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NSA Declassifies Documents on MUFON Conference

NSA Memo (pg 2) Re MUFON Conference - 1978

     The National Security Agency recently released the majority of a 1978 memo prepared by an assignee (see below) about his attendance at a UFO conference. The document was obtained following a Jan. 24, 2017, request for a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR). The five-page memo contains the subject line, “Information request solicitation,” and advises the NSA on such matters as likely fraudulent CIA letters showcased at the conference, activities of some specific researchers in attendance, relationships with the researchers, and potential problems that might arise through such relationships. The NSA Sep. 12, 2017, response to the MDR request and the partially redacted document may be viewed and downloaded at the link above.
Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer

The Memo

NSA Memo (pg 1) Re MUFON Conference - 1978 NSA Memo (pg 2) Re MUFON Conference - 1978
NSA Memo (pg 3) Re MUFON Conference - 1978 NSA Memo (pg 4) Re MUFON Conference - 1978 NSA Memo (pg 5) Re MUFON Conference - 1978
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The NSA continues to withhold the name of the assignee who composed the memo, as well as identities of additional NSA personnel referenced, but the late writer and researcher Philip Klass confidently speculated the author to be Tom Deuley. Klass was probably correct, as we will explore later in this post.

The Aug. 29, 1978, message begins by providing its recipient with some context. The author explained how he informed proper NSA personnel of his interest in UFOs and his intention to attend the 1978 MUFON Symposium. He then described events which occurred at the conference and involved researchers Leonard Stringfield, Robert Barry and Todd Zechel.

Stringfield did a presentation, during which he introduced Barry, who shared two letters he allegedly received from the CIA (Further research revealed Stringfield’s presentation was on crashed flying saucers, so we might reasonably assume Barry’s letters were related to the topic). The memo author/NSA assignee indicated he suspected the letters to be fraudulent, and proceeded to interact with the researchers in order to investigate the authenticity of the docs. He went on to explain he contacted CIA personnel who verified the letters to be frauds, and that the CIA wrote Barry and informed him that was the case.

The memo author described his suspicions of the origin of the purported CIA letters, as well as his concerns about the activities of researchers involved, including Todd Zechel (who founded Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, or CAUS):

NSA Memo (Snippet 1) Re MUFON Conference - 1978

This leads us to the bulk of the body of the memo, and the purpose of its subject line, “Information request solicitation.” The memo author describes a nearly hour long telephone conversation with Zechel in which the NSA man clearly developed a sense of responsibility to inform the Agency of its contents. The author explained Zechel was requesting he “watch out for UFO related information within NSA” and “that I pass on what I could.” The NSA assignee added he had “to some degree” checked on Zechel’s character “with some people who have worked with him more closely.”

“There is some thought,” he continued, “that he would be capable of being behind the CIA letter fraud and that he is apt to go to most any length to collect information or to bend facts to fit his needs.”

The author further wrote, “I personally have some fear that now that he has made contact with me, he may, either privately, or worse, publicly attempt to make it look as if I am an inside NSA contact for him. Or, on the other hand, he may elude to having such a contact for years, then when he feels it appropriate or when cornered, hope to produce me as that contact.”

The memo concludes with mentioning “a chance of building a productive working relationship” with Zechel, whatever that’s supposed to mean, and committing, “Any further contact or requests for information will be reported.”:

NSA Memo (Snippet 2) Re MUFON Conference - 1978


The trail of the 1978 memo can be followed back to the Yeates affidavit. The sworn statements of NSA man Eugene F. Yeates were recorded in the early 1980’s when CAUS sued the NSA for its UFO files.

Yeates stated some 239 documents responsive to the FOIA request submitted by CAUS were located in NSA files. One of the docs, he noted however, should not be considered relevant to UFOs: the 1978 memo. As Yeates explained in the affidavit, “It is an account by a person assigned to NSA of his attendance at a UFO symposium and it cannot fairly be said to be a record of the kind sought by the plaintiff.”

In other words, it didn’t really have anything to do with UFOs. Yeates’ statements further suggested the NSA was reluctant to fully release the rest of its files for similar reasons: the info therein had less to do with the plaintiff’s UFO-related interests than matters of national security, particularly communications intelligence (COMINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT).

Philip Klass explored the topic in his Jan., 1997 newsletter. Klass obtained some 156 formerly Top Secret COMINT “UFO documents” spanning the years 1958 to 1979 and previously withheld from CAUS by the NSA. While the docs were “heavily censored,” Klass concurred they primarily revealed matters of national security, such as NSA eavesdropping on Russian military sites and similar circumstances.

