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Frances Barwood – How Did I Get Here?

Former Phoenix City Councilwoman Frances Barwood will discuss her unexpected role in the startling mass sighting that occurred over Arizona in 1997, commonly referred to as the “Phoenix Lights.” She will tell the story of her desire to uncover the truth behind these lights and the unsettling experiences that resulted from her attempt to provide public disclosure for her constituents.

Frances Barwood was on the Phoenix city council when the famous mass UFO sighting on March 13, 1997 occurred. When the media questioned her about it, she asked the rest of the council, because she had not heard about it. They ignored her, and her request to look into the incident. So on her own she spoke with over 700 witnesses. Facing ridicule and stonewalling, she continued to champion the witnesses and their cause.

Prefer a hard copy of this presentation? You can buy the DVD here: Frances Barwood presents How Did I Get Here?

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A.J. Gevaerd: The Brazilian UFO Disclosure

Brazil made headlines recently when their government announced that it will begin collecting UFO reports. A.J. Gevaerd has been behind the scenes in Brazil speaking with government officials and officers in the military regarding this issue. He will share Brazil’s incredible UFO history and his revealing conversations with Brazilian government officials.

A.J. Gevaerd studied chemistry in Brazil. In 1986 he left his career as a chemistry teacher to devote his time to the research of UFOs. A.J. is the founder and editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, the only one existing in his country for 18 years and one of the longest-lasting magazines about ufology in the world today. A.J. is also the founder and director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV), the largest UFO organization in South America. He has been a UFO field investigator for 28 years. As a national and international lecturer, A.J. has spoken in dozens of cities in Brazil as well as 29 other countries. In 1983 he was appointed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek to be the representative of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Brazil. He is one of the International Advisors of the International UFO Congress and Brazilian Director for MUFON. You can find more information about A.J. here: www.ufo.com.br

Prefer a hard copy of this presentation? You can purchase the DVD here: A.J. Gevaerd presents The Brazilian UFO Disclosure

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