Postcard from Norway's Magical Lofoten Islands — A Biodiversity Hotspot to Rival the Amazon

Greetings from Norway’s spectacular Lofoten Islands, one of the crown jewels of our planet’s biodiversity: an environment above the Arctic Circle where coral reefs actually thrive, seabirds by the millions roost, and Orcas, humpbacks, and sperm wales — not to mention humans — feast on teeming stocks of fish.

This biodiversity has been described as an Arctic Amazon rainforest and Great Barrier Reef all in one.

I’m here to help lead a field trip that’s part of a climate change communicat

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Former MUFON Director, Now Author, James Carrion Offers Free Access To His Book, The Rosetta Deception

The Rosetta Deception

     The Rosetta Deception documents how the US and the UK used strategic deception to fire the opening shots of the Cold War against the Soviet Union. The deception had two major goals in mind – the first was propaganda in nature, depicting the Soviet Union as the aggressor on both sides of the iron curtain that was descending upon Europe. The second was even more ambitious – to read the mind of Joseph Stalin by breaking the Soviet diplomatic code – thereby rivaling the greatest code breaking successes of WW2 when the UK broke the German Enigma code and the US the Japanese Purple Cipher.

Strategic deception was used during WW2 by the United Kingdom and the United States to deceive the axis powers. The successes are well chronicled in excellent works such as The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War by Thaddeus Holt and Bodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day by Anthony Cave Brown.

The two major allied deception organizations were the London Controlling Section in the UK and Joint Security Control in the United States. Records from the US National Archives show that in the post war period, Joint Security Control continued its unique mission in peacetime, this time to defeat the new emerging threat, the Soviet Union. The London Controlling Section meanwhile changed its name to the Directorate of Plans in the post war period.

The players on the US side include some well-known characters in Government circles – General Hoyt Vandenberg and Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, both future Directors of Central Intelligence; General Omar Bradley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Colonel Carter Clarke of the Army Security Agency. Some of the lesser know characters include Admiral Henry Kent Hewitt who commanded the Top Secret deception unit known as the Beach Jumpers during WW2 as well as General Clayton Bissell, General Stephen J. Chamberlin, General George C. McDonald, and Captain Henri H. Smith-Hutton all deception planners who were members of Joint Security Control.

The Rosetta Deception is available, in its entirety here:

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Wanted: Astronomer with Top Secret Clearance

Wanted - Astronomer with Top Secret Clearance

By Steven Aftergood
Secrecy News

     NASA’s orbiting James Webb Space Telescope will be “the premier observatory of the next decade, serving thousands of astronomers worldwide, and studying every phase in the history of our Universe, ranging from the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, to the evolution of our own Solar System.”

So why does its Director need to have a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, as specified in the job description posted last month on USA Jobs?

Clearly, the secrets of the universe do not lend themselves to, or require, national security classification controls, let alone non-disclosure agreements or polygraph testing.

But in practice, the civilian space program intersects the national security space program at multiple points, and former CIA analyst Allen Thomson suggested that the future Webb Director might need a Top Secret intelligence clearance in order to engage with the National Reconnaissance Office on space technology and operations, for example. . . .

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A Mysterious Blast in Manuaga Caused By Meteorite, say Government Scientists

A Mysterious Blast in Manuaga Caused By Meteorite, say Government Scientists 9-7-14

Meteorite Impacts In Nicaragua’s capital

By Nicaragua Today

     NICARAGUA NEWS – Managua: A mysterious late-night blast in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua that left a crater 12 metres wide was most likely caused by a meteorite, government scientists say.

The loud explosion occurred around 11:05 pm on Saturday on the outskirts of Managua near the airport, Wilfried Strauch from the Nicaraguan Institute of Earth Studies (Ineter) said. No one was injured.

Strauch said that Nicaragua is asking the United States for expert help to investigate the event, which was picked up by seismic sensors. . . .

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Your Fingertips Perform Brain-like Calculations

Your brain has a lot to think about, so if there’s a way to outsource a few mental tasks to save bandwidth, it’s going to do it. Now researchers have discovered another such workaround: the neurons in your fingertips perform some computational tasks independently of the brain.

