UFO Sighting in Calera, Alabama on July 16th 2014 – Star-like object appears in clear blue sky and ascends quickly out of sight.

My wife and I were enjoying the afternoon in our back yard. The sky was crystal clear and it was around 7:35pm. I sat down on the patio chair and happened to look up and see a passing airliner overhead (it was very high…probably 35k-40k ft). There was a very bright star-like object seemingly not far from the plane. I told my wife to have a look at the star and even mentioned how odd it was for it to be so bright considering how much daylight was left. As we both were watching, the airliner passed overhead and the object quickly ascended and dimmed until out of sight. It did not move laterally at all. It was quite obvious that it ascended at a high rate of speed. My wife and I could only look at each other in amazement and confusion and ask ourselves what it was that we saw. It ascended out of sight apprx. 10 seconds after the airliner passed by it. With 100% certainty I can say that it was not a star, plane, nor satellite. It didn’t dawn on us what we were witnessing until it was gone, thus no pictures or videos were taken.

Alien communication via Astral Projection, and religion.

Hi guys, I’m 22 and I’ve recently gotten into paranormal research because I’m having a lot of health problems that could probably be very problematic for me later on in life. I won’t go into further discussion as to what issues I’m having but, I’ve read online that via Astral Projection (out of body experiences), one could communicate with aliens.

I was wondering if there was any way I could get abducted through this method of contact?

I’ve also done some reading on Nordic aliens (Pleadians?) and Arcturians.

Anyone on here having regular contact with any of the above or others?

UFO Sighting in North Carolina on May 19th 2012 – Kind of late night, random.

So it was Kind of late night, random just hanging. This man came running down the road yelling for everybody to come outside, so everybody rushed outside. The fire orbs were shooting out the corner of the sky fast forming shapes, then vanishing like they were never there. My first thought was is the world ending? ( I know be serious, right) but..I felt like it was another intelligence.There were probably about 15 people outside and out of everybody I was burned by it. I see things all the time since it’s happened.About a week after my siting someone submitted a video to their news exactly like what I witnessed. The news here could only say it was aliens.Experiencing that definitely opened my eyes up to a lot of things, we are not alone. Sorry for the language in the video!!

Exploring a Culture of Health: How Can We Visualize Health Data for Better Communication?

This post is part of Exploring a Culture of Health, a citizen science series brought to you by Discover Magazine, SciStarter and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, serving as an ally to help Americans work together to build a national Culture of Health that enables everyone to lead healthier lives now and for generations to come.

There is a seemingly endless stream of health data. Visit the doctor and you get a report listing various bits of data such as your weight, blood pressure, chol

Sunflowers Sway to Their Own Beat [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that plants will grow toward the sun to maximize the amount of energy they can absorb. But while the sun itself drives this process in most plants, it appears that sunflowers have their own internal timekeeper to help them soak up maximal rays throughout the day.

In the video above, you can see how growing sunflowers tilt back and forth each day as the sun rises and sets. But the fascinating part came when researchers from the University of California-Davis brought sunflowe

UFO Sighting in London, on July 2nd 2014 – A disc on edge less than 200 feet away with 12 lights in groups of three rotating around the disk

I was sleeping in my bedroom when I felt an strong urge to look up and out of my bedroom window. This was unusual as it was approximately 3.30am in the morning. Immediately I noticed a large disc on edge less than 200 feet away with 12 small white lights in groups of three, rotating around the disk travelling across my line of sight, just above the rooftops.
My first reaction was “wow there’s a UFO” with ABSOLUTELY no chance of mis-identification.
I would estimate that it was between 100 and 200 feet in the air and the disc looked like it was on edge with the small white lights in triangular groups of three rotating about the center of the disk. I got the impression I was looking at the bottom of the vehicle.
I was very surprised that I had woken up just as this UFO flew past my window , I now feel that this was not a coincidence. My wife heard me wake and state “wow look a UFO!”but she did not look up and went back to sleep. The craft traveled completely silently across my field of vision from the northeast to an eastern direction less than 200 feet above the rooftops in less than 10 seconds disappearing behind the trees in the back gardens.
The whole event happened to quickly for any picture to have been taken.
However I am sure that this was no craft of earthly origin.

Daily UFO Headlines 7/16/14

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NASA scientists agree that aliens are out there

NASA held a panel discussion on Monday, July 14 in which scientists discussed extraterrestrial life.

The televised discussion took place at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, and featured leading science and engineering experts who discussed the search for life beyond Earth. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden initiated the event by mentioning how he and fellow former astronaut John Grunsfeld are often asked if they have seen, or if they believe in life beyond Earth. Bolden comments, “I can’t speak for John . . . but, while I may not have actually encountered extraterrestrials . . . and I did not, as a matter of fact. Although I looked all the time. I have always been inquisitive. So I was looking really hard.”

NASA's July 14 panel discussion. (Credit: NASA)

NASA’s July 14 panel discussion. (Credit: NASA)

He continues, “I would venture to say, however, that most of my colleagues here today, as well as probably most of you in the audience, are probably convinced that it’s highly improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe that we humans stand alone.”

The panel included:

  • John Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate administrator
  • Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist
  • John Mather, senior project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Dave Gallagher, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory director of astronomy and physics
  • Matt Mountain, director of the Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Sara Seager, planetary scientist at MIT

These experts discussed the search for Earth-like planets, life on these planets, and the tools scientists are using in that search. Astrobiology Magazine explains, “Space missions, specialized telescopes, and unprecedented technological advances are underway at NASA to find signs of life, and eventually, extraterrestrials themselves.” Of course, the anticipated 2018 launch of the James Webb Space Telescope was discussed. This incredible instrument will use infrared light to better detect exoplanets, and will help scientists explore the atomspheres of alien planets to see which of these worlds have the right chemical fingerprint to suggest they are home to extraterrestrial life.

James Webb Space Telescope

Artist conception of the James Webb Space Telescope. (Credit: NASA)

Still, detecting new planets is a difficult task. The brightness of stars is an obstacle in the search for exoplanets. As Astrobiology Magazine explains, “Earth, for example, is 10 billion times fainter than the Sun. The reflection of light waves given off into space from the surface of the planet is so minuscule in comparison to our star’s brilliance, that it is barely detectable.” Seager explained that a potential solution to this issue called a Starshade is in development. This device, shaped like huge sunflower, would manipulate light from distant stars away from planets so only the planet would be visible to the space telescope.

A Starshade with a simple telescope could help scientists on the ground hunt for another Earth. (Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech)

A Starshade with a simple telescope could help scientists on the ground hunt for another Earth. (Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech)

As she has stated several times previously, Seager commented, “We believe we are very close in terms of science and technology to finding another Earth, and signs of life on another world.” NASA astronomer Keven Hand agreed, stating, “I think in the next 20 years we will find out we are not alone in the universe.”

The Los Angeles Times points out that a question posed to the panel via social media asked, “If scientists do find life on another planet, will the U.S. government let people know?” Stofan responded, “Of course we would! . . . That would be so amazingly exciting. We would try to get it out to the public as fast as we can. We want everyone to share in the excitement of discovery.”

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