alien rats, mice and other pests on mars?

Animals Keep Being Spotted On Mars! | Paranormal News

looks like space rats, mice. lizards. snakes, flies, gnats and other pests have all ready moved in on mars.

so much for the little green man on mars! all the pests ran him off the planet!

or maybe there were there all the time and the former residents decided they had had enough of these furry and scaly pests ??

jumped in their space ships and got the heck out of dodge –err mars–???!!!

i wonder if the galactic orkin man nuked the entire planet trying to get rid of those pesky space rats? :confused5: could explain the tapped out shape of the surface of the planet– :rolleyes2::disgust::tongue2::suspicious:

yet the space rats survive!

Old UFO filmed on live TV

Here is a video I stumbled on a few years ago, Im sure alot of you have seen this before. I really cant make out what it is they are looking at but the fact that it is on live tv kinda blew me away. Kinda looks like Enochs “wheels within wheels” to me. The UFO appearts at :55 so you can skip to that point, then the play by play guys talk about it and joke around till 2:18. Just wondering what ya’ll think :smile5:

UFO Sighting in Bonlee, North Carolina on March 23rd 2014 – {kt}Saw a redish light in the distance, approached, whirring and humming started, redish light turned white, then disappeared, blinking pattern started, then everything disappeared altogether

Was standing outside, smoking a cigarette when I look up and see this bright reddish hued light moving towards me at a considerably fast speed, as it nears me, bright light fades into a white light, slowly goes out, mechanical whirring-humming sound starts up, and greenish-blue lights start blinking in a pattern, that bleep in a line, then move in another direction. i’ve never seen before. As it moves over me and the house, whirring stops, lights disappear. THe entire time i’m witnessing this, this feeling of complete stillness has me. Unable to move, speak, do anything except stare. It felt as if it knew I was there and watching it. THe reason I even noticed it is because I smoke every night at the same time, always looking at the sky, and NEVER in my life have I seen anything like that before. I know what airplanes, drones, helicopters, etc look like, and this was definitely NOT of those.

UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on September 1st 1973 – UFO hovered as lights blinked, then UFO ascended at an angle until gone.

This happened in 1973 but I would like to report it in case anyone else saw this at that time. I was 10 years old but I can still see this as clearly in my mind as if it happened yesterday. This event made me believe in UFO’s throughout the rest of my life.

It was apx. 10:00 p.m. and I was with a family friend in the car as she drove to pick my mother up from work. We had just left the apartment where we lived on Fulton St. in Houston, TX. (Possibly close to Fulton and Cavalcade) I was in the passenger seat and was looking out the window as I usually did while riding in the car. It was dark out and we were driving down a short street with houses on it. I saw an object on my side of the car, above the trees, that was a circular shape. I know this because there were red and white circular lights (alternating in color) that were going around the object as they blinked off and on. They acted similar to Christmas runner lights I suppose… The object was stationary in the sky as the lights circled around. It seemed the lights were going around the bottom of the object… they seemed to be flat – on the underside of whatever this was. Both the red and white lights appeared to be the same size. The object didn’t seem to be right at treetop level but a little bit higher than treetop.

When I saw this object, I immediately alerted our friend that was driving. We were going slow down this street (a stop sign was a little further ahead) and she looked out and saw the object too. I don’t remember if she leaned over to look out my window or if she saw it from the back passenger window or what. I just remember that she saw the object too. She couldn’t continue to watch it though because she was driving. (I spoke with this family friend a few days ago and she said she remembered seeing this object.)

As we continued toward the stop sign, the object began to ascend at an angle away from us. It just went up and up and up….the lights were still blinking and circling as it went up. We passed some trees that blocked my view of the object and by the time we got to the stop sign, the object was gone.

This all happened in less than one minute as we drove slowly down a street between our apartment and another road at the stop sign. The night was clear as I remember. It was clear enough for me to be able to see this object clearly.

UFO Sighting in Whittier, California on March 21st 2014 – orbs returned to same area next day, clusters 75+

The day before I saw a cluster of orbs above the parking lot in uptown WHittier, CA. I sent in report #54826. I returned the next day and they had returned in numbers. Also noticed shape changing, white orbs to grey orbs to odd shapes. Even the birds toyed with them. I tried to record, but failed to hit the proper buttons. I still took around 30++ pix. Some very dramatic. I am attaching 5. They are small. So you have to search for them. GA

UFO Sighting in Lilburn, Georgia on March 22nd 2014 – saw colored lights start jumping around in the sky-if in jimmy carter area{ga} look up!!

while in my car i looked up and saw a light blinking and moving in a semi straight line, although it jumped around the lights continued to blink.
i immediately felt a crazy unknown fear and went inside to immedately report this as it is and will continue all night. i have observed these lights on numerous occasions and have woken up feeling strange and have had panic attacks when i try to recall what had happened the night before.
whatever the case this a live, ongoing event, so if anyone reading this in the ga area, specifically the singleton rd,indian trail area of gwinnett county,, please try to confirm .
im taking a camera later so i might have some video or pics

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