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The 37th Parallel

Standing next to The 37th Parallel book.

On September 15th, 2011, I printed a web site Press Release on my 37 Degree Latitude Theory, because I started to see a pattern of mutilation cases and UFO sightings not only here in Colorado, but in other states as well. I focused on the 37 Degree Latitude, because of its associations with some pretty interesting places and past events occurring along that stretch.

My “37th Degree Theory” encompasses obviously the 37 Degree Latitude, but also dips into the 36 and 38 as well. Consider the 37 latitude to be a center line of a two lane highway with part of 38 and part of 36 being the left and right lanes. Naming it the 37th was just for simplicity rather than saying, “The 37th with some 36 and some 38 too!”

Now I’m not saying that all animal mutilations or UFO encounters only happen on the 37th which would be ridiculous, because we know these events happen everywhere. For example, I’m currently working on a mutilation case that’s sitting near latitude 42, so what I’m saying is; “The 37 latitude or 37th Parallel, is the most important latitude for sightings”, and this is why.

The 37th Parallel or Paranormal Highway name was coined by Science Channel’s, “Unexplained Files season 2”, “Paranormal Highway of America” episode. This was a one hour episode in which the Science Channel gave me an opportunity to test my theory backing it up with data. This “Highway 37” is what I consider one of many traveled UFO-related highways in the US. Just like the current Interstate 40 or 70, or the past Highway 66 or the Transcontinental Lincoln Highway Interstate 80, we too have many routes that we take travelling across this great country; but some routes are more travelled than others. This too is what I see while investigating UFO’s.

There is a current theory, a pretty damn good one that states: “There is an underground tunnel stretching from at least Taos, New Mexico, past Dulce New Mexico, all the way to Area51, in Nevada!” Researchers like, John Lear son of Lear Jet inventor released the Dulce Papers, and John Rhodes, Dulce Base researcher, both confirm this. Other research claims this underground tunnel possibly travels East as well, all the way to Virginia! This all sits on the 37th Parallel!

Now you may say, “What are you smokin’ in Colorado?” Well you know what Coloradans are smoking, and yes it’s legal here, but that’s not what vapors this theory.

What my trigger point or light-bulb moment was; In 2011 while seeing a pattern between my UFO and mutilations cases here in Colorado and comparing them to similar cases in Missouri, Colorado had an earthquake, a very shallow earthquake.

On 08/22/2011, I saw that an earthquake occurred at the Sangre de Cristo Fault, and the coordinates were 37.0412, -104.4726782.

Then within 15 hours another very shallow earthquake occurred, but not in Colorado, but 1600 miles away!

The Virginia earthquake on 08/23/2011, occurred at the Central Virginia Seismic Zone, it’s coordinates were 37.557787, -77.554492.

Two separate faults perpendicular to each other causing two separate shallow earthquakes 1600 miles away from each other. Why?

Colorado earthquake depth, 2.5 miles.

Virginia earthquake depth, 3.7 miles.

Earthquakes occurring at a depth of less than 70 kilometers (43 miles) are classified as “shallow-focus” earthquakes. Both Colorado and Virginia earthquakes were extremely shallow occurring less than 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). Could these two earthquakes which occurred within 15 hours of each other at such a shallow depth be related to each other in a way we’re not aware of? Fracking? Or underground drilling to create underground tunnels? I started looking at what sits on “The 37th Parallel”.

(some examples)

San Jose; California.

Mono Lake, UFO sightings; California.

Area 51; Nevada.

US Naval Undersea Warfare base; Hawthorne, Nevada.

Taos, Home of the “Taos Hum”; New Mexico.

Dulce’ Underground possible human/alien base; New Mexico.

1948 UFO crash; Aztec, New Mexico.

Alamosa, San Luis Valley/Blanca Peak, UFO sightings/base; Colorado.

Trinidad/Westin/San Luis/ cattle mutilations; Colorado.

1897 Leroy, Coffey County cattle mutilation; Kansas.

1896 Howell County, cattle mutilation; Missouri.

1973 Piedmont, UFO case, over 500 sightings; Missouri.

1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash and retrieval; Missouri.

Joplin Spook Lights; Missouri.

2000 Highland Black Triangle sighting; Illinois.

Fort Knox; Kentucky.

1948 Mantell UFO Encounter; Owensboro, Kentucky.

Late 1980’s Wytheville, Mass UFO Sightings; Virginia.

Greenbrier massive underground bunker for Congress; Virginia.

I then started looking at Native American Spiritual sites, caverns, aquifers, current UFO sightings, and wondered;

“Is there a Transcontinental Underground Highway across the United States, residing on the 37th Parallel?”