Researchers from Umeå University in Sweden demonstrated that nerve endings in our fingertips encode information about touch intensity and shape before those signals ever travel to the brain. Their findings challenge t

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UFO Sighting in Selkirk, Manitoba on September 6th 2014 – Group of 7 lights at norther horizon with odd stragglers in a rough procession to a group above me of about 6 or seven with small red ones catching up and falling back and circeling around the bigger orange ones.

I was driving home on highway 4, in Manitoba. I was approaching the bridge north of Selkirk Manitoba spanning the Red River. Before this bridge is a slow bend in the highway. As I was approaching the bridge, out of the bend, I saw 7 or 8 large deep orange oval lights in the sky. You couldn’t miss them. As I started rising on the bridge and gaining elevation, I could see more individual lights stretching to the North horizon where there was another group of 6 or seven. I was pretty freaked out, that’s why I didn’t count the exact number.
I stopped right on the top of the bridge and turned my flashers on. Another car stopped on the bridge about 30 feet in front of me. We both got out and looked at this happening in the sky. I wanted to talk to this person, but he took off when the event ended. Until that time we watched the lights. I had my camera, a Canon 5D, and I set the ISO to 6400, but it would’t take the pic. It was too dark, though it was a clear night.
The objects were so large and bright, anybody outside would have seen them. You really did not even have to look up. They were blazingly there. They wern’t being secretive about it. Anybody driving their car on Hwy 9 north of Selkirk, on hwy 9A north of Selkirk and Hwy 59 had to have seen them also. Anybody outside would have to have seen them.
As I said, the larger oval objects were a deep orange, about the colour of the moon on the horizon, except for one which was deep red. I wondered why the one was deep red, what was going on there? The objects were all moving from north to south, but each was an individual, all moving at various speeds. There were small red lights that would catch up and fall back from the larger orange ones. These would change direction and sort of frolic, I dont know how else to put it, with the larger orange ovals. It was like the large ones were migrating and the small red ones were like children cavorting around the larger ones. My feelings and thoughts were; what the hell am I witnessing here? What am I seeing, and why is that one deep red? Those are not airplanes, helicopters, fireworks or Chinese lanterns. Holy mackeral, it finally happened.
25 years of driving longhaul and I have never seen anything like it, and personally, I never believed in such things. I have been humbled. There was nothing to indicate to me that these were machines of any kind, or alien craft from another planet, which I still do not believe. However…I have no, absolutely NO explanation or frame of reference, to come up with any explanation of what those were. The little red ones seemed to be moving with some sort of intelligence, though I could be projecting.The lights moved south and disappeared over the city of Selkirk, Manitoba. The time it took for the last ones from the horizon in the north to move south and disappear over Selkirk was about two and a half, three minutes. It lasted a while, and as I said, dozens of people must have seen them.I contacted the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun via computer as soon as I got home about 10 minutes after midnight, and the next day contacted CTV news and CBC news, but they had received no other sighting alerts, and quite frankly, couldn’t wait to hang up on me. To be fair, before this event, I would probably have had the same attitude. so there ya go. Thats it. You have my name and number, though I believe I have stated everything I can about this sighting.
Thank you.

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UFO Filmed Over Lake Havasu City | VIDEO

UFO Filmed Over Lake Havasu City 7-14-14

Witness records UFO over Lake Havasu City (VIDEO)

By Jason McClellan

     A witness captured video of a strange light in the sky over Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the evening of July 14, 2014.

The unidentified light hovers in the sky, then slowly descends into what the witness surmises is SARA Park in the southeastern park of the city. Although the witness states that the object changes color, that behavior is not apparent in the video.

Local paper Today’s News-Herald says that “no reports of alien activity or strange aircraft have been reported at SARA Park on July 13 or the following days.” But Dennis Freyermuth, chief investigator for the Phoenix Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is investigating the sighting. The paper explains that Freyermuth could not confirm any aircraft activity in the area on the evening in question. And, unfortunately, he has not been able to locate any additional witnesses. Even the four witnesses who were present when the video was recorded have been “unavailable.” . . .

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