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Take UFOs Seriously, or Be Prepared for an Invasion by Aliens

Take UFOs Seriously, or Be Prepared for an Invasion by Aliens - The National Enquirer 11-27-1979

     In one the most startling government reports on UFOs ever, America’s super-secret National Security Agency (NSA) says UFO are real – and warns that the country should prepare for a confrontation with space aliens.
By The National Enquirer

The sensational document – obtained exclusively by The National Enquirer – rips apart the notion that all UFOs are hoaxes or hallucination.

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Triangular-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Buttlins Holiday Camp | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

Triangular-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Buttlins Holiday Camp | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

Reader Submitted Report

      In pwhelli in North Wales uk 1979. This was sighted at 11.30 pm at buttlins holiday camp. West of North Wales. Triangle shape, craft, no noise from it. Approx height about 300ft above blocked out the stars, trajectory north going south. Had one dim light on middle of the top of UFO. A lot of sightings were happening at that time in West Wales in the now famous Welsh triangle.

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‘Fargo’ Creator Noah Hawley Talks UFOs

Fargo Flying Saucer

By Michael O’Connell

“You want to create a story that plays into that other Coen Brothers theme — which is, ‘Accept the mystery,'” explains the Golden Globe nominee.


“It felt like that territory was open to me,” Hawley says of the UFO that appeared to hover over the hotel parking lot bloodbath in “The Castle.” “Last year, fish fell from the sky. The fun thing about having a show that starts out with ‘This is a true story,’ is that there’s this mindset where you get to play around with the fudge-ability of what’s real and what’s not. You also want to create a story that plays into that other Coen Brothers theme — which is, ‘Accept the mystery.'”

That particular mystery isn’t likely something that will be further explored in the Dec. 14 finale. (Hawley says that Dunst’s character Peggy summed it up best with her assessment of the situation: “It’s just a flying saucer, hon, we got to go.”) Either way, he says it’s something that fits thematically with the time period. “In the year or two after Star Wars and Close Encounters came out, and after Watergate, a lot that late-70s paranoia involved this feeling of being watched and not being able to even trust the skies,” he added. “At the same time, Joel and Ethan [Coen] included a bunch of that imagery in The Man Who Wasn’t There.” […]

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What Do Those Aliens On Fargo Really Mean?

     Yes, we have definitive proof that aliens exist. At least on Fargo.

Ever since those unearthly lights first descended upon the massacre at the waffle house near Luverne, Minnesota, Fargo fans have been wondering: Was that some kind of spaceship? And if so, would the show ever directly address the existence of alien life, or would it remain one of the many cosmic jokes in the Fargo world? In “The Castle” (read the recap here), we finally got our answer as Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) saw an actual UFO hovering above the shootout that she and her husband, Ed (Jesse Plemons), were escaping. “It’s just a flying saucer, Ed,” Peggy said, delivering one of the season’s best lines. “We’ve got to go.”

Of course, a flying saucer is never just a flying saucer. There are already a million great theories circulating about what that flying saucer really means. Is it a riff on a real-life close encounter that a Minnesota sheriff’s deputy claimed he experienced in 1979? […]

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‘Fargo’ Star Patrick Wilson Talks UFO Sightings

Fargo Flying Saucer

By Geoff Berkshire


Variety spoke with Wilson about Lou’s eventful episode, which included a touching exchange with Hank, a brutal face off with Bear, and the return of that mysterious UFO.


And in the midst of that fight with Bear, the UFO comes back. What does Lou make of that?

Lou’s a very practical guy. He seizes the moment and shoots Bear — he’s taking the task at hand. I don’t think he gives [the UFO] too much credence, until the next episode. At that moment he doesn’t have time to question it.

What about after Bear is shot and Lou lies back and stares at the UFO?

I remember thinking, “Am I dead?” There are those fleeting moments. “Do I walk to the light?” I think we’re more in that land. It’s the closest he’s gotten to death. I don’t think he’s too caught up in people from outer space at that point. We’ll address it in the way you can imagine Lou would address something.

Kirsten Dunst has that great line, “It’s just a flying saucer.”

That’s the kind of thing with this show. “Sure man, there’s a UFO. Why not?” They’ve seen everything else.

