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Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO Over Necochea | ARGENTINA

Argentina Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO Over Necochea

     The Argentinean Navy published a series of documents pertaining to a UFO sighting in Necochea in 1962. The documents present the eyewitness account of a truck driver pursued by a flying saucer in the vicinity of La Dulce.
By Inexplicata

CEFORA (Commission for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon in the Republic of Argentina) recently published an Argentinean Navy file disclosing the details of an important UFO sighting event that took place in our city some 55 years ago.

On August 29, 1962, Osman Alberto Simonini told his story of a UFO encounter in the vicinity of Km 28 of Route 86. Simonini was in his truck, driving out of La Dulce from the “Malabrigo” mink farm, property of Ernesto Arias. The case become widely known through an article in Ecos Diarios: the Navy commission launched its investigation through Capt. Omar Pagani and the files now form part of the private archive of researcher Roberto Banchs.

The incident took place at around 20:10 hours as Simonini drove at slow speed and noticed – to his left and following a parallel trajectory, at a distance of 3 meters and an elevation of 2 meters – an “artifact” resembling two plates linked by their widest sides, the color of gunmetal, having an approximate diameter of 5 meters.

The object projected red-and-blue beams similar to headlights from its lower section. The beams had a diameter of two meters, according to the description.

Simonini said that the artifact accompanied his truck for some 200 meters. As it did so, the driver noticed that the grass moved as well, proof of its low altitude and some sort of “air or energy” expelled from its lower section.

The object overtook the truck after the 200 hundred meters, racing ahead some 600 meters along the shoulder at low altitude. Upon reaching Km 26, it made a sharp right-angle turn into a seedbed. Simonini followed it and saw the object had stopped at an altitude lower than one meter. He stopped his truck and got up, and tried to approach the fence separating the field from the road, placing his hands on the wire only to find that the material was hot. He removed his hands, set them down again, only to find that [the wire] was even hotter. He moved some meters along, ascertaining that the wire there was completely cold.

Two minutes later, the object took up at high speed and vanished into the sky.

The witness stated his case to the border superintendent, the head of the federal police delegation, and Air Force officers in Mar del Plata with the support of notary Juan José La Terza, who stated that the following verbatim response was received when the incident was brought up [with these authorities]:

“The officers specializing in these studies told me there was nothing extraordinary about the event, as this kind of phenomenon was already accepted as real, and that the scientific world was waiting for the next stage: making contact with these artifacts.”

At the time, Guillermo Gimenez (a member of CEFORA [and INEXPLICATA’s contributing editor for Argentina]) conducted an exhaustive on-site investigation in the area, after Juan José La Terza got in touch with him. The article can be found here (in Spanish).

The documentation contains the report by notary La Terza, who acted as a sort of attorney-in-fact for witness Simonini.

• Source: PLANETA UFO and 4 Vientos (Necochea, Argentina)

• Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO

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UFO Sightings During the Cuban Missile Crisis: USAF Veterans’ Testimony Sought

UFO Sightings During the Cuban Missile Crisis: USAF Veterans’ Testimony Sought

     NOTE: Two trailers from my soon-to-be released documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, may be viewed below:

By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

UFOs and Nukes Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites

Over the past 43 years, I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their UFO-related experiences at nuclear weapons sites. One such account—perhaps the most dramatic and unbelievable—appears below, excerpted from my book UFOs and Nukes:

Witness to a Limited Intervention?

So, what were those who pilot the UFOs doing during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis? Given other, now-documented clusters of UFO activity at nuclear weapons laboratories and storage areas, or during periods of intense atomic testing in Nevada and the Pacific—or, later on, at U.S. Air Force ICBM sites outside various Strategic Air Command bases—one might predict that a UFO presence would be in evidence, in one form or another, during the planet’s closest brush with nuclear catastrophe.

