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Broad Haven UFO Sightings Investigated by Ministry of Defence | 40th Anniversary

Broadhaven School Children Drawings of UFOs February 1977
Broadhaven School Children Drawings of UFOs February 1977 (credit: Wales Online)

The Broad Haven Triangle sightings made national headlines 40 years ago

     New details have emerged shedding light on a spate of mysterious UFO and alien sightings which gripped a West Wales community almost 40 years ago.
By Sion Morgan

Dubbed the 1977 Broad Haven Triangle mystery, conspiracy theories went into overdrive when reports emerged that 14 pupils from Broad Haven primary school had seen a UFO landing in Pembrokeshire.

The head teacher at the time backed up their claims, saying they had all drawn similar pictures of the craft.

Many others reported being petrified by a strange silver alien.

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U.S. Coast Guard Acushnet UFO Incident | NEED TO KNOW – VIDEO – 1966

U.S. Coast Guard Acushnet UFO Incident

By Florida MUFON

    Witness claims that during ship operations, while towing some type of buoy (possibly and electronic functioning buoy) per normal Coast Guard vessel operations, early in the morning after daylight, on some date between 1976 and 1977, the ship he was on lost all electric power, lost its engines and the tow line attached to the buoy was no longer visible. He states the compass on the bridge was also was gyrating 360 degrees. The witness states the ship (USCGC Acushnet – WAGO 167), went to General Quarters and as he ran up the ladder towards the bridge outside the ship to his assigned duty post, he looked aft and noticed a fog-like cloud just off the stern of the ship cloaking to buoy that was being towed and also noticed a grey hovering disc-shaped craft approximately 500 feet in the air just behind the ship.

If you or someone you know witnessed this event please contact Florida MUFON at Florida.mufon@gmail.com

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