Did you embrace that feeling when you first read about the UFOs or did you ask (showrunner) Noah Hawley for an explanation?

In typical Noah fashion, you ask him about it and he’s like, “I don’t know, what do you think?” He’s not like, “Well, what it represents is…” I think that, yes, there’s this obsession with a phenomenon that seemed to be happening, and it was also the rise of “Close Encounters.” There was definitely a social awareness. But I remember when I read in episode one when it appears, I thought it was fantastic because it’s just so strange. There are just no answers to so much of this. And you’re not gonna get an answer. I think people like Peggy would go, “What? It’s a flying saucer.” Then again, she’s “touched” — which is my favorite line. […]

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The Real-Life UFO Story Behind This Season Of ‘Fargo’

UFOs On Fargo

By Tracy Mumford

“This is a true story.”

Those words kick off every episode of “Fargo” — they were also at the start of the 1996 movie.

Of course the Coen brothers, and now show creator Noah Hawley, are playing fast-and-loose with “truth.” But one of the most unbelievable, out-of-this-world parts of season two is, in fact, “a true story.”

(Stop reading now if you’re not caught up, Fargo watchers.)

We’re talking about the aliens.

So far, unexplained lights and UFO-talk have been in all three episodes of “Fargo,” which takes place in and around Luverne, Minn., in 1979.

For these supernatural allusions, Hawley may be pulling straight from the local history books. […]

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Sheriff’s Deputy UFO Encounter | VIDEO

Sheriff’s Deputy UFO Encounter

By Mike Binkley

     […] A Minnesota UFO sighting from the ‘70s is considered more credible than most, in part because of who called it in.

Marshall County sheriff’s deputy Val Johnson was on patrol in the early morning hours of Aug. 27, 1979, when he spotted something strange along a rural highway.

The president of the Marshall County Historical Society, Kent Broten, knows the story well.

“What (Deputy Johnson) saw was a bright object, maybe like a foot in diameter, about three and a half feet off the ground,” Broten said. “As he explained it in the news reports, what was there all of a sudden was here, so the light just shot at him, engulfed his car in light and blinded him.” […]

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The Night a Deputy Sheriff Hit a UFO

The Night a Deputy Sheriff Hit a UFO

By John Enger

     At 1:40 a.m. 36 years ago, Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Val Johnson was on night patrol along a rural section of State Highway 220 near Warren, Minn., when he drove into a ball of white light.

“I noticed a very bright, brilliant light, 8 to 12 inches in diameter, 3 to 4 feet off the ground,” Johnson said in a taped police interview. “The edges were very defined.”

Johnson drove toward the light, and woke up in the ditch a half-hour later with burns around his eyes. The windshield and one headlight of his 1977 Ford LTD were smashed. Both radio antenna were bent sharply back. The watch on his wrist and the clock on the dash both ticked 14 minutes slow.

The incident turned Johnson into a local legend and national media sensation. And years later, people are still talking about it. […]

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The Herkimer Black Triangle UFO

The Herkimer Black Triangle UFO

By Cheryl Costa

     Who knew that a simple winter’s night snowmobile ride would result in the sighting of a black triangle UFO?

Triangular-shaped UFOs have been in the media over the past 20 years or so. Numerous television shows have reported cases from different parts of the U.S. and western Europe. These craft are usually about the size of a football field, being about two stories thick. They typically are reported as having three major glowing orbs on the underside. They are usually a non-reflective black in color, but they’ve also been reported as glowing in orange or yellow. The strangest element is that most reports say that they are unnervingly silent.

The CNY region is not without its reports of these triangle-shaped crafts. Among the earliest known upstate reports of a black triangle UFO was in January of 1979 in Herkimer, NY. One winter’s night, a snowmobiler who lived in the country was going to visit a friend five miles away. He stated that suddenly it became quiet. He couldn’t hear his sled’s engine and the snowmobile’s light went out. He looked up and could make out the outline of a huge black triangle blocking out the stars. It had no lights and was silent. He said it took about two minutes for it to pass over head. It was perhaps 100 feet off the ground and when it passed under the high tension wires, arcs began jumping from the power lines to the top of the craft. He watched it move away over a hill and then out of sight. When he got home, nobody believed him. . . .

