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Triangle-Shaped UFO Moved Low Over a Government Installation

Triangle-Shaped UFO Moved Low Over a Government Installation - Sept 1994

By Roger Marsh

     The Indiana witness near Clinton who recently recalled a UFO incident from 1994 when a slow moving, triangle-shaped UFO moved low over a government installation while he was conducting security work, has named the Newport Chemical Depot as the site during an interview with Indiana MUFON Field Investigator Ned Delaney, in Case 66660 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness stated that he was on patrol at the Newport Chemical Depot near Clinton, Indiana. The witness was working a midnight shift with a partner on a routine patrol of the perimeter fence line installation about 2 a.m. in September 1994 when the object was observed.

“We had stopped to observe a northern section of the fence line,” the witness stated. “I noticed a dim light in the distance that seemed to be above the ground level and tree line. So we stayed in the vehicle and observed the light configuration as it grew nearer to our position.”

. . . “As the craft continued to approach, the air seemed to get muggy and hard to breath. It was like a dead air situation. The craft just kept getting larger and larger as it approached our position. It seemed like a long time had passed when it finally reached the fence line where we were.”

The witness described the object.

“The size of that thing was huge. It was at least 300 to 350 feet in length and at least 125 to 150 feet wide on the tail end of its triangle shape. The top of the craft was not dome shaped, but it looked like it was a raised structure with portals along its sides, like the port holes in the side of a sailing ship. They were dimly lit and in a neat row close to the mid line of the craft. The bottom of the craft was like a giant convex mirror.” . . .

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Feds To Investigate Possible UFO Landing | UFO CHRONICLE – 1994

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118. Randall Nickerson

nickersona5e3b14b63_filmUFO New with Alejandro Rojas, and guest Randall Nickerson talks about the Ariel School in Zimbabwe Close Encounter, which happened in 1994, and how the then children feel about the encounter today. Randall’s full length documentary, Ariel Phenomenon in conjunction with the John Mack Institute will be coming out within a year.

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UFO Sightings in Ottawa County Remain Unexplained

 UFO Sightings in Ottawa County Remain Unexplained

By Kevin S. Collier

On the evening of March 8, 1994, residents of southwest Michigan began seeing strange things in the skies over Lake Michigan, to the south of Holland

    Blue, white, red and green lights — sometimes attached to cylindrical objects and sometimes performing unusual maneuvers — were reported.

“I glanced out to the backyard and noticed four bright lights just above the tree line over our horse pasture,” Grand Haven-area resident Cindy Pravda recalled in an interview. “I had been watching the lights for about 10 minutes when one of the lights slowly moved to the left. It looked like it traveled over the highway next to our house and then slowly moved back in formation.”

Pravda, who watched the lights for about 30 minutes, was not sure if they comprised a much bigger object. In 2008, she recounted the event for the History Channel’s television show “UFO Hunters,” in an episode titled “UFO Emergency.”

That night, 911 operators began receiving calls around 9:30 from eyewitnesses who were reporting something that looked like “a string of Christmas lights” in the sky. . . .

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