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US Senator’s UFO Report ‘Covered Up’

US Senator's UFO Report 'Covered Up'

By Jon Austin

     THREE ‘highly reliable’ US government officials reported seeing TWO UFOs hovering near a train line, but their superiors covered the sightings up, it has emerged.

Formerly confidential files obtained by alien researchers detail the account given by senior senator Richard B Russell and two aides of seeing the “flying saucers” TAKE OFF.

At the time, Sen. Russell was on a Soviet-era train during a fact-finding mission to Russia, nearly 60 years ago.

Sen. Russell, was a former chairman of the Armed Services Committee and one of America’s most influential senators until he died in 1971 after serving for 38 years.

Documents obtained by the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) said Sen. Russell was travelling with his two aides in the Transcaucasus region on October 4, 1955 at about 7 pm, when the incident occurred.

He is said to have looked out of the window and spotted two disc-shaped UFOs ‘taking off’ from a spot near the railway tracks.

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Timothy Good (clip) on Eisenhower’s Alien Meeting

Timothy Good (clip) on Eisenhower’s Alien Meet & Greet

Well once again this is a rant about the MSM or rather about the sheer incompetence that is once again being passed off as journalism, as you may have guessed by the title it’s to do with the (dated) Timothy Good comments that have recently been widely reported regarding the Eisenhower ‘meet & greet(s)’ that allegedly occurred back in the

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