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Ex-CIA Official Says Stories of Crashed UFOs and Little Gray Men “on Ice” Discussed at a High-Level

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Ex-CIA Official Says Stories of Crashed UFOs and Little Gray Men “on Ice” Discussed at a High-Level

By Robert Hastings

     First, this article has absolutely nothing to do with the bogus claims currently being made by the promoters of the so-called Roswell Slides, which allegedly show the body of a dead alien. (I predict that this latest, regrettable chapter in ufological history will implode in the near future.)

No, my title refers to a far more credible revelation. Although Victor Marchetti, the former Special Assistant to CIA Director Richard Helms, first published intriguing information relating to high-level discussion of recovered UFOs and dead aliens in 1979, in an article published in Second Look magazine, most people are completely unaware of it.

Indeed, an online search for the piece, titled “How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon”, yields very few results. While the Internet provides access to vast numbers of UFO-related documents, books, articles and blogs, one of the most important pieces ever written on the topic, authored by a knowledgeable government insider, has been almost completely overlooked.

Interestingly, when I attempted to post Marchetti’s informed disclosures at a popular blog operated by journalist Billy Cox, my comments and link to the article disappeared into the cybervoid. Repeated attempts met the same fate and, when I subsequently asked Cox to post them for me, he encountered the same problem.

Cox later told me, “I managed to get your post on my blog just now, but it took some doing. When I tried to do it normally, by putting your name and email address in the cue fields, it simply wouldn’t post; I kept getting a message saying it had already been posted, which obviously it had not. And of course when I try to reply to your messages lately, it bounces back as undeliverable. I wound up having to publish it under my name, then going in behind the post and replacing my name/address with yours. Very strange, Robert.”

I told Cox one might argue that efforts had been undertaken, by an unknown party, to block Marchetti’s revelations from being made more accessible online. Lest this charge seem too paranoid, I added that I had often had to endure such anomalies when attempting to communicate with my ex-military sources regarding their involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear weapons sites.

Furthermore, my attempts over the years to post those individuals’ disclosures at various blogs had frequently encountered the same sort of disconnects. Nevertheless, some of those dramatic revelations—involving UFOs shutting down American nuclear missiles—were livestreamed by CNN during my 2010 press conference in Washington D.C.:

In any case, Marchetti’s lengthy article contains important information about the CIA’s secret involvement, as well as its self-proclaimed non-involvement, with the UFO phenomenon. He writes, “I do know that the CIA and U.S. Government have been concerned over the UFO phenomenon for many years and that their attempts, both past and recent, to discount the significance of the phenomenon and to explain away the apparent lack of official interest in it have all the earmarkings of a classic intelligence cover-up.”

To give you a sense of the author’s importance, the agency once took Marchetti all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, to attempt to stop the publication of his tome, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, which subsequently became a best-seller in 1974. The disenchanted agency man had resigned from the CIA in 1969; his book was an unprecedented, historic exposé of his former employer’s numerous illegal activities—including spying on Americans, something forbidden by its charter—many of which were later investigated by Congress.

In short, Marchetti was especially dangerous to CIA simply because he knew so much about its operations, legal or not, and was willing to divulge them to the world as a hoped-for partial antidote.

While this same informed-observer status and careful, thoughtful analysis underpins Marchetti’s revelations about the agency’s relationship to UFOs, it must be remembered that CIA’s approach to all subjects is the use of compartmentalization, whereby any given individual’s knowledge is usually limited to one small part of a project or operation, to keep an overall understanding of the situation restricted to a very few high-level managers. The same was/is true with UFOs and, therefore, Marchetti can only report on what he personally knew, given that he was not involved with the agency’s apparent UFO projects/operations and had no need-to-know about them.

Nevertheless, his published comments are noteworthy. He writes:

During my years in the CIA, UFOs were not a subject of common discussion. But neither were they treated in a disdainful or derisive manner, especially not by the agency’s scientists. Instead, the topic was rarely discussed at internal meetings. It seemed to fall into the category of ‘very sensitive activities’…People simply did not talk about the UFO phenomenon.

