exchanging information. The basic components of any electronic communication systems are: a Transmitter, a Communication channel, and a Receiver.

A Transmitter is a collection of electronic circuits designed to convert the information into a signal suitable for transmission over a given communication medium or in this case, a Pulsar Star wave. A Receiver is a collection of electronic circuits designed to convert the signal back to the original information, or demodulates it.

If this is possible, then a simple demodulator, let’s say here on Earth, could decode a signal from a carrier wave from another location in space which would be in direct line of sight between a Pulsar’s Star pulse, and the planet Earth.

I noticed the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, has a Pulsar Star at its latitude. Some researchers say the Great Pyramid is a lot older than what current Egyptian archaeologist’s claim, and that it had another purpose. A power source or possibly a form of communication? Claims are being made the pyramid resonates, was this done on purpose, and what was in the King’s Chamber? The Arc of the Covenant or something else? Maybe a mechanical demodulator decoding a signal from space?

 The Pulsar Pyramid Communication Thought

Pulsar Pyramid Communication

Pulsar Pyramid Communication

April 2nd, 2015 excerpt from Huffington Post article:

For the past eight years, astronomers have been scratching their heads over a series of strange radio signals emanating from somewhere in the cosmos. And now, the mystery has deepened. A new study shows that the so-called “fast radio bursts” follow a weirdly specific pattern — a finding that the researchers behind the study say “is very hard to explain.”

“There is something really interesting we need to understand,” study co-author Michael Hippke, a scientist at the Institute for Data Analysis in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, told New Scientist. “This will either be new physics, like a new kind of pulsar, or, in the end, if we can exclude everything else, an E.T.” For the research, which was described in a March 30 post on the online research database arXiv, Hippke and his colleagues analyzed 11 bursts detected since 2007, the latest of which was captured by the Parkes radio telescope (above) in May 2014.

The scientists looked at a specific feature called the “dispersion measure” — which represents the time differential between the detection of a burst’s high frequencies and its low frequencies. (Low frequencies travel more slowly through space dust, and thus take longer than high frequencies to reach Earth.) To their surprise, they found that the dispersion measure of every pulse was a multiple of the number 187.5.


Pulsar Communication probably isn’t the reason pyramids and temples are built-in specific locations, but the question is why? Why those specific locations? And what is so significant about the 37 degree latitude? These are questions yet to be answered.

What about Star Travelers? Many ancient cultures speak of them. If there are or were space travelers bouncing from planet to planet through the solar system doing research, they probably wouldn’t have the power needed to communicate back to their home planet. So what if some type of data was able to piggy-back an already electro-magnetic frequency traveling through space at the speed of light. Could it be used for communication or some type of data down-load? Sure it may take years to get from one location to another, but time is only relative to the species or to the mission. Either way this is a thought that should be considered.

Could Pulsar Communication work for us? Our Sun pulses, not like a Pulsar, but if we are able to tap into its pulse, then maybe we could set-up a satellite in space and use our sun to help transfer data to deep space satellites or for future space travel.

Pulsar Communication, a Thought or maybe a Reality ?

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Paranormal Highway of America (Part 1); The Unexplained Files episode.

ET Highway

For over 25 years I’ve been reading and researching reports of UFO sightings, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and other strange phenomenon happening across the US. Some I’ve been able to investigate, others only read about, but I was always looking for a pattern. Our galaxy, solar system, and planet also follows certain distinct patterns, so it’s safe to speculate strange phenomenons may follow patterns too! After personally investigating cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and even alien abduction cases here in Colorado, I started to see patterns within my own investigations. After extensive research on other web sites that record many different UFO type sightings and combining it with my own investigations, I did indeed noticed a pattern. On September 15, 2011, I posted a Press Release on my, “37 Degree Latitude Theory”.

(Link) http://www.ufonut.com/archives/3455

My Theory in 2011:
Researched based on my investigations and other sightings reported seem to show a linear pattern. When looking across the US on the 37 degree latitude line, I started to see very interesting things.

Updated Theory due to further research and updated Map:


The 37 Degree latitude theory was a starting point to try and understand why most cattle mutilations in Colorado occur in a particular location. In 2011 I had contacted my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer who is an investigator in Missouri, and had started looking at cattle mutes there. We saw there were not only cases of animal mutes but also UFO sightings close to the 37 degree latitude.

Since then looking at other anomalies across the USA, I noticed that 37 degree latitude appeared to be the center of the Highway with left and right lanes converging into 36 and 38 degrees, thus creating a Paranormal Highway. After continuous discussion with my sister on my underground base theory, Debbie suggested to look at caves and their general locations. The thought pattern here is, yes absolutely we have underground bases, but to take advantage of an already existing Mother Nature’s cave system would accomplish this:

  1. Ease of drilling time utilizing caves in the area.
  2. Insure base structure integrity due to millions of years of cave stabilization.
  3. Free water source due to underground streams and reservoirs.
  4. Unlimited access to other locations due to cave veins stretching out.

