Houston’s Alien Hunter in the News

  Had a blast a couple weeks back filming with the crew from Channel 2 Houston. Reporter Owen Conflenti asked some great questions, and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. The final piece aired tonight in Houston, and the video is posted on their website. I appreciate […]

Photographer catches UFOs in images over Rochester, NY

A photographer captured strange looking objects in some of his beautiful pictures of clouds rolling in over the ocean at night. He can’t figure out what the mysterious objects are and says he has never seen anything like it. Jim Montanus is a photographer who lives in the town of […]

UFO invasion videos include attack on Taliban

You might have been relieved to have read recent headlines about a UFO attacking the Taliban, but before you get too comfortable, the YouTuber who brought us that video has also posted UFO attacks against U.S. soldiers! Who’s side are these guys on anyway? A lot of news sites have […]

USA developing TV drama about alien occupation

The USA Network has announced that it is developing an alien-themed drama. Variety provides the following plot outline for this high-concept thriller titled Colony: In 2015, Los Angeles exists in a state of occupation. Some collaborate with the alien authorities and benefit from the new order, while others rebel and […]

ExclusiveThe goverment of the United States has just disclosed that aliens are real!

Here is a picture of one of the aliens:alien3: Here is a picture of the flying saucers they use to abduct people:ufo: Now that the goverment has told you the truth..NOW WHAT! What is suppose to happen after disclosure happens, what are humans really looking for when they cry about […]

UFO Sighting in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia on April 12th 2010 – woke up with my wife went outside and saw something strange in the sky

Me and my wife were staying at my father’s house with our kids. Around 1:30 am we hear our oldest daughter crying in my parents room. We were staying in the spare room off the basement which is directly under my parents room. When we went upstairs to check on […]