The first hint I had of possible UFO activity during the missile crisis arrived, quite unexpectedly, in 2006, when I was provided with an intriguing report first sent to the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). The source, retired U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant Christopher N. Smith, had been a jet engine mechanic with the 42nd Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS) at Loring AFB, Maine. In his letter to CUFOS, Smith offered an utterly amazing, almost unbelievable account of a dramatic UFO incursion on some date in, he thought, 1961. After I read his report, I called Smith, spoke with him at length, and concluded that he was a reliable witness—despite the fact that one element in his story pressed the limits of credibility.

In any case, when I began researching the particulars of Smith’s report, including the type of position he held in the Air Force at the time of the incident, it soon became clear that the UFO sighting had actually occurred in the fall of 1962. More to the point, based on other information I later received—relating to a unique, temporary departure from the type of B-52 missions then being flown at Loring—it seemed certain that the UFO sighting reported by Smith had to have occurred during the period of the Cuban Missile Crisis or immediately thereafter!

Smith had mentioned in his original letter that a two-aircraft mission, designated “Chrome Dome”, had been on final approach for an emergency landing just as the UFO appeared over the base’s flight line. I soon learned that whenever the 42nd Bomb Wing at Loring had the responsibility for launching Chrome Dome missions (it rotated among several SAC bomber bases) two sorties-per-day were flown, each involving a single B-52 flying one of two courses, known as the Northern and Southern Routes.

However, during the heightened-alert period of the missile crisis—and apparently at no other time—two aircraft flew each course. This temporary operational change is confirmed in the 42nd Bomb Wing’s unit history. Moreover, a retired colonel who flew such missions at Loring during that era later told me that the tandem Chrome Dome missions had been discontinued in, as he recalled, early November 1962, once the crisis had passed.

Consequently, if a two-aircraft Chrome Dome mission was in fact returning to base at the time of the alleged UFO sighting, as Smith contends, the incident he reports had to have occurred on some date during, or a few days after, the two-week-long Cuban Missile Crisis.
Describing the dramatic scene, Smith said,

As the two bombers were half way through their third go around, there it was. I saw the captain and several other men pointing up over our immediate area. There was a monstrous-sized aircraft. It was a dull metallic gray, cigar shaped; it was descending to a lower altitude and when it stopped moving and hovered, it stretched half way across the length of the aircraft ramp area, making it about a half-mile in length in my best estimate.

I didn’t feel any fear at all; I remember not really feeling anything except wonderment. I also immediately knew why the bombers were aborting, at least in my mind I knew. It seemed reasonable to imagine, the two bombers were intercepted by this huge UFO, [and] because of its enormous size and possible malfunctions [it caused in] the B-52s electronic and electrical systems, the flight crews would have immediately reported the sighting and any problems with their electronics to the [Strategic Air Command] Command Post at Offutt AFB. Under those circumstances, they would have very likely been told to abort the mission and return to base.

I decided right then to make good mental notes of what I was seeing because I expected we would all have to talk to someone about it and perhaps even write a report. The UFO had no lights, no visible openings, it made no noise and it was by far, the largest ‘manmade’ thing I had ever seen, we could have parked all of the aircraft on the base inside of it. It may not have been made by man but it certainly wasn’t a product of nature…

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the first 52 landing, the drag chute popped and minutes or so after, the second bomber also landed. At this time, the UFO began to move, slowly for a few seconds and then very fast. It silently zoomed up and away towards the east and in seconds it just disappeared. No one spoke; in fact I don’t recall anyone talking during the entire time of the incident. After it disappeared, I said to the captain, ‘Did you see that!?’ He almost glared at me and tersely replied, ‘No, I did not see it!’ He didn’t ask, ‘See what?’ or ‘What are you talking about?’ He said ‘It.’ He saw it, we both saw it, hell, one could not miss seeing it. The captain strode off towards the parked staff cars and never ever spoke to me again.

After the bombers taxied in and parked, the flight crews deplaned and in a seemingly nonchalant manner conversed with the dozens of commanders who had arrived. No effort was made to [launch] an alert aircraft [to replace the aborted bombers] and in a few minutes the crews were bused off to debriefing and everyone else except the crew chiefs and some of the air police departed that portion of the flight line.