Klass further wrote that he strongly suspected the author of the then-withheld memo by the assignee at the UFO conference (referenced in the Yeates affidavit) to be Tom Deuley, a former NSA man and longtime MUFON board member. Klass continued that Deuley explained in a 1987 paper he was assigned to the Agency in mid-1978, just prior to attending the MUFON annual conference held that year in Dayton, Ohio. Deuley reportedly also wrote, “Before making that trip I felt it was necessary to let NSA know that I had an interest in UFOs. I took the matter up with my immediate supervisor, suggesting that the fact be put on the record.”

It can be reasonably surmised that Klass was likely correct about the identity of the memo author, as both the date, 1978, and location, Dayton, of the conference are corroborated in the now largely released document. The sponsor of the event, the Mutual UFO Network, is also corroborated, as is the description by the memo author that he was then-recently assigned to the NSA and desired to keep his employer properly informed of his activities.


In my opinion, the declassified memo represents important yet largely under reported aspects of the UFO community: the significance of espionage and counterespionage operations, investigations (unrelated to UFOs but overlapping with the UFO community) conducted by the intelligence community, and the effects the circumstances have on the genre as a whole. This appears to have particularly been the case in the 20th century, when standard methods of operation seem to have included fabricating tales of crashed flying saucers and circulating unsubstantiated reports of aliens via fraudulent documents. The dynamics are reflected in the 1978 memo, whatever may have been the actual agendas of the parties involved.

Paul Bennewitz
Paul Bennewitz

The time of the memo, 1978, was just a few short years before Richard Doty gaslighted Paul Bennewitz and shared unverified extraordinary documents with Linda Moulton Howe. The Bennewitz Affair contained entirely unsubstantiated rumors that nonetheless continue to be recycled and continuously accepted throughout UFO circles.

At that same point in time, the early 1980’s, a young airman stationed in Nevada and holding a Top Secret clearance was slipped none other than a likely forged smoking gun doc. She had a preexisting relationship with MUFON and interest in UFOs. As explored in my book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, Simone Mendez was subjected to grueling interrogations before being cleared of potential espionage charges and any wrongdoing. It is reasonable to suspect she and others may have been provided such docs for the purpose of following their trails through the UFO community, somewhat like throwing a dye pack in a sinkhole and seeing where the dye emerges.

Barry Greenwood of CAUS would later assist Mendez in obtaining documentation of her circumstances from the FBI and USAF Office of Special Investigations via the Freedom of Information Act. He also provided me with documents and information requested for inclusion in the chapter on the Mendez case contained in my book.

Also noteworthy was the 1980’s case of the late Vincente DePaula. He apparently held security clearance in his employment in the defense industry, working on satellite systems. DePaula, who had an interest in UFOs and traveled ufology social circles, was reportedly interrogated at length by the Defense Investigative Service about his ufology associates.

The activities of the intelligence community within ufology stand to substantially alter and subsequently form popularly held perspectives, and the activities often have nothing to do with unusual phenomena. The interests of intelligence agencies at least some of the time include circumstances as reported by Klass, protecting the sensitive details of such circumstances, and keeping a sharp eye on those who express unusually deep interests in them.

The UFO topic has in at least some instances been used as a vehicle to gain the trust of individuals holding security clearances in employment capacities. It is then used in attempts to extract information. It should be understood and taken into consideration that the accuracy of stories passed among such people is extremely suspect, even as they gain wider attention throughout the UFO community at large. What’s more, the intent of such architects of deception, at least some of the time, is not to mislead the public, but such manipulation is simply a byproduct of other objectives. They just don’t care what the public thinks about UFOs.

Boyd Bushman
Bushman showing a highly questionable photo of an
alleged alien reportedly obtained from his network of contacts
As recently as 2014 a video surfaced of the late Boyd Bushman, a man claiming to have held Top Secret and Special Access clearance while employed at Lockheed Martin. He additionally expressed he was convinced of the existence of an alien presence. He also expressed his disdain for security regulations he interpreted to restrict the sharing of research. As explored in a May, 2017 blog post, Bushman indeed held such clearance – and a declassified 1999 FBI memo revealed his employer suspected shady individuals of trying to elicit classified information from him. It is reasonably clear his interest in UFOs served as an opportunity for developing such relationships, and the resulting unsubstantiated alien-related stories were repeated without question by a segment of the community.

