"…The 60-Year Anniversary Of The UFO That Brought An Italian Soccer Game To A Screeching Halt…"

Sketch of UFOs Over Stadio Artemi Franchi- Florence, Italy 10-27-1954
A sketch of UFOs over the stadium by Silvio Neri (Credit: www.bbc.com)

Another audience with the priesthood

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Nice job by BBC World Service last week on the 60-year anniversary of the UFO that brought an Italian soccer game to a screeching halt. In case you missed it, the Brits managed to corral a few of the players and some of the 10,000 fans who watched as an egg-like object flew in slow and brazen fashion, in broad daylight, above the stadium, and created enduring memories. One described the thing as shaped “like Cuban cigars.” All reported how the object, or objects, discharged a glittering material; some researchers called it “angel hair” which, according to some anecdotal accounts, is a sticky, fibrous and rapidly dissolving substance sometimes associated with UFO sightings.

Some witnesses actually retrieved this stuff, which reportedly covered rooftops in the immediate aftermath of the 10/27/54 incident; before the material dissolved, one Italian scientist put it under a scope and identified elements of boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium. Unfortunately, none of the material is available for analysis today.

But what was perhaps more instructive was astronomer/”skeptic” James McGaha’s interview with the BBC. McGaha, who never met a UFO he couldn’t explain, said his first take on the case was that the Italians had actually been startled by a daytime meteor. But then he began to focus on another bizarre phenomenon involving the autumn migration of young web-spinning spiders.

“The spiders use these webs as sails and they link together and you get a big glob of this stuff in the sky and the spiders ride on this to move between locations,” he told the Brits. “They just fly on the wind and these things have been recorded at 14,000 feet above the ground. So, when the sunlight glistens off this, you get all kinds of visual effects.”

And certainly, if you check out the “ballooning spider” videos posted on the BBC link, a case could be made for McGaha’s explanation. Dissenting BBC sources argue that spider silk is an organic protein made of nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen and oxygen, none of which jibe with the original findings. But the point is moot because there’s none of the 1954 residue left to assess.

What’s interesting about McGaha is his certitude. Asked if the material could’ve come from a UFO, he replies “It’s an absolutely silly idea. Science totally rejects this idea.” Wow. This isn’t just a personal pronoun issue — this man has singlehandedly appropriated an entire noun for himself and assumed the mantle of science incarnate. De Void feels for McGaha; this is one hell of a cross to bear. Do go on: “You know the whole UFO phenomenon is nothing but myth, magic and superstition, wrapped up in this idea that somehow aliens are coming here either to save us to destroy us.”

In a way, McGaha’s reduction of the world to a tableau of facile binary choices is reassuring. It means everybody else doesn’t have to think so hard.

But for those who actually pay attention to inconvenient details, strap on your hip-waders. This is the same guy who dispensed with the meticulously researched 2008 Stephenville UFO incident — reconstructed through federal radar records — as the work of agenda-driven conspiracy freaks cherry-picking skin-paint pingback patterns. Their agenda, for as-yet-unexplained reasons, was apparently to obfuscate a military flare-dropping exercise over rural Texas back in January 08. Never mind that the eyewitnesses were evidently so stupid they couldn’t tell the difference between a solid, aircraft carrier-sized UFO cruising slowly over their town and F-16s with afterburners. Never mind how the radar data confirmed the direction in which these stupid eyewitnesses claimed the UFO was flying. Never mind that the USAF, which refused to release its own radar results and initially denied it had planes in the air that night, was forced to admit these stupid eyewitnesses actually got it right about seeing its F-16s in the sky that evening. Never mind that McGaha never produced any military confirmation of his flare-drop pronouncement. Never mind that McGaha’s single eyewitness to his flare-drop pronouncement is unnamed.

When it comes to UFO coverage, it’s always best to consult with authorities whose identities are interchangeable with Science itself; without them, reality might look frail and tenuous. And defending reality, especially the reality that conferred their vestments upon them in the first place, is far more preferable to looking weak by issuing pantywaist statements like “I don’t know.”

