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‘Kecksburg UFO Crash’ Movie Sparks Casting Call for Local Actors

Soldiers Approach Kecksburg UFO

     KINGWOOD — Regional actors of all ages seeking roles are invited to audition on May 7 at the Preston Community Arts Center in Kingwood for a part in a forthcoming feature film based on the historical incident of a supposed UFO crash-landing in Pennsylvania.
By www.theet.com

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Chevron Shaped UFO Reported Over New Jersey | UFO CHRONICLE – 1965

Chevron Shaped UFO Reported Over  New Jersey

     On August 1st, 1965, at 9:15 PM, the local 1010 WINS, 24 hour news station, out of New York city, announced sighting of objects in the 4-corners region of the US southwest. I instantly grabbed our dad’s 10 by 50 binoculars, and raced out to the front lawn of their
Reader Submitted Report
The UFO Chronicles

Teaneck, New Jersey house. I lay on my back for about 15 minutes without seeing anything, and so trained the binocs on Vega, almost directly overhead. With my arms tiring I began pulling the binocs away from my eyes, when all of a sudden a fast moving ‘something’ emerged from the edge of the roofline of our parent’s house. I instantly trained the binoc’s on this object, and could see it was a perfect chevron in shape, and glowing a dull orange. It traversed about 40 degrees of sky in about 1 and a half seconds. It took up 1/6th of the width of my field of view in the binoc’s. Unbeknownst to me at the time sightings were occurring also in southeast New Hampshire. I later calculated that the great circle route between these two regions, would pretty much pass over northeast New Jersey, where I was located.

My gut feeling was this object was miles up in the atmosphere. As a ballpark estimate I figured it was at least 20 miles up. Using the mile long estimate of the width of the Phoenix boomerang, if what I saw was the same width, then it would have been approximately 45 miles up in the atmosphere, as it passed over northeast New Jersey.

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‘UFO Capital of the World’

John Reeves and His Homedmade UFO

     Near where the Western Way Plaza now sits, in Brooksville, there was a replica UFO. It was built by John Reeves who reported that he frequently saw UFOs in that area.
Rocco Maglio

He enjoyed taking walks through the sandy pine covered area around his home. He reported that on March 2, 1965 in the woods he came across a strange object sitting on the ground. The object was disc shaped and held up with four stilts keeping it a few feet off the ground. The disc was 40 feet in diameter and 9 feet tall at the center.

He said he saw strange creatures near the disc, which had a luminous skin. The creatures were tall and thin and their skin was porcelain smooth. The creatures carried a small square object which the creature held at chin level and made a bright flash of light.

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Floridian says ‘Outer Space’ Creature Took His Picture | UFO CHRONICLE – 1965

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Firefighters Looked Over Kecksburg UFO | Mystery Turns 50

By Craig Smith and A.J. Panian

      Jim Romansky waited 20 years before telling anyone that he was face-to-face with a UFO that crashed in the woods outside Kecksburg on Dec. 9, 1965.

“I didn’t want to be a candidate for the hospital down the road,” said Romansky, 69, of Derry, a retired machinist who at 18, was one of the first firefighters on the scene.


Romansky was a volunteer firefighter in Lloydsville when the siren went off that cold, wet night in December. He took off running the 200 yards from his house to the fire hall and jumped on a truck that was headed out.

“We have a call at Kecksburg,” he was told. “Downed aircraft, somewhere on the ridge.”

Once there, his crew joined firefighters from a number of other companies who divided into teams to begin the search for survivors.

“I expected to see a smashed-up airplane or wings,” he said. “There was nothing like that, I saw this huge piece of metal. There was no crater, it plowed right into the ground and left a trail.”

The metal object, large enough for a man to stand in, had no windows or doors and included what Romansky described as hieroglyphics on the side.

“I’m looking at it, what the heck is it? This is no airplane,” said Romansky, who got a few feet from the object but did not touch it.

As about 8 or 9 firefighters looked it over, two men in trench coats, one carrying a square box, came over the hill.

“You’re ordered out of the area,” one of the men said. “It is quarantined.” […]

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179. Kecksburg UFO Solved?

maxresdefault image011Alejandro Rojas say hi near Johnson Space Center, guests John Ventre and Owen Eichler talk about Owens work that possibly solves the Kecksburg 1965 UFO Incident. Spoiler alert, a GE Mark 2 Reentry Vehicle.  Support the show for as little as $1 per month to listen to full shows.  Read the theory in our show notes.

Show Notes

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NH Town Recognizes Famed Exeter UFO Incident

Incident at Exeter Illustration By FW

By www.macon.com

     […] Fifty years ago, a frightened 18-year-old high school graduate and future Navy seaman named Norman Muscarello told police he had seen an unidentified flying object. The event that became known as “The Incident at Exeter” sparked an Air Force investigation and became one of the nation’s most celebrated and scrutinized sightings.

The Exeter UFO Festival that runs through this weekend brings together a gathering of notable UFO-logists, true believers, skeptics and the merely curious to raise money for kids’ charities and talk about just what the heck happened that night.

Bill Smith, president of the Kiwanis Club of the Exeter Area, said the festival was the brainchild of Dean Merchant, a Kiwanian and UFO enthusiast and researcher.

“He just was fascinated as to just what happened 50 years ago,” Smith said. “He was saying, ‘Nobody talks about it anymore. Nobody recognizes the significance of the event anymore.'”


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UFOs Killed Birds; Stopped Cars – Warminster Thing

UFOs Killed Birds; Stopped Cars – Warminster Thing

By Jon Austin

     It stopped cars in their tracks, killed birds, terrified children and sparked reports of strange humming noises, tremors, lights, crop circles, UFOs, and even alien abductions – so just what did happen in a small leafy Wiltshire town?

Fifty years on and the people of Warminster still want answers over the mysterious outbreak of UFO sightings that propelled the country town in the south-west of England onto the national stage in the 1960s.


On August 17, 1965, a “detonation noise” rocked houses on the town’s Boreham Field housing estate before a “monstrous orange flame was seen in the sky, crackling and hissing”.

There were also reports of strange sounds killing flocks of pigeons that year, as had also been claimed 12 months previously in 1964.

The phenomena then became known as the ‘Warminster Thing’ after scores of townspeople reported in late 1965 seeing an array of inexplicable sights in the sky, accompanies by noises and odd occurrences.


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UFOs Over Edwards Air Force Base; Interceptors Scrambled! – 1965 | VIDEO

 UFOs Over Edwards Air Force Base; Interceptors Scrambled! – 1965 | VIDEO

The Edwards UFOs

    Editor’s Note: The following video clip originally aired on May 1, 2004, on the syndicated, docu-drama television show, Unexplained Mysteries; this episode was entitled, “UFO Best Evidence.”

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UFO Landing at Cherry Creek Remain a Mystery | VIDEO

UFO Landing at Cherry Creek Remain a Mystery

By Luke Moretti
News 4

    CHERRY CREEK, N.Y. (WIVB) – What really happened near Cherry Creek in Chautauqua County 50 years ago? Did several teenagers really see a UFO, or did their imaginations run wild?

It’s a case that caught the attention of the New York State Police and the U.S. Air Force when the sightings allegedly happened on August 19, 1965.

The first sighting occurred around 8:20 in the evening. 16 year old Harold Butcher was milking cows in the barn on Aldrich Hill Road where he claims to have seen a “shiny silver” saucer shaped object. …

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