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10,000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFO’s and Aliens?

10,000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFO’s and Aliens

By mindanaoexaminer.com

     RESEARCHERS have confirmed a mysterious finding in India. The discovery of the 10.000 year old cave paintings depict several figures that seem to resemble otherworldly beings and disc-shaped objects.

The Department of Archaeology of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh seeks help from aerospace agencies in the United States and India to determine the nature of the images found in the tribal Bastar region. Experts are baffled by the great similarity between the images of the cave and characterizations of science fiction films that normally depict otherworldly beings and mysterious space ships. According to Indian experts, it’s as if people, 10.000 year ago made these paintings while looking at science fiction movies.

Is it possible that people depicted 10.000 years ago what they really saw? The finding in India seems to resemble other cave paintings found across the globe. The cave paintings in the Chhattisgarh state are not an isolated event, but something that is seen across several ancient cultures. . . .

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