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UFO DIGEST NEWSLETTER HALLOWEEN EDITION! This week’s newsletter begins with two articles by Brad Steiger where he writes about monsters, halloween and vampires! Then, Latin correspondent Scott Corrales reports on strange rights over Peru and Argentina. Next, Cheryl Costa tells of a family that heard a loud buzzing sound and then sees a UFO. A. J. Gevaerd, publisher of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, reports on the reoccurrence of crop circles in Brazil. Then, Chris Holly writes about why she loves Halloween. Next, Nick Redfern states that werewolves are not transformed humans. Steve Erdmann writes about JFK, curious synchronisms and the book “Me & Lee.” Pat Regan updates UFO Digest readers on the Lancashire ghost. Mike Orrell explains the lost alien code he discovered. Reporter Jon Kelly wonders if the CIA is affecting Canada’s political infrastructure. Finally, Theresa J. Morris reports on the cosmos connection. Enjoy Dirk

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MONSTERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME ON HALLOWEEN  by Brad Steiger. The novel Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus (1818) with its story of the iconoclastic scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the monster that he stitched together of human parts and brought to life is one of the most famous works of fiction in the world. The eerie tale has inspired over 100 motion pictures, and the character of the lumbering monster has appeared in dozens more stage plays, television shows, and even video games. The cinematic interpretations began with the 15-minute version filmed by Thomas Edison and J. Searle Dawley in 1910, and the most notable adaptations have been Frankenstein (1931) with Boris Karloff as the monster and Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein and The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) with Christopher Lee as the monster and Peter Cushing as the obsessed scientist.More… Also read: THE ET VAMPIRES ARE OUT TONIGHT Also read: THE ET VAMPIRES ARE OUT TONIGHT – PART II

UNRELEASED RECORDINGS OF STRANGE LIGHTS OVER AREQUIPA, PERU by Scott Corrales. According to Peruvian ufologist Anthony Choy, Peru is among the world’s top five countries when it comes to the most UFO sightings recorded in the past decade. To Rafael Mercado, a ufologist from Arequipa, who visited the location and was able to access videos, take photos and hold conversations with the area’s inhabitants, the sighting would have gone unnoticed had it not been for some locals who claimed seeing strange objects flying over great Mount Ubinas, leading to the subsequent follow-up and capture of imagery.  More.. Also read: BIZARRE ‘CROP IMPRINTS’ BEFUDDLE LOCAL RESIDENTS, ARGENTINA Also read: ALLEGED UFO PHOTOGRAPHED AT ROSARIO DEL TALA, ARGENTINA

FAMILY HEARS LOUD BUZZING THEN OBSERVES DISK SHAPED OBJECT by Cheryl Costa. It was just an ordinary evening when a Hudson Valley family witnessed a disk shaped object in the night. It was early April 1994 in Cortland Manor, NY. It was about 10 p.m., Emily, her mother and five siblings were watching television. “All of a sudden there was a loud humming sound, the house started vibrate.” Emily recalls, “Fearlessly my older sister Louise went outside to see what it was.”  More..

“THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR” – A CLASSIC OF ABDUCTION LITERATURE REISSUED by Sean Casteel. One of the perks of being a UFO journalist is that publishers are sometimes eager to send me free review copies of their latest releases. Recently, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an unsolicited – but much appreciated – copy of the recent reissue of Raymond Fowler’s classic work on alien abduction, “The Andreasson Affair.”  More..

CROP CIRCLES IN BRAZILIAN OF STATE OF SANTA CATARINA AGAIN  by A. J. Gevaerd. They have appeared again, in pair and at their usual period in Brazil –between the last few days of October and first few days of November. The location the two first crop circles of 2014 season were found this Sunday morning, October 26, around 7:30 AM, is a slope in Mr. Angelo Alessio’s property. His farm has already been target for crop circles in previous years. This time, it was one of the few which had not had its wheat reaped, like most other properties in the vicinity. More….

WHY I LOVE HALLOWEEN  by Chris Holly. My love for Halloween does not stem from any affiliation with or connection to anything other than my childhood and the memories of running around my little town dressed from head to toe in costume trick or treating with all the other kids in town. I grew up in a small town along a sleepy river on the coast of Long Island New York. My town was and still does look like a typical New England town. It is in the country and in appearance seems much more like Connecticut or New Hampshire or upstate New York. It was not and still is a sparsely populated hamlet where kids ran free and life was simply wonderful for a kid who loves Halloween. More…

WEREWOLVES ARE NOT TRANSFORMED HUMANS!  by Nick Redfern. While I was at the Original Texas Bigfoot Conference this past weekend, a couple of people came up to me and asked what I really think about werewolves. Clearly, the questions were prompted by the fact that it’s no secret I have written extensively on this particularly controversial subject. I replied by saying that, to answer the question, it’s important to have an understanding of what werewolves are not. More..

