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Eerie UFO Reported to Land by Marine Pilots | UFO CHRONICLE –- 1953

Marine Pilots Spot Eerie Flying Object - Greensboro Daily News (North Carolina) 2-12-1953

     An eerie account of a glowing disk-like object seen by four pilots was released today by officials at the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point.

One of the pilots thought he saw it land, and believed it started a forest fire.

Greensboro Daily News
(North Carolina)

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UFOs and The CIA | UFO CHRONICLE – 1967

UFOs and The CIA - The Boston Herald 4-24-1967

     A charge by a University of Arizona physicist that the Central Intelligence Agency in 1953 requested the Air Force to adopt a policy of systematic “debunking of Flying Saucers” [UFOs] raises again the
The Boston Herald

question of the role of the CIA in domestic policy making. The charge is made by Dr. James E. McDonald, professor of meteorology and senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospherics Physics … who believes that that “the least unsatisfactory hypothesis” about the origin of UFOs is that they are extraterrestrial probes….

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Another UFO Reported Over Secret H-Bomb Plant | UFOs & NUKES – 1953

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Kingman UFO Crash? | YESTERYEAR

Kingman UFO Crash

By Ryan Abella

In 1953, a group of experts visited a secret crash site

     … In 1953, the Nevada Test Site was testing a variety of methods of payload delivery, and in May of that year they were preparing a series of tests under the series “Operation Upshot-Knothole.”

Eleven tests were carried out through air drops, towers and a gun-deployed warhead shot out of an artillery piece named Atomic Annie.

The most telling evidence of a possible UFO crash in the Kingman area came from an engineer on that test in Nevada. According to the engineer’s narrative, he was taken to work under “Project Blue Book,” an Air Force investigation of UFO phenomena conducted through 1969.

The engineer

His narrative was transcribed and written by Raymond E. Fowler, a regional investigator with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, in 1973. The narrative below was taken from the engineer’s journals at the time:

… We disembarked from the bus one at a time as our names were called and escorted by military police to the area that we were to inspect. I noticed that as I was walking to the vehicle, that it was saucer-shaped. It was about thirty feet in diameter. The material looked like brushed aluminum. The entranceway was vertically lowered and apparently had jarred open. There was a light coming from inside, but it could have been installed by the Air Force. …

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