In the end, a valid point can be made that it is not only the IC games that contribute to the deterioration of the genre and the topic, but the very presence of individuals who partake in such games. This goes much further than a simple warning of ‘buyer beware’. The fact is the Mutual UFO Network has long been inundated with byproducts of the intelligence community, and many will recall it was Tom Deuley who served as front man for the ill fated Ambient Monitoring Project, an initiative which involved placing various data-gathering sensors and equipment in the homes of self-described alien abductees. The project was ultimately strongly criticized due to its lack of completion, lack of transparency, and general incompetence. Maybe the IC had nothing to do with the lack of adequate explanations for its failure, or the lack of resolution surrounding Skinwalker, or any number of similar circumstances, but if its members weren’t so deeply involved in such cases while simultaneously harboring classified agendas, we wouldn’t have to wonder.

Whatever the objectives may have been that were furthered by such events spanning from a 1947 press release in Roswell to the cultivation of the MJ-12 meme and all the way to the adventures of Tom Delonge – and virtually countless more cases potentially involving the IC along the way – their significance in shaping public perception should be recognized. The reasons may be as diverse as the dates and cases, but their relevance should be understood and incorporated into assessments.

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Military Reporting Channel For UFO Incidents? OPREP-3

– Part 1 –

UFO Telex - May 1978

     While going through the officially declassified and release that relate to the spooky 1975 US/Canadian border Northern Tier “over flights”, as well as other 1970’s–era UFO cases, I noticed a specific term repeatedly appearing in the documents that piqued my interest. The term was “OPREP–3”, and it was sometimes followed by other terms like “PINNACLE”, “BEELINE” or “NAVY BLUE”. Upon further study of statements of American military doctrine – both old and new – it became quickly apparent that these terms refer to a specific type of “operational reporting” system used by the US Armed Force. “OPREP”
Paul Dean
By Paul Dean
The UFO Chronicles

means “Operational Report”, and “3” refers to a category meaning “Serious Event/Serious Incident”. There are dozens of available publications that detail the OPREP–3 process. One such publication, promulgated by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), is an Instruction dated 1st of December, 1993, titled Joint Reporting Structure Event and Incident Reports. Page 1 establishes:

“The OPREP–3 reporting system… …is used by military units at any level of command to report significant events and incidents to the highest levels of command.”

Another publication, titled Air Force Instruction 10–206 Operational Reporting (AFI 10–206), and promulgated by the Secretary of the United States Air Force (SEC–USAF) on 15th October, 2008, states in Chapter 3:

“Command Posts use the OPREP–3s to immediately notify commanders of any significant event or incident that rises to the level of DoD, AF, or MAJCOM interests. Submit the applicable OPREP–3 regardless of whether or not the event is being reported through other channels.”

This is interesting, and we have inadvertently known about it all along. After the closure of the United States Air Force’s (USAF) Project Blue Book, no reporting channels, except the Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIRVIS) system, and the “Air Force Reporting System” (AFOREP) channel, were to be used for UFO reporting in the USA. Even knowledge of those was kept reasonably quiet. As we shall see, there is irrefutable, documented evidence that the AFOREP channel, which contained an early OPREP–3 procedures, has been used to report UFOs to higher commands.

On the night of May 14, 1978, the United States Navy’s (USN) Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range, in Florida, endured a very unusual incident. A UFO was both visually sighted and tracked by primary radar. It was reported as displaying red, green, and white lights, and was accompanied by no sound. Also, the UFO apparently took evasive action when there was an attempt to lock radar on the object. When records relating to the case were released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), even the Public Affairs officer, N. P. Young, stationed at Jacksonville Naval Air Station (NAS Jacksonville), who processed the records, had this to say about the incident:

“I have never been a believer in UFOs, but I assure you I am convinced that a number of people witnessed an unexplainable event that night.”.

Five pages of records were released relating to the incident, including a two page telex sent from NAS Jacksonville to the Commander–in–Chief of the USN’s Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANFLT) at Norfolk, Virginia. Classified CONFIDENTIAL, one line states:


Note the term “OPREP–3”. Further, beneath this line, the telex reads:


Two more lines down the telex states:


Note the term “UFO” is openly used here. This is indisputable proof that a UFO event, of some sort, caused the sending of an OPREP–3 to the CINCLANFLT. I have imaged the page above, top.

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Eerie Encounter with UFO On Lonely Road | UFO CHRONICLE – 1978

Union Man Cites Encounter with UFO - Bangor Daily News 6-7-1978
An object with flashing lights which surrounded his car, completely stopping it and making it completely dead – no lights, no radio, no engine running, nothing (click and or right click on image[s] to enlarge).