JFK, CURIOUS SYNCHRONISMS, AND “ME & LEE”  by Steve Erdmann. A frequent statement about the mystery of the John Kennedy Assassination: someone who was intimately involved with Lee Oswald would have surely stepped forward to divulge secrets! One of those “someone’s” was Judyth Vary Baker, the mistress of Oswald during 1963, when, as a cancer researcher, she became involved in what had been known as the “Project.” The Project partially consisted of plans about clandestinely killing Dictator Fidel Castro. More… Also read: JFK, CURIOUS SYNCHRONISMS, AND “ME & LEE” – PART II Also read: JFK, CURIOUS SYNCHRONISMS, AND “ME & LEE” – PART III Also read: JFK, CURIOUS SYNCHRONISMS, AND “ME & LEE” – PART IV Also read: FURTHER SYNCHRONISMS AND MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCE

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A LANCASHIRE GHOST TALE FROM THE RIVERBANK – UPDATE  by Pat Regan. Around about the time of Halloween towards the old festival of Yuletide, people like to scare each other with spooky tales of spectres, haunting and ghosts. What I will share with you here is nevertheless honest fact. The subsequent tale that I shall relate to you is true and taken from a work I have been writing in connection with my passion of fly fishing on wild, northern English spate streams. More….

LOST ALIEN CODE REDISCOVERED  by Mike Orrell. Here is my little contribution that proves that we are not alone and in fact never have been. My discovery of a lost alien code in San Diego may one day soon lead to interplanetary contact and trade, which will mean the end to disease, starvation, homelessness and much more. My 12 minute youtube video link at the bottom of this page may show the key to mankind’s future. It really is time to “Separate Sense From Nonsense”…enjoy Mike Orrell More…

DID THE CIA TARGET CANADA’S POLITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE IN OTTAWA SHOOTING?  by Jon Kelly. An exclusive new video posted to YouTube on October 23, 2014, offers analysis demonstrating involvement of at least one United States Navy SEAL in what is reportedly the CIA-backed contract killing of a Canadian Forces member at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on October 22, 2014. Speaking at a news conference held later that day RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud and one other official are said to have involuntarily disclosed suspicions concerning American involvement in the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. More…

COSMOS CONNECTION by Theresa J Morris. A vessel is a container. What information is sent for a humanoid being of the sentient intelligent being species can be beneficial. Especially to those who desire to learn to survive. To those who prepare to save earth heed this call to save them all. Now we are going to make war with those who will use aliens from another planet the target. We must be right about who knows who from this day forward. Now the “SPIN ON HUMANITY” is being hi-jacked by those who will have the majority believe that we are allowing people with no conscience for humanity, antiquities, and earth’s culture to enter through the ascension grid in space and in our time where gravity holds us all to this planet. Clean up humanity first and follow the money to the source of the wars. Corruption breeds contempt for leadership on planet earth when there is no fairness. More..

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‘UFO’ Sighting Leaves Saint John Man Shaken | VIDEO

'UFO' Sighting Leaves Saint John Man Shaken - October 2014

UFO NEWS: ‘UFO’ Sighting Leaves Saint John Man Shaken

By CBC News

      A Saint John man says he’s still shaken by the mysterious object he saw flying over the city and near the Irving Oil Ltd. refinery last week.

John Edwards says his heart was pounding as he and his girlfriend watched the bright object from his uptown apartment window on Oct. 20, at about 10:30 p.m.

“It was terrifying. I was hiding behind the curtain,” said Edwards, who captured the unidentified flying object on video using his iPhone.

“I almost felt like whatever it was knew I was watching with my camera,” he said. “It was really a weird creepy feeling. but it circled around at that point and came all the way back and went across the street basically and watched us through the window.”

Edwards says it felt like an invasion of privacy.

CBC News put in calls to the City of Saint John, the Saint John Airport and the Saint John Police Force, asking if anyone knew what the UFO was or who was responsible, but as of Thursday afternoon, had not gotten any answers.