There were, however, rumors at high levels of the CIA—rumors of…little gray men whose ships had crashed, or had been shot down, being kept ‘on ice’ by the Air Force at FTD (the Foreign Technology Division) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.1

Please note that Marchetti used the word “rumors”. Again, this is the result of his own non-involvement in whatever “very sensitive activities” CIA had going on relating to the UFO phenomenon. Consequently, whatever information Marchetti was privy to resulted from informal and undoubtedly unauthorized chitchat he had encountered in the corridors of CIA headquarters.

But if stories of crashed UFOs and the bodies of the crews being kept in cold storage were being discussed at “high levels” within the agency, one can infer that those rumors were taken seriously. One might also speculate that information about all of this had been secured by CIA agents, probably by spying on the U.S. Air Force.

One important aspect of Marchetti’s revelation is the timing of the discussion at CIA. Marchetti resigned in 1969, nearly a decade prior to the seminal disclosures by retired U.S. Army counterintelligence officer Jesse Marcel who, during a television interview in 1978, divulged that he had held in his hands wreckage from a craft “not of this Earth” that had crashed northwest of Roswell Army Air Field in July 1947.

Confirmation of this event originates with another credible person, USAF Brigadier General Arthur E. Exon, who has stated for the record that one or more plane-loads of that wreckage did indeed arrive at Wright Field (later renamed Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) shortly thereafter and was subjected to intense analysis by aeronautical engineers. During an audiotaped interview with Roswell researcher Dr. Kevin D. Randle, in 1990, Exon said:

…They knew they had something new in their hands. The metal and material was unknown to [everyone] I talked to. Whatever they found, I never heard what the [analytical] results were. A couple of guys thought it might be Russian, but the overall consensus was that the pieces were from space. Everyone from the White House on down knew that what we had found was not of this world within 24 hours of our finding it…Roswell was the recovery of a craft from space.2

All of Exon’s published comments regarding the matter may be read at roswellproof.homestead.com/exon.html.

A number of UFO debunkers have claimed that the Roswell UFO crash story is a “modern myth” that originated as a result of public fascination with the writings of Stanton Friedman, Bill Moore, and others in the 1979-80 time-frame, which incorporated Marcel’s candid remarks about his involvement in the discovery of the mysterious wreckage in 1947.

However, in light of Marchetti’s revelations, this simply cannot be true. Given his resignation from CIA in 1969, he had to have heard those high level “rumors” about crashed UFOs and dead aliens stored at Wright-Patterson prior to that time.

In his article, Marchetti theorizes that the primary reason underlying the U.S. government’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of UFOs, if indeed the craft are piloted by alien beings, results from its fear that existing power structures would be fundamentally undermined by such an admission. He writes:

…the U.S. Government, in collusion with other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public. The purpose of the international conspiracy is to maintain a workable stability among the nations of the world and for them, in turn, to retain institutional control over their respective populations. Thus, for these governments to admit there are beings from outer space attempting to contact us, beings with mentalities and technological capabilities obviously far superior to ours, could, once fully perceived by the average person, erode the foundations of the Earth’s traditional power structure. Political and legal systems, religions, economic and social institutions could all soon become meaningless in the mind of the public. The national oligarchical establishments, even civilization as we know it, could collapse into anarchy. Such extreme conclusions are not necessarily valid, but they probably accurately reflect the fears of the “ruling class” of the major nations, whose leaders (particularly those in the intelligence business) have always advocated excessive governmental secrecy as being necessary to preserve “national security.” The real reason for such secrecy is, of course, to keep the public uninformed, misinformed, and, therefore, malleable.3

Given that so much information, misinformation, disinformation, speculation, and general bullshit about UFOs is available on the Internet, one must of necessity carefully choose which material to ingest. Marchetti’s unique, informed, credible perspective should be added to the short list of must-reads.


1. Marchetti, Victor, “How The CIA Views The UFO Phenomenon”, Second Look, Vol. 1, No. 7, May 1979

2. Randle, Dr. Kevin D., Roswell UFO Crash Update: Exploring the Military Cover-up of the Century, Inner Light – Global Communications, February 1995

3. Marchetti, Victor, “How The CIA Views The UFO Phenomenon”, Second Look, Vol. 1, No. 7, May 1979

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