On our way to the engine shop nobody talked, it was strange, but at the time I do not recall thinking about it being so. Bob —– and I and the other two engine men from the second van put our tools in the tool rack and went upstairs to the coffee shop. No one spoke of the UFO then or later. Our branch chief and all of the shop chiefs were sitting there having coffee and they had all been out on the ramp and saw the same thing we had. No one, including Bob talked about the incident.

In short, Smith reports that following the brief appearance of the unidentified craft above the flight line, which had departed at high velocity, he and the other witnesses standing nearby him all went about their business as if nothing had happened. Although Smith and the others had reportedly been staring skyward at the spectacle in obvious wonder, once the UFO departed there was absolutely no discussion of its presence among the witnesses—something that baffles Smith to this day.

He told me, “Even though it had been hovering there for a couple of minutes, maybe five minutes, I did not bring the UFO up with any of the other men. I knew exactly what had happened but had no desire to talk about it. I do not know how to explain that very well, as it is not what I consider to be rational human behavior or thinking. But I never forgot what happened that day. I just never gave it very much serious thought and, for many years, never wondered why no one had ever discussed the incident, either that day or the following days. But the memory of it was always with me and sometimes when alone I’d think about it all, but I never discussed it with anyone until the year 1976, when I told my wife the entire story.”

While one might be tempted to point to this highly improbable aspect of Smith’s account as evidence that the sighting was merely an imaginative fantasy, having no basis in reality, numerous other UFO sighting reports over the years also feature statements by credible persons regarding inexplicable behavior on their part during their own close encounter, whereby the emotion of fear had been mysteriously suppressed by some unknown mechanism, rendering them calm and compliant for its duration. Moreover, other illogical behavior has also been reported, including a post-encounter nonchalance totally inappropriate for the situation. In other words, although the scale of the event reported by Smith is rare—involving hundreds of UFO witnesses at Loring AFB acting in a zombie-like manner—the behaviors he reports are not unique to his case.

For example, in February 2016, I was contacted by a retired U.S. Coast Guard radio specialist, Scott Santa, who recounted a UFO experience very similar to the one described by Chris Smith. He wrote,

In August 1974, just prior to starting my second year of college, a friend of mine, Mike, and I had nothing going on and decided to go to the drive-in movies. It was a beautiful summer evening—not a cloud in the sky and stars everywhere…

As we got some food and drinks and started to watch the cartoons, I could just make out something approaching the screen from behind and above. A huge chevron came into view over top of it! I asked Mike if he could see it. ‘What the hell is that?’ was the reply. Its speed of advance was incredibly slow—my best guess is 10-15 mph—and it seemed to float rather than fly. It had no lights and blotted out the stars in the sky and was utterly silent.

Mike and I got out of the car and stared at this thing. From wingtip-to-wingtip it was larger than the drive-in parking area—perhaps three football fields wide. It proceeded in a straight line right over top of the first row of cars. By now, I could see that almost everyone was out of their vehicles and pointing and looking around, quite possibly to make sure everyone else was seeing the same thing. As it continued on, all of the lights in the drive-in went out. The movie stopped and the concession stand went black. I noticed that several people were trying to start their cars and leave, but none of the cars would start.

There wasn’t any panic but I could tell that some of the folks were completely terrified. Mike and I weren’t speaking by this time; we were staring at this thing as it continued on its way. By the time it made it right over top of us, I could feel that something wasn’t quite right; I could see and actually feel that the air around us was shimmering, like you see above asphalt on a hot day. The air felt heavy and we both found that it was difficult to move; my ears popped even though it was completely silent around us. I could hear Mike but we could not hear anything else, any of the other people talking or yelling. The shimmering air had the effect of making one feel as if you were walking underwater—now known as the ‘Oz’ effect.