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Scientist Photographs Plastic Alien at Area 51

Bushman Holding His Alleged Photo of An Alien (2)
Bushman holding his alleged photo of an alien.
Alien Dummy Pic From Eric Oulette
Eric Oulette provides this photo of a toy alien looking very much like Bushman’s.

Bushman Alien Compared with KNown Toy-Dummy Alien
Alleged Bushman alien (on left) compared with known toy-dummy alien

Scientist Photographs Plastic Alien at Area 51

Robert Sheaffer By Robert Sheaffer

      Boyd Bushman of Tucson, Arizona was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin, whose career spanned over forty years. Shortly before he passed away on August 7, 2014, he made what is being called a ‘deathbed confession’ relating his alleged experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity.

As of this writing, the video has been played well over 1 million times on YouTube. The website of the famous late-night paranormal talkmeister, Art Bell, proclaimed “Dying Senior Scientist Reveals Insider Truth About Area 51, Aliens, UFO’s and Anti-Gravity.” Bushman’s principal claims, as summarized by Youtube commenter Nuno Reis, are:

• Some UFOs and Aliens are stationed at the base.

• He explains that from space there is a special flight path to Area 51.

• With their advanced technology they can travel much faster than light. The aliens who control these ships come from a planet 68 light years from Earth. [and they make the journey of 68 light years in about 45 minutes!!]

• The aliens who are working at the base are about 1.5 meters long and up to 230 years old.

• They have five fingers, which are 30 percent longer than ours, and five toes, which stuck together.

• They have three ribs on each side and three vertebral columns.

• The aliens communicate through telepathy.

• Finally Bushman reveals that Area 51 is working together with the Russians and the Chinese and their research is mainly focused to anti-gravity.

Bushman also claims that in 1947 a U.S. Air Force pilot shot down a flying saucer over New Mexico, killing several aliens. The military, of course, recovered the craft.

Most interesting are all the photos, supposedly of UFOs and aliens that he claims his friend took at Area 51, using a camera he provided. In fact, Bushman claimed that his camera was given to the aliens, who obligingly took photos out the window during a UFO trip, then returned his camera (although it’s doubtful that the aliens, traveling so much faster than light, could actually see anything). Weirdest of all is a “spirit photo” that supposedly shows the ghost of an alien that died.

However, as soon as Bushman’s video was posted on the popular UFO site The Black Vault, others began submitting photos and even a video of seemingly-identical aliens, albeit plastic ones:

Another Example of Toy Alien Alien Dummy Pic From Eric Oulette

YouTube user John Hutchison (JonnOfMars) posted this video showing a toy alien he purchased several years back.

However, not everyone was willing to accept that Bushmann’s Close Encounter was of the Plastic Kind. Perhaps the plastic aliens are accurate representations of the real ones? Some have even suggested that the toy alien could be intended as a step toward ‘disclosure’ of real aliens: “Who knows how and to whom these things are revealed?”

Bushman’s involvement with Lockheed Martin has, of course, again raised the old canard that Ben Rich, former director of the Lockheed Skunk Works (developers of highly-classified secret aircraft) supposedly said in at least one of his lectures that “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity… Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” This quote, however, has never been authenticated.

Researcher Curt Collins goes into such claims in great detail in two postings on his Blog Blue Blurry Lines (First. Second).. In brief, it seems that Rich liked to make jokes about ETs in his lectures to entertain his audience, such as “The Skunk Works has been assigned the task of getting E.T. back home.” Anyone taking such comments seriously has completely misunderstood their context.

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In our times and with the levels of stress that we experience in our lives, we are constantly looking for answers to the situations that happen to us every day. Some of us go outside of ourselves to get those answers; we go to Psychics, Tarot card readers, looking for a word of confirmation that can validate some of what we are seeking in our lives. Whether that is an answer to a question about a relationship, dissatisfaction with our job or how to handle and best serve a family member etc. 

Click here to enlarge top photo.

I have always been full of questions like that, and every time I went outside of myself looking for the answers, like when I went to a Psychic, I felt that there was something missing in the answers I received; That the person was giving me an interpretation of what he or she was reading from my energy field from my vibration, and not so much from deep within my soul.  

By  Ernesto Ortiz

I wanted to understand what my soul journey is about and what keeps the record of my actions and the accumulation of my lives experiences. Yes, I could go and have gone to past life regressions but these again are the interpretation of the reader. 