I noticed a few caves existed in Colorado within the 37/38 degree latitude area then noticed caves were also located within that area in Missouri which is abundant with caves. When I searched further I saw Kentucky’s Mammoth cave park is located within the 37 degree latitude also.

My 37 Degree Latitude theory matured into more of a Paranormal Highway which encompasses underground bases, military structures, caves, some sacred Native American sites, UFO crashes and other very interesting sites like Fort Knox, Area 51, and a little higher up the 38 degree latitude, the Pentagon.

Is this all related and what questions needed to be asked about specific areas?

– Is there an alien/human underground base at Dulce, New Mexico?
– Why are so many proposed UFO bases occur on this highway? Because of the caves?
– Was the Taos New Mexico humming sound underground drilling?
– Are very shallow earthquakes experienced on this latitude caused by Fracking, or drilling underground bases?
– Are the massive cave structures along this route used as underground passage ways?
– Why are some locations within this highway sacred to our Native Americans?
– Why is Fort Knox and the Pentagon located on this Highway? Are those sites also taking advantage of underground tunneling due to the use of existing caves?
–  Are Extraterrestrials taking advantage of our underground caverns and using them for their bases with entry locations across the USA?

Is there only one Paranormal Highway? Let me explain..

Just like major auto highways traversing across the US like Interstate 70 or even old Highway 66, there are multiple Paranormal Highways too! But just like our auto highways, there’s certain ones that are the most traveled. I beleive my Paranormal Highway centered on the 37 degree latitude, would be considered the most traveled out of all the other Paranormal Highways, Freeways, Turnpikes, or Interstates.

Here are some interesting areas across the USA which fall within a 36/37/38 degree latitude, “The Paranormal Highway”:

– The Pentagon, Arlington, Virgina, 38.871523,-77.055963 (Underground tunnels fact!)
– Fort Knox, Kentucky, 37.909534,-85.946045 (Underground tunnels fact!)
– Area 51, Nevada, 37.6150857,-115.8593802 (Famous Top Secret Military Base.)
– Joplin, Missouri, 37.090514,-94.513033 ( History of unusual lights seen called the “Spook Lights”.)
– Athens, Greece, 37.984257,23.729041, (Home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum.)
– Death Valley, California, 36.544949,-117.064819, (1947 Nevada News, 32 caves said to have remains of 8-9’ giants.)
– Owensboro, Kentucky, 37.7737,-87.111626 (1948 Mantell UFO incident.)
– Irvington, Kentucky, 37.881967,-86.284218  (1948 Mantell UFO incident.)
– Granada, Spain, 37.239075,-3.572314 (1976 Famous UFO sighting.)
– Aztec, New Mexico, 36.830447,-107.992227 (1948 UFO crash.)
– Dulce, New Mexico, 36.939465,-107.000368 (Proposed Human/Alien Base.)
– Taos, New Mexico, 36.414099,-105.572145 (Taos hum and possible underground base.)
– Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 37.313656,-89.518373 (1941 UFO Crash.)
– Fukushima, Japan, 37.83148,140.427246 (2011 Earthquake.)
– San Francisco, California, 37.778856,-122.419968 (The Great 1906 San Francisco quake.)
– Grand Canyon, Arizona, 36.16227,-112.118665 (Cave locations throughout.)
– Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, 37.245088,-108.460574 (Native American site.)
– Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, 37.193416,-86.102312 (Natural Cavern site.)
– Zion National Park, Utah, 37.195331,-112.983398 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah, 38.32442,-109.89624 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah/Arizona, 36.998166,-110.110474 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Navajo State Park, Arboles Colorado, 37.006939,-107.430688 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Comanche National Grassland, Pritchett, Colorado, 37.186579,-102.930908 (Sacred Native American site.)
– Alabaster Caverns State Park, Freedom, Oklahoma, 36.694851,-99.157983  (Natural Cavern site.)
– Cimarron National Grassland, Elkhart, Kansas, 37.015712,-101.815796 (Native American site.)
– Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico, 36.071302,-107.969019  (Native American site.)
– Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Big Pine California, 37.182202,-118.306274 (Native American site.)
– Land’s End Labyrinth, San Francisco, California. 37.780314,-122.511642 (Unusual anomalies site.)
– Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, 38.656292,-90.059323 (Native American site.)

In Part 2, I’ll talk about the filming of; Science Channel’s “The Unexplained Files” episode, “Paranormal Highway of America”.

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