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New Report on the Phoenix Lights by a First-Hand Witness (Redux) | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

By esteay812

      I was messing around online, a few days ago, when I noticed a comment made by someone on another website. They mentioned being in Phoenix and being a witness to the 1997 Phoenix Lights.

I took a moment and e-mailed the person, asking them if they would give me a precise account of their experiences. Today they responded and this is what they had to say about it:

My family and I recall that night often. I had only lived in phoenix for about a year, year and a half at most. We were living on williams airforce base when we saw it. We actually saw it from two vantage points though. Williams was the second.

We were at my aunts house when we first noticed it. That was about 10 miles to the north north west (roughly) near Mesa Dr. and I forget what other road. There was a middle school nearby my cousin went to. Anyway, it was just after sunset, or so it seemed, I was still young. My cousin John Doe spotted it and called me outside. Then i saw it and called out my dad and broth (sic).

It was very large to my memory. Not as high as a jumbo jet or anything, but it was at least 5,000 feet up and massive, in the shape of a V made out of lights. They weren’t regular sized lights, they were relatively larger than stadium lights while standing at the bottom of the pole they are mounted on, but thousands of feet in the air and not extremely bright either. They were more like a yellow, old school street lamp as it looks through a rainy fog, maybe even distorted, but you could dismiss that as being mesmerized at the time. . . .

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Original, Eyewitness Account of The ‘Phoenix Lights,’ by Mike Fortson | 18th Anniversary

Mike Fortson's Original Report of The 'Phoenix Lights'| 18th Anniversary

By Mike Fortson
March 1997
© 1997-2015

     I awoke from a brief nap in my recliner and leaned over to tell my wife that I was going to bed. I glanced to the clock on the television, it was 8:30 pm. As I walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, I noticed the bedroom window was open. The weather was most pleasant this March 13 evening, temp. 75 degrees, clear and no wind.(Jim Schnebelt Fox 10 weather) Typical Arizona spring evening.

As I pulled the window closed, my eyes were attracted to the three huge, bright white lights angled down and very low to the ground. “Plane crash!” I thought. These lights were way too low and angled in a way nothing I know of could pull out of.

I ran down the hallway, grabbed my glasses off the bar and yelled to my wife, of 25 years, “get outside right now!” Without hesitation she followed me out the back arcadia door to the edge of our patio. (I have timed this since and it took app. 8-10 sec)

Standing at the edge of our patio, facing west, and looking north, confussion struck me. For there was no plane crash, but coming from the north and heading south was one, single structure that looked like a giant boomerang. (the description of boomerang, chevron (best), and V shaped object all apply). This object stuck out like a sore thumb in the evening sky due to the fact we were looking north towards the Phoenix metro area, and the city lights gave us a grey background in which to view this huge black V shaped object. It was so low to the surface we could not believe it. I remember saying, “what the hell is that?”

The huge V shaped craft was moving slowly to the south. At this point, still northwest of us, we both saw a 737 in landing approach pass over the object. The plane was coming in from the west heading east. The V shaped craft was heading south from the north. As the 737 passed over the V shaped object, I said, “did you see that! Why didn’t the plane get the hell out of there?” But it didn’t. The pilot nor the planes computers saw nothing. (Just like the radars at Sky Harbor and Luke AFB. Nothing was detected.)

I would like to explain more on this incident. We live app. 23 miles ESE of Sky Harbor in Phoenix. Planes coming in to land (most of the time) will come out by us, bank to the north (left), proceed for app. 10-12 miles, bank left again (west) and land at Sky Harbor. This is normal landing pattern. I have talked to airline pilots, tower operators, and investigators about the altitude of planes coming in to land at Sky Harbor, at the point of the first bank north where we live. The altitude..1200′. The massive V shaped craft we saw was under 1200′ altitude!

As the huge V shaped craft proceeded south, it was almost in front of us, when my eyes followed the left wing to it’s end. We live 1/2 mile south of Chandler Blvd. The end of the wing was well past that and at least half way to Ray Rd. (1 1/2 miles north!) I remember saying to my wife, “that son-of-a-bitch is a mile long! . . .

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The Arizona UFO Controversy | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

The Arizona UFO Controversy | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

By Tim Printy

Trying to misrepresent the skeptical arguments

     . . . Dr. Kitei, and her supporters, want everyone to believe that skeptics state the 8 PM event was produced by flares dropped over the Barry Goldwater range. I have never seen an informed skeptic make that claim and those that have, alter their viewpoints once they become aware of all the facts. My articles in SUNlite and elsewhere have made it clear that the flares only explained the 10PM event. The promoters of the Arizona UFO event, who continue to misrepresent the skeptic’s position are guilty of either being ignorant of that position or deliberately misleading people in order to make skeptics appear to be uninformed.

I know what I saw

This is the last refuge of the UFO investigator, or UFO witness, who is not willing to admit they might have been mistaken. Nobody wants to be wrong but, when the evidence points towards a probable explanation, witnesses and investigators have to recognize they could have erred in their perception of the event. What Dr. Kitei, who is a UFO promoter, does not want to tell everyone is that she has been fooled by two different flare exercises. She gave her videos to Dr. Bruce Maccabee back in 1998 for analysis. Through triangulation, he determined that all the videos, including hers, were of lights hovering over the Barry Goldwater range at the same time the Maryland and Michigan National Guards had been conducting exercises involving dropping of illumination flares. Unless Dr. Maccabee can be proven to be wrong, then Dr. Kitei is wrong and knows that she was wrong. Still, she promotes
her images as “true UFOs”.

Because Dr. Kitei apparently did not like the results of this analysis, she asked Dr. Maccabee to see if her March 13, 1997 videos showed lights in front of the Estrella mountains and not behind them.2 He was unable to determine one way or the other because the lights were on, or slightly below, the ridge line when they disappeared. Dr. Maccabee did mention that there was a potential for error in his alignments, which might lead to the lights being slightly below the ridge before they disappeared. Considering the very close proximity of the lights to the ridge line and the triangulation results, it seems very probable that the lights were disappearing behind the ridge line just like all the other videos taken that night. Her continued promotion of these images/videos demonstrates she is ignoring any scientific evaluation of the evidence. . . .

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