I felt that if I could have reached down and picked up a piece of gravel, I could have thrown it and hit this object—that’s how close it appeared. I was struck again by the complete and utter silence around us. Everyone seemed to be in a funk and just standing around looking at this thing. It never veered or changed direction and hovered over top of the park for what seemed like 10 minutes. I only took my eyes off of it a couple of times to get a quick look-see what other people were doing.

It was traveling from the west and proceeding in an easterly direction. When it cleared the vacant property—a vast field of undeveloped real estate behind the drive-in—the Oz effect disappeared and it felt as if a weight had been lifted off of you. All of the lights flicked back on and the movie started again, like a switch had been flipped. I continued to watch this object until it disappeared from my view in the distance. It never changed course but ‘flew’ or floated in a straight line. It was incredible.

Once I lost sight of it, I got back in my car, almost robotic-like, and completely forgot all about what I just witnessed. Mike and I did not speak to each other about it, ever, and we just carried-on watching the movie as if nothing happened. Apparently, so did everyone else in the park. No one—I mean nobody—was running around asking questions or doing anything but watching the movie.

I recall having to go to the bathroom sometime afterwards and, as usual, there as a bit of a line to get in. But no one talked about it; no one said a word about what just happened. When the movie was over, we left. I dropped Mike off and went home, completely forgetting what just happened…I never told my brother or my parents.

Some years later, I was in a bookstore and happened upon a paperback edition of [Project Blue Book Chief] Edward Ruppelt’s The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects and BANG! the experience flooded upon me as if a gate had been opened. I had to sit down and absorb it as I was almost overwhelmed by it. I had lost contact with Mike by then and was unable to verify it with him.

So, again, retired jet engine mechanic Chris Smith’s bizarre experience at Loring AFB, in October 1962, was hardly unique. If any U.S. Air Force veteran reading this article identifies with his account and experienced something similar during the Cuban Missile Crisis—at Loring or any other Air Force Base—I would greatly appreciate hearing from you! Your information will be kept strictly confidential unless you give me permission to publish it.

Contact Robert Hastings @ ufohastings@aol.com

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Football Shaped Object Lands on Runway at Buenos Aires Airport | UFO CHRONICLE –1962

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"This Is One Of The Most Remarkable Cases Of A Flying Saucer…" | ADELAIDE – 1962

"This Is One Of The Most Remarkable Cases Of A Flying Saucer..." | ADELAIDE – 1962

“This Is One Of The Most Remarkable Cases Of A Flying Saucer…”

By Keith Basterfield

     Hi all,

As readers of this blog will be aware, I always try and locate original source material on an incident, where ever possible.

One case which has appeared in numerous magazines and on the Internet, is the October 1962 report from a Mrs Sylvester of Adelaide, South Australia. The details which I recorded in one of my Australian case catalogues, is as follows:

28 Oct 1962 Salisbury SA CE3 1930hrs 40mins Sylvester (34:56, 138: 36)

A high school teacher and her three children were travelling back to Adelaide, by car, along a highway. They were turning from a southerly direction to an easterly one, facing the Adelaide hills. On the lower level of the hills, at an angular elevation of 45 degrees, they reported seeing an orange coloured, oval shaped object. Her 9 year old son first saw it. “It appeared to have landed on the earth on a level piece of ground.” It sat on three “legs.” It had round windows and the son reported seeing people inside it. He said one of them came down steps to the ground. After a while the object began to move, to the north at incredible speed.

Australian Saucer record:

While recently in the State Library of South Australia, I made time to locate a copy of the “Australian Saucer Record” Volume 9 Number 1, dated March 1963, pp13-14. In this issue I found the best documentation yet, on this incident. I’d like to share it here for other researchers to be aware of it.

A Flying Saucer lands near Adelaide.

This is one of the most remarkable cases of a flying saucer observed so close and having been seen ‘landed’ so near to a city, at least in Australia. However, the integrity of the witnesses, particularly the mother of the children, leaves us in no doubt at the reliability of the evidence, and the actual incident being a very factual one.

