The 37th Parallel

On September 15th, 2011, I printed a web site Press Release on my 37 Degree Latitude Theory, because I started to see a pattern of mutilation cases and UFO sightings not only here in Colorado, but in other states as well. I focused on the 37 Degree Latitude, because of […]

37th Parallel “Pulsar Communication” Part 1

While investigating my Paranormal Highway of America theory, I noticed some very interesting ancient Native American sites are located on this parallel; the largest is Mesa Verde Cliff dwellings in Colorado. I started to wonder, why? Why would our ancient Native Americans build spiritual sites, or monoliths in very specific […]

37th Parallel “Pulsar Communication” Part 2

The chart below shows which Pulsar Stars have the same astronomical declination and terrestrial latitude in red text. As you can see, there are many significant sites which have a Pulsar Star directly overhead! Based on the chart above I started thinking, “The electromagnetic waves of a Pulsar move across […]