The Famous UFO Photo of the 1952 Saucer Formation Over Washington DC Capital: Fraud

This post over at Blue Blurry Lines is a must-read (and must-see visuals) for anyone interested in UFOs. It’s pretty conclusive proof that the photo is real, but has misunderstood and misused. Here’s the photo (just as you’ll usually see it):

CIA Photo Analyst Authenticates UFO Film | UFO CHRONICLE – 1976

     Arthur Lundahl, the government’s top photo interpreter who told President Kennedy that Russian missiles were in Cuba, says he’s seen a film of UFOs which he believes is totally genuine. Newspaper UnknownCirca 1976 Lundahl, 61, studied the original UFO movie film shot in Tremonton, Utah, by Navy photographer […]

CIA Memo on ‘Flying Saucers’

      1. Flying unidentified objects (Flying Saucers) have been the subject of Air Force observation and analysis because of the possibility that such objects might conceivably be an attack on the U.S. If they are not, it is By The CIA10-13-1952 conceivable that the enemy might take advantage […]

UFO Radar Intelligence Summary IR 29-52 – Korean War 1951-1952

“… there were a lot of good UFO reports coming in from Korea. Fighter pilots reported seeing silver-colored spheres or disks on several occasions, and radar tracked unidentified targets …”      “In June 1952 the Air Force was taking the UFO problem seriously. One of the reasons was that […]

CIA Document Discloses Possible UFO Sighting in Barcelona

– click and or right click to enlarge –      May 21, 1952. Barcelona was making preparations for the International Eucharistic Conference to such an extent that the La Vanguardia Española discussed the arrival of the archbishop of By Inexplicata8-19-16 Ottawa as though he were a special guest. The […]

USAF Considers Shooting Down a UFO with a Missile – 1952

     Brigadier General William Garland in a 1952 Memorandum for Record (MFR) told a LIFE magazine researcher that the US Air Force had considered using a missile to shoot down a UFO. By Jan L. AldrichProject 19478-7-16 Robert Powell, Scientific Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) found two […]

Deputies Spot Flying Saucer | UFO CHRONICLE – 1952

     A mysterious, cigar-shaped object was spotted rushing through the sky, by Watsonville police, Monterey county sheriffs and multiple civilians. Register-Paajaronin 1-4-1952 See Also: UFO Encounter By Brazoria County Sheriff Deputies | VIDEO UFO CHRONICLE | OHIO | 4-18-1966: Police & Sheriff’s Deputies in High-Speed Chase with UFO; Air […]

UFOs Tracked on Radar Near Pentagon | UFO CHRONICLE – 1952

By Chicago Tribune 7-22-1952 The Air Force announced that radar operators picked up eight unidentified objects on their screens. See Also: Eye Witness Account of 1952 ‘Flying Saucer’ Flap (Redux) | MY UFO EXPERIENCE Mass Saucer Sighting Near Atomic Test Site | UFO CHRONICLE – 1952 Blast From The Past […]

Marine Films UFO Over Miami Beach | UFO CHRONICLE –1952

Forty feet of film was taken of the object as it flashed across the sky. By Miami Daily News7-30-1952 See Also: Forty feet of film was taken of the object as it flashed across the sky. Executive Producer, Mikel Conrad Say ‘Real’ Footage of Flying Saucers was used in Film […]

UFOs Above Washington? | VIDEO

By WETA11-15-05 See Also: Eye Witness Account of 1952 ‘Flying Saucer’ Flap (Redux) | MY UFO EXPERIENCE Blast From The Past – July 28, 1952:Air Force Urges Top Scientists To Scan Saucers Air Objects Zoom Away From Jets Looks Like Flying Saucers On Radar, Air Force Has Fingers Crossed7-29-1952 REPORT […]