Flying ‘Triangle’ Reported By Police Officer | UFO CHRONICLE –1960

     A police officer says he saw a flying triangle. Officer Don Anderson at the West Los Angeles police station said a woman called at 7:30 am to report she saw an object hovering about 300 hundred feet to four hundred feet above the Douglas Aircraft Company plant in […]

Congress, UFOs, NICAP and The CIA

     Mr. Wolf: Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my remarks, I include an urgent warning by Vice Adm. R.H. Hillenkoetter, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], that certain potential dangers are linked with unidentified flying objects–UFOs. By The Congressional Record8-31-1960 Admiral Hillenkoetter’s request that Congress inform […]

Mystery Objects Are Confirmed By NORAD | UFO CHRONICLE – 1960

– click on image(s) to enlarge – By Anchorage Daily Times 2-16-1960 See Also: NORAD PROBES FLYING OBJECT | UFO CHRONICLE UFOs Recorded Near NORAD in SW Colorado Springs, CO Police & NORAD Investigating UFOs Spotted Over Breckenridge | VIDEO REPORT YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE Read more »