Map of The 37th Parallel

Maybe portions of this Transcontinental Highway existed before the Europeans migrated to North American, because the Native Americans speak of Star Travelers, and some spiritual sites like Chaco Canyon and Cahokia Mounds, just dip into this theory. This underground highway would have entrances and exists just like our existing auto highways, which would increase stealth capability when venturing outside the highway. Think of Interstate 40 being completely enclosed with cars just popping out from time to time to visit cities. sounds familiar when investigating UFO’s. A lot of sightings appear to be travelling east to west and visa-versa. Connection to a highway travelling the same route?

Could this previous highway be a current Black Project work-in-progress completion? And is it being shared by foreigners? Foreigners not of this planet?

Well I wrote about this theory, talked about it on TV, and now Ben Mezrich’s book, “The 37th Parallel” explains the steps involved throughout my life which gave me the experience, that drove me to this analysis.

All the information I post on my website, and all the information and experiences written in Ben Mezrich’s book is true. It all happened, some names are changed on my blogs to protect the witnesses, but no names were changed for the book. The book tells it like it is.

When reading “The 37th Parallel” book, keep an open mind, and please don’t shoot the messenger, Ben Mezrich, he’s just writing about my true life events while being a New York Times Best Selling Author. Remember, life is much bigger than most perceive, and only a fool thinks we’re the only intelligent living beings in the Milky Way Galaxy.

UFO related stories have been around throughout Earth’s history, at least 74% of people polled believe intelligent life exists outside this planet, and in 2011, 80 million Americans, or 36% of the population believe UFOs are real! Go get the book… I don’t profit from it or my blogs, it’s just personal satisfaction knowing I can share these events with you, and you can decide for yourself.

The 37th Parallel

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37th Parallel “Pulsar Communication” Part 1

While investigating my Paranormal Highway of America theory, I noticed some very interesting ancient Native American sites are located on this parallel; the largest is Mesa Verde Cliff dwellings in Colorado. I started to wonder, why? Why would our ancient Native Americans build spiritual sites, or monoliths in very specific areas? The ancient Sumerians as with the ancient Mayans were phenomenal astronomers. Did they see something unique in the night sky which caused them to build at specific locations? UFOs or Star Travelers perhaps? Or maybe a combination of both?

Before the invention of the light bulb and before mass colonization of humans who congregated in villages using campfires, the night sky was pretty dark. But how dark was it?

The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale is a nine-level numeric scale that measures the night skies and star’s brightness compared with the naked eye. Class 1 or black night, is an extremely dark sky night, and Class 9 or white night, would be an inner city sky saturated by all the ambient light. At best today in a dark area we would be at a Class 2 or gray night which is considered a typical truly dark site.

Consider the ancient Native Americans, once they leave the campfires and smoke of their village, the sky would be at a Class 1, or black night. As mentioned before, the ancients were very good at star-gazing and noticed every detail of our solar system so well in fact, they could predict the shortest and longest days of the year. They were also very aware of what to expect to see at night and when something was different, like the Supernova of 1054 A.D. which was the creation of the Crab Nebula, they recorded that incident using rock art. One other thing they would notice in a black night sky would be a pulsating star, or Pulsar Star.

A Neutron Star or Pulsar, is a highly magnetized rotating star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation in a form of radio waves and light. This radiation or radio waves can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing toward the Earth, or direct line of sight. In a Class 1 or black sky, you could actually see them pulse, not shimmer, but systematically like a clock second-hand. Millisecond pulsars are more precise than any atomic clock, but the Pulsars that pulse every few seconds or minutes might have been seen and recognized for their uniqueness compared to the other stars in their location.

I started thinking about Pulsar Stars. If an ancient human saw this over head or at zenith, would they think that a particular latitude would be unique and maybe worth building on?

I started looking at Astronomy’s Declination which directly coincides with Earth’s latitude. I then started searching for Pulsar Stars at Declination 37, which would be at the 37 degree latitude based upon my Paranormal Highway of America Theory.

Note: Pulsar Stars at zenith or over-head would not be observed continuously because the star is not in a geostationary orbit like our communication satellites. They would move in the direction of the constellations throughout the seasons, but at one point they would be directly overhead and the excellent astronomical observers of that time would be able to determine when to see it.

After finding that three Pulsar’s existed at the 37 degree latitude, I started looking for Pulsar Stars, and/or Neutron Stars, and compared their declination to the latitude of other interesting sites all around the world.

This is what I found.

locationsThe chart above shows which Pulsar Stars have the same astronomical declination and Earth’s latitude in red text. As you can see, there are many significant sites which have a Pulsar directly overhead!