     Dana says he experienced an encounter with an unidentified flying object, the likes of which he will never forget.

“I wish I’d never seen it, it scared the hell out of me,” the 20-year-old

By Bangor Daily News

Boardman related Tuesday. He said while driving along the road from Pleasnt Point to Cushing about 1:15 am he encountered an object with flashing lights which surrounded his car, completely stopping it and making it completely dead – no lights, no radio, no engine running, nothing.

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Eerie Encounter with UFO On Lonely Road | UFO CHRONICLE – 1978

Union Man Cites Encounter with UFO - Bangor Daily News 6-7-1978
An object with flashing lights which surrounded his car, completely stopping it and making it completely dead – no lights, no radio, no engine running, nothing (click and or right click on image[s] to enlarge).

     Dana says he experienced an encounter with an unidentified flying object, the likes of which he will never forget.

“I wish I’d never seen it, it scared the hell out of me,” the 20-year-old

By Bangor Daily News

Boardman related Tuesday. He said while driving along the road from Pleasnt Point to Cushing about 1:15 am he encountered an object with flashing lights which surrounded his car, completely stopping it and making it completely dead – no lights, no radio, no engine running, nothing.

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UFO Encounter & Missing Pilot Still a Mystery After 40 Years

UFO Mystery (Frederick Valentich) The Australian 10-21-1978

Frederick Valentich disappearance:
How UFO helped inspire The Kettering Incident

‘It’s not an aircraft’

     A pilot who disappeared nearly 40 years ago after reporting a UFO is one of the inspirations for the plot of the new television drama series The Kettering Incident.
By Carol Rääbus

While the show revolves around fictional mysterious disappearances in the Tasmanian bush, the disappearance of Frederick Valentich was very real.

Valentich was a 20-year-old pilot who went missing over Bass Strait in 1978, leaving nothing behind except a mysterious radio transmission.

Historian Reg Watson has been researching the disappearance for many years.

“I’ve looked at it for gosh, three decades,” he told Leon Compton on 936 ABC Hobart.

“I have to say, in my opinion, he had an encounter with a UFO — and I don’t say that lightly.”

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The Clarenville UFO Experience | VIDEO

Clarenville UFO Experience 11-26-1978

By Alejandro Rojas

    In October 1978, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer Jim Blackwood responded to a call regarding a strange object off of the coast of Clarenville, a Canadian town on the east coast of Newfoundland in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. When he got there he, along with about a dozen other witnesses, saw something he could not explain. Blackwood recently posted a TV interview from 1978 in which he describes the incident.

According to Canadian newspaper The Packet, Blackwood is now retired and living in Novia Scotia. News of the sighting received a lot of media attention, causing Blackwood to endure years of ridicule. Since leaving Clarenville, he says he rarely speaks about the incident.

However, he did recently speak to The Packet, and in May of this year he posted the UFO interview on YouTube (seen above).

Blakwood was a 25 year-old RCMP constable at the time of the incident. When he reached the location of the witnesses, he says there were about a dozen locals gathered there.

“I went down and the craft was hovering between Clarenville and Random Island, right on the water. It was only a couple hundred feet off the water. It was there for good two hours before it left” […]

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Disc-Shaped UFO Hovered Over Campers

Disc-Shaped UFO Hovered Over Campers

By Roger Marsh

     A New Mexico witness near Cimarron recalled a UFO event from 1978 when a disc-shaped object hovered 25 feet off of the ground with four glowing, round lights, according to testimony in Case 63904 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The events took place at Miners Camp, Philmont Scout Ranch, in Cimarron, on the night of July 4, 2008.

“There were about 12 to 15 hiking crews with their tents set up in one area,” the witness stated. “Each crew is up to 12 people.”

The witness woke up about midnight and observed the object near his tent about 50 feet away.

“It was a round, flat object, about the diameter of a car tire. It was moving slightly up and down and around in what could be described as hovering.”

The witness described the object.

“It had four round, glowing globes spaced at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. . . .”

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Men in Black Encounter? – The Henry McKay Confession Tape | VIDEO

Men in Black Encounter? – The Henry McKay Confession Tape

By Michelle McKay
ufosupclose / YouTube

     The Henry McKay Confession Tape is an audio cassette tape from 1978 of pioneer UFOlogist Henry McKay (my great-uncle) talking about his experiences of being watched, stalked and harassed by authorities due to his UFO research involvement. I don’t recall if Uncle mentions in this tape that he had to get his local politician involved to finally get his P.O. mailbox back after it “mistakenly” was shut down and taken away from him.

