UFO Sighting in Jackson, Mississippi on October 15th 1978 – There were 3 UFO's with 3 different shapes moving down the street at approximately 5 to 10 mph low enough to hit with a rock

I had a paper route and delivered the Jackson Daily News, an evening paper, in Jackson, MS. I had approximately 150 houses on my route so my father would normally take me on my route. But it was volley ball season and my father taught math, history, and coached volleyball at a local high school, so during volley ball season he usually got home too late to take me on the route so my mother had to take me. She hated taking my the route b/c my father had just bought her a brand new Buick Limited and she didn’t want me throwing papers from her new car. I paid my older sister to fold and rubber band the papers for me and when my mother took me on the route my sister had to throw the left side and I threw the right side. Anyone with a paper route knows its really difficult to throw papers with a new driver b/c they don’t know which houses to slow down for. I was 13 and my sister was 14 at the time. My mother tried to wait for my father to come home to take me but it was pushing 6 pm and the customers complain if they get their papers after dark. We loaded up the Buick and started the route. About 1/2 mile from our home we turned onto Warner Ave from Utah St and that was the start of my route. My mother was driving way too fast and when my sister and I threw the paper it would sail into the yard of the house down from the intended house b/c we were going too fast. That meant I often had to tell my mother to stop the car and I would have to get out and put the paper in the correct yard. I stopped my mother for the second time b/c we missed more houses and grabbed 5 newspapers and exited the Buick to walk to the houses and put the papers in the yard. Right before I got out of the car my mothers radio went to static. I threw the five houses on foot and was walking back to the car when I noticed everyone on the street starting to come outside. They were asking each other who had power, apparently power