True revelation occurs when I have had a Déjà Vue about being someplace, an experience that leaves me with goose bumps, with a solid validation of who I am. Seeing or feeling this Déjà Vue experience is confirmed by me. 

No doubt some people have the ability to tune into Higher Realms of Consciousness, just as no doubt a lot of people tune into the Lower Realms. 

The astral plane I think is not a very desirable place to obtain Higher Guidance information, because that is the plane where lower entities and discarnates abide.

Reading Edgar Casey and finding out that he received most if not all of his information from the Akashic Records was fascinating to me. So the question was how do I tune into the frequency that bypasses the astral plane and get to the Realm where Masters and Teacher abide?

When I was a young boy, I read in the Bible about the Book of Life. I was always so intrigued, what is the Book of Life? Then I started reading spiritual books and I heard about the Recording Angels, and I started questioning, who are they and what do these Recording Angels record? 

I discovered that the Recording Angels have a fascinating job, which is to record the life events of individuals and then take that information to the Hall of Records, which is the place where all of our soul’s history is recorded. There the information is given to the Record Keepers and is filed in our own Book of Life. As I see it, the Hall of the Akashic Records is like the Library of Congress of the Soul, and to have access to that Hall is the most incredible thing because we can retrieve information that lies deep in our own Souls History.

So what is Akasha, and how do we access the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are like the DNA of the universe. They are like the soul’s journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the Akashic Records. Each soul has its own Akashic Record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys. The Akashic Records are very much known like the book of life; for they record past lives, present challenges and purposes for this lifetime, and future probabilities or possibilities. The misnomer is that the future is written in the Akashic Records. There is only future probability based on lessons learned, based on choices made in this lifetime.                                                                                                        

In Sanskrit Akasha is translated as primordial substance; that out of which everything is formed. 

The question you may be asking is why is it important to know that there is an Akashic records?

The reasons why the Akashic Records are important to know about and work with is because the Akashic Records are held in the etheric and they contain and emanate the purest form of love energy that is known on the planet. That is God energy — divine energy. So the idea of knowing about the Akashic Records gives us a sense of our own accountability from a human point of view and a divine accountability, if you will, that is all loving.

So the question is how to access the Akashic Records? There are numerous ways to access the Records, just as there are many ways to get from one City or Country to the other. One can travel by bike, bus, and train or to take an airplane. Is just how fast or how directly you want to get there? 

We use a “Sacred Prayer” that gives us access to this realm instantly. This Holy prayer was given by Spirit and gives us the attunement or the key to enter this realm. Once in the Records Spirit directs the course and we are guided to retrieve the information that is most valuable for others or ourselves. 

The first time I opened my Akashic Records, I felt like a great love emanating from this realm and a wonderful warm welcome, accompanied by voices welcoming home. I knew I was touching upon something very Sacred and of a very highly refined energetic force. I could sense the love of Masters and Teachers as I was guided in answers to my questions. I was full of visuals and words that where resonating within me, I was feeling the essence of Spirit at work, and I was in the middle of it being the witness. 

What I was feeling is that I was being aligned to a very High and Sacred energy, one that I was feeling physically as well as emotionally. I felt my capacity to open more from the heart, as all of my energy was being centered there. 

The consultation comes from a detached point, but from great love and wisdom. We don’t get judged, as this information is unfolded before us. The information may come to us in many forms; words, pictures, sensations and perceptions as our inner sensory receptors are awakened and fine-tuned. We open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we allow the illumination to come to us.

Learning to open your own Akashic Records can be one of the most useful for our lives; there is no need to go outside the self to Tarot cards and psychics when we have Masters and Teachers and the Lords of the Akashic Records ready to provide that information for us. Self-inquiry is one of the most potent tools available to us that is why Satsang (spiritual inquiry) is such an invaluable tool. We can use the Akashic Records as our own Satsang tool. Learn it and see the amazing reward of having Your Masters and Teachers and the essence of pure love present in your life by accessing this magnificent realm with a simple Sacred prayer. 

©2014 Ernesto Ortiz, author of The Akashic Records published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. EAN: 978-1-60163-345-3  List Price: US $16.99 

For more information or to purchase this book from AMAZON.COM simply click on its title: The Akashic Records: Sacred Exploration of Your Soul’s Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness

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