Alien Encounter in Oregon City, Oregon on May 20th 2014 – Child Like Figure walked through light in front yard went out to invistgate and figure poped its head out from behind a tree to look at me followed by UFO's

I was sleeping in my room when my dog started growling and barking! My window was open and I heard what sounded like a person outside my house walking in the gravel. I very quietly got out of bed and snuck into a area in my house to where I noticed something pass in front of a outside light casting a child size shadow. I then tried to sneak to the window and peer out and I couldn’t see anything! I then went into the garage open the garage door thinking that there was someone outside my house trying to steal or do something that they shouldn’t be doing around 330am. As I was standing in the door way after the garage door opened something peaked out from behind a tree looking at me. I was then frozen with absolute fear and panic! I am writing you to try to find out if I am having multiple encounters, because I always feel watched at night and am terrified to be at home after dark.I have vivid nightmares about abduction and often awaken from a dream because I feel I am falling I try not to sleep at night and only sleep during the day! I want answers because I am a 28yo male that is 6’5 and I am TERRIFIED of whatever I saw and is going on! I have only told 2 people about whats been going on with me and a total of 4 about what I saw that night. I don’t want to be labeled crazy and I really don’t want any kind of exposer, I just want help!

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UFO Sighting in Lehighton, Pennsylvania on August 9th 2014 – several orange/red glowing orbs…glow looked larger than airplane lights, organic like Lava.

Three of us witnessed several glowing red/orange orbs in a line over perhaps 5 miles. They took their own paths eventually and at times became completely stationary. They seemed to react to us. They then faded away completely. There was never any sound at all. The glow was like lava or fire but in a perfect circle. This area is at the foot of the Pocono mountains and the 476 mountain tunnel near the Mahoning Valley turnpike exit. There have been sightings here for years. Some have reported metal spheres seen in daylight breaking through cloud cover through to sunlight. Many have speculated that there is an underground base at the location of the tunnel as there was a excessive amount of material removed during construction of the tunnel that can still be seen today. There is also heat coming out of sinkholes on the mountain itself.

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UFO Sighting in Belfast, on April 15th 1998 – Round white ball like object it you hold a basketball on an outstretched arm about a 1000 ft up

About 16 yrs ago me and my husband were out walking as we couldn’t sleep it was around 6-30am when we went out. so we went for a walk out the back roads of downpatrick co.down, n.ireland . We saw a white round shape in the sky about a 1000 ft up or so as we walked it seemed to follow us it was like holding a basketball or soccer ball on your outstretched hand. That May gave you a helping hand on working out the size of it. As we walked into the town it disappeared but when we got near the house it reappeared. It must have been a good hour that we seen it first then about five minutes when we got home as we went into the house and forgot about it as we knew no one would believe us if we hada told anyone at the time. I don’t drink nor drugs nor does my husband so it wasn’t though it. We still think about it and we decided to let you know when we seen a programme about UFOs on it and you where talking about them the programme is called hanger 1. We don’t know if anyone else seen it there was cars on the road at the time there won’t any planes or any other kind of aircraft about the moon was only a quarter moon and it was on the other side of where we were there was no stars out as it was a clear morning. The dat I gave is around that date we know it was in April and about 16 years ago.

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Dead Clams Talking

This past Sunday, as I was setting sail with a team of scientists aboard a coastal steamer bound from Tromsø, Norway, to a tiny island near the northernmost tip of the country, paleoclimatologist Al Wanamaker surprised me with a bit of news.

“I guess you heard about our Ming nightmare,” he had said as brisk Arctic winds chiselled white caps across the frigid seas before us. We had only met by email up till then and he wanted to broach this sensitive subject in person. At the center of the

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Some thing to discussing [Unknown Grid Lines]


I would like to introduce my self, my name is Ali Shahir, I am Surveying Technical engineer , I am working as a subcontractor with LUKOIL Russian Co. to Survey Oil field in South Iraq (West Qurna II).

In fact, I have never seen Alien or UfO’s before , But in last week I found some thing is not man-made ,makes me puzzle !

My story , In south Iraq in the marshes ,where Euphrates & Tigris rivers are meeting,
In the last years ago until today, a place has many fairy stories about strange ugly peoples were not Humans ?! that place was called ( HAFEEZ,) by local people.
By the chance, Last week, my surveying area was situate in that place without my Known and as usually, me and my team went to survey that area in the marshes where no phone network and many kind of birds , Pigs, fish, snakes ,etc…,. without any problems we completed the Survey, but when I return to the office and Starting Drawing, I surprise… I found our surveying coordinates have a precise level ! , not just that … I found unknown grid line ! Precise , accurate , perfect … ! what the hell that ? I am Surveying Engineer and I have ever, never seen some thing like this ! ??? what that grid lines doing here ?? It’s not agriculture area it’s Marsh no thing Just water,mud&Reeds , and I cannot find any logical explanation,
Here attached satellite image about those grid lines,

Please I need any opinion

Thank you and I appreciate your help in this matter

Eng. Ali Shair

Unkown Grid Lines.jpg

Attached Images

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UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on August 5th 2014 – A bright light for 0.5 seconds and nothing more, no plane, chopper, etc.

I went out to smoke a cigar, looking at Venus and a light 5 times brighter than Venus, 1 inch at arms length, shown. The light came on for 0.5 seconds and went out. I continued to watch for 15-20 minutes and nothing else observed. There was no aircraft or sound near the light. A very faint light existed at the site for about 5 seconds after the 0.5 light emission. It was not an aircraft because I live near KCI airport and the aircraft are very obvious. There was no way this light could have been an aircraft or sat. I was thinking at the exact time, ‘why don’t the ufos ever show themselves”. It was weird. I have lived near KCI for 30 years and have observed many aircraft. Aircraft blink about every 1-2 seconds and have running lights. It could have been a meteorite coming straight at my line of sight, however, that is statistically very unlikely and what would explain the stationary 5 second faint glow. It was quite weird.

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Study shows lesbians have more orgasms.

Who has better sex: heterosexuals or homosexuals? You might have your own guesses, but these scientists surveyed over 6,000 people on the internet to generate some hard data on how often people experienced orgasm with a familiar partner. Turns out that homosexual and heterosexual men have similar orgasm frequencies (~85%), while women on average have lower (~63%) rates of orgasm. However, if you separate heterosexual and homosexual women, there’s a big difference: heterosexual women reported

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I found a MHD UFO on official NASA Picture


I’m using the NASA corwdcrafting project to help them to classify astronaute photos :
History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Smithsonian

I just found a pic, with what seems to be a UFO :

Hi Def :


There is more picture :


What do you think about it ?

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Daily UFO Headlines 8/20/14

Open Minds UFO Video Portal

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