Based also on the chart above I started thinking, “The electromagnetic waves of a Pulsar move across space at a certain number of repetitions, or cycles per second; the cycles per second are known as frequencies.” These frequencies or radio pulses can be picked up by radio telescopes and they can actually hear the pulsing sound, like a thump, thump, thump.

A Thought:

If a Pulsar Star’s pulse or radio frequency could be used as a carrier wave, then maybe a space modulator can be placed in a transmitter within a satellite in the direct path of a Pulsar Star’s pulse and encode the carrier wave with a specific signal. If it can, then a simple demodulator could decode the signal from the carrier wave at another location which would be in direct line of sight of the Pulsar’s pulse. Possibly on Earth?

Part 2 covers the Pulsar Communication Thought.

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37th Parallel “Pulsar Communication” Part 2

The chart below shows which Pulsar Stars have the same astronomical declination and terrestrial latitude in red text. As you can see, there are many significant sites which have a Pulsar Star directly overhead!

Based on the chart above I started thinking, “The electromagnetic waves of a Pulsar move across space at a certain number of repetitions, or cycles per second; the cycles per second are known as frequencies.” These frequencies or radio pulses, can be picked up by radio telescopes across the world and can actually be heard pulsing, like a thump, thump, thump.

A Thought

If a Pulsar Star’s pulse or radio frequency could be used as a carrier wave, then maybe a space modulator can be placed in a transmitter within a satellite in the direct path of a Pulsar Star’s pulse and encode the carrier wave with a specific signal.

Note: A modulator is a device that can convert analog signals like a radio wave into a digital signal that can then be coded with a specific message.

Communication is the basic process of exchanging information. The basic components of any electronic communication systems are: a Transmitter, a Communication channel, and a Receiver.

A Transmitter is a collection of electronic circuits designed to convert the information into a signal suitable for transmission over a given communication medium or in this case, a Pulsar Star wave. A Receiver is a collection of electronic circuits designed to convert the signal back to the original information, or demodulates it.

If this is possible, then a simple demodulator, let’s say here on Earth, could decode a signal from a carrier wave from another location in space which would be in direct line of sight between a Pulsar’s Star pulse, and the planet Earth.

I noticed the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, has a Pulsar Star at its latitude. Some researchers say the Great Pyramid is a lot older than what current Egyptian archaeologist’s claim, and that it had another purpose. A power source or possibly a form of communication? Claims are being made the pyramid resonates, was this done on purpose, and what was in the King’s Chamber? The Arc of the Covenant or something else? Maybe a mechanical demodulator decoding a signal from space?

 The Pulsar Pyramid Communication Thought

Pulsar Pyramid Communication

Pulsar Pyramid Communication

April 2nd, 2015 excerpt from Huffington Post article:

For the past eight years, astronomers have been scratching their heads over a series of strange radio signals emanating from somewhere in the cosmos. And now, the mystery has deepened. A new study shows that the so-called “fast radio bursts” follow a weirdly specific pattern — a finding that the researchers behind the study say “is very hard to explain.”

“There is something really interesting we need to understand,” study co-author Michael Hippke, a scientist at the Institute for Data Analysis in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, told New Scientist. “This will either be new physics, like a new kind of pulsar, or, in the end, if we can exclude everything else, an E.T.” For the research, which was described in a March 30 post on the online research database arXiv, Hippke and his colleagues analyzed 11 bursts detected since 2007, the latest of which was captured by the Parkes radio telescope (above) in May 2014.

The scientists looked at a specific feature called the “dispersion measure” — which represents the time differential between the detection of a burst’s high frequencies and its low frequencies. (Low frequencies travel more slowly through space dust, and thus take longer than high frequencies to reach Earth.) To their surprise, they found that the dispersion measure of every pulse was a multiple of the number 187.5.


Pulsar Communication probably isn’t the reason pyramids and temples are built-in specific locations, but the question is why? Why those specific locations? And what is so significant about the 37 degree latitude? These are questions yet to be answered.

What about Star Travelers? Many ancient cultures speak of them. If there are or were space travelers bouncing from planet to planet through the solar system doing research, they probably wouldn’t have the power needed to communicate back to their home planet. So what if some type of data was able to piggy-back an already electro-magnetic frequency traveling through space at the speed of light. Could it be used for communication or some type of data down-load? Sure it may take years to get from one location to another, but time is only relative to the species or to the mission. Either way this is a thought that should be considered.

Could Pulsar Communication work for us? Our Sun pulses, not like a Pulsar, but if we are able to tap into its pulse, then maybe we could set-up a satellite in space and use our sun to help transfer data to deep space satellites or for future space travel.

Pulsar Communication, a Thought or maybe a Reality ?

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