Mrs Ellen D Sylvester, the mother, is a high school teacher, and indeed her ability to give evidence places her in the class of a first class type of witness. The following account is an abbreviated one taken from the actual tape recording of the interview, made by our special investigator Colin Norris, whose work in the field over the past twelve months has been one which calls for commendation which we like to register here.

Mrs Sylvester is a resident of one of the close suburbs of Adelaide and the date on which this occurred was October 28th 1962, a memorable date for sightings as this was the evening of the sighting which caused a stir to the police when an object was observed at Pine Point, across the gulf a few hundred miles distance away from the observation and we consider it is very possible it was one and the same craft.

The time was 7.30pm and the sighting was made as Mrs Sylvester and her family of three children were travelling back to Adelaide along a highway. They were turning from a southerly direction to an easterly one which brought them into a position which faced the hills surrounding Adelaide.

It was on the lower level of these hills that the object was first observed. The whole actual observation lasted about 40 minutes and therefore was one which could hardly be classified as an optical illusion or an hallucination. The elevation was about 45 degrees. The object was oval and orange in colour to the outline of the sky and Sun setting reflections.

A son 9 years old first drew his mother’s attention to the object and it was very clear to all the party. It appeared to be landed on the earth on a level piece of land fully observable to the party. It had three legs upon which it stood. It had windows round in shape and the lad remarked that he could see some people in it. Then one of the occupants got out and came down some steps to the ground and appeared to be doing something to one of the landing legs.

Mrs Sylvester says she thought that he seemed to have some trouble in making it retract which finally he overcame. Evidently some adjustment had to be made to it as it was on this portion of the craft he worked all the time he was being observed.

The distance from the observers was, Mrs Sylvester said, a few miles away. She said had she been closer she would have gone up to the object. She had no fear, merely amazed wonderment. The person from the craft was about six feet tall she thought, as best as she could determine from the distance, as his head reached the outer fringe of the craft in height.

He wore a helmet more like a description to a gas mask of the war type so Mrs Sylverster said, and a drawing is given below as done by the son.

The craft had a light around the centre rim. Weather conditions were admirable fine and very clear.

After the mechanic had attended to the landing gear he returned to the craft and it began to move at first slowly away, then terribly fast and disappeared incredibly swiftly away to a northerly direction.

Mrs Sylvester stated herself that she could not understand why other people had not reported it as there must have been people closer to it than they, as well as traffic was passing along the two main highways close at hand. It seems she said that because they were not facing the actual object but travelling north and south with the object in the east, may have been an explanation in that to see it they would have had to take their eyes off the road and look directly away from their driving direction. Also the speed travelled on these highways would not give a good point of view unless the attention was drawn to it as their’s was by turning and facing directly east.

Asked is she believed in such things and if she considered that a craft could have been from space she answered positively in the affirmative and added that it could not have been an earthly craft its speed was too terrific. Also that she had never seen any known craft of this size and description as belonging to earth.

She ridiculed the idea of anyone classifying the man from the craft as a little ‘green man’ saying in her opinion such belongs to the fantasy world of the science fiction writers and the press. It was here that she was able to tell us the height by comparing the man’s height with that of the craft. She was positive that it was not any known object normal to earth.

A press man was present at the interview and appeared to be very impressed by the evidence given.
Upon questioning as to the headgear of the man she added that there were two lights on either side of his helmet and there was a form of breathing apparatus coming from the helmet down to his chest. This made it impossible for them to determine any facial features of the man, or the color of his skin, as he was clothed in a uniform which gave no clues to this.

My comment:

Having now obtained the above, detailed description, a large number of questions come to my mind. Not least is Mrs Sylvester’s estimate that the object was “a few miles away.” How would it be possible to see the fine details she reported, at such a distance? The fact that the event occurred in 1962 prevents us from any further analysis. Best perhaps, to simply record the above details and move on to other things.

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