I cranked the volume up as loud as it would go in the video editor, so you might need headphones depending on your speaker system. But most should be able to hear without headphones.

I do not know who Henry (my great-uncle) was talking to in this tape. All I know is that this conversation took place in a car in front of Henry’s home in Toronto, Canada in 1978. About half-way through the tape you will hear it raining outside. At around the 22 minute mark the tape goes blank, I have not done anything to it, this is the way it is on the original tape and I have no idea what caused this. Then the audio comes back. Then around the 27 minute mark the tape cuts off as Henry is mid-sentence and then you hear Uncle do a countdown — no idea what this is all about. Then all of a sudden the tape comes back to the interview in the car. Your guess is as good as mine.

If anybody has any idea as to who Uncle was talking to (the man interviewing Uncle) please leave it in the comments and also include why you think so. Or if anybody has any additional info to anything they have heard in this tape please leave it in the comments. Thank you for your assistance, together we can figure this out!!

In this audio cassette tape Henry talks about his mail being diverted, his telegram being diverted, his telephone being tapped, men watching his house from their car, being chased down the highway by an unknown vehicle, police showing up at his door to harass him from a city over 3 hours away, army showing up at his investigation sites (Henry specialized in landing sites and physical traces), and the monitoring of UFO investigators and researchers. Henry also mentions the Edwin Fuhr case (Regina, Saskatchewan) and that the police told Edwin not to say anything about his UFO sighting. He also mentions the Stephen Michalak case in Falcon Lake, Manitoba. He also talks about Ground Saucer Watch attempting to take the government to court regarding harassment for investigating UFOs. He also talks about his long fight with the government to get the Joe Borda files from the government (over 10 years Henry tried) in Brantford when a UFO landed in a tobacco field.

He mentions “O.P.P” which is the “Ontario Provincial Police”. He also mentions RCMP which is the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police”.

As you will hear in the tape, Henry called the harassment and monitoring from authorities “the loyal opposition”. A very fitting title for them.

This audio is courtesy of the official Henry McKay UFO Archives™ at UFOsUpClose.com

Henry McKay was a pioneer UFOlogist. He was the very first Director of MUFON in Canada. He was also one of the first modern-day UFO investigators to specialize in physical traces associated with UFO landing sites and close-range UFO sightings. His work was mentioned in the book “The Philadelphia Experiment”. He was an electrical engineer with the Air Force. He was also on the Board of Directors for the “North American UFO Federation” (headed by Richard Haines), was an associate of CUFOS (Dr. J. Allen Hynek), and also investigated for NICAP (Major Donald Keyhoe of the US Marines). He was good friends with Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He also gave a briefing at a hearing to the “Royal Commission of Electric Power Planning” in regards to UFO related power disturbances. For more info on Henry there is a MUFON webpage dedicated to him here.

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Socorro Witness Interviews | UFO CHRONICLE – 1978

Socorro Witness Interviews (Pg 14 of 14 & 15) – The MUFON UFO Journal October, 1978
Socorro Witness Interviews (Pg 15 of 14 & 15) – The MUFON UFO Journal October, 1978

Socorro Witness Interviews | UFO CHRONICLE – 1978

By Ralph C. Degraw
The MUFON UFO Journal
October, 1978

See Also:

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The Socorro [UFO] Landing and Corroborating Witnesses

New Information Surfaces Re Famous Socorro UFO Case

New Revelations Re Socorro UFO Incident
– Pt 2 –

Artist’s Rendering of Symbol on UFO Craft (Redux) | SOCORRO UFO INCIDENT – 50th ANNIVERSARY

Socorro UFO Landing; 50 Years Ago Today (4-24-14)

What Zamora Really Saw And Reported To His Co-Workers And To Captain Richard T. Holder

Hoax Theory for The Socorro UFO is Quashed; Interview with Dr Kevin Randle | VIDCAST (Redux) – SOCORRO UFO INCIDENT – 50th ANNIVERSARY


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New Zealand Releases UFO Files – Kaikoura Lights Included

Well, New Zealand are following the lead of other countries and the Defence Force have finally waded through the necessary paperwork and so are finally set to release their ‘UFO files’. The release was originally scheduled for February (2010) but the Defence Force prevented this so that any personal data could be redacted to comply with privacy laws announcing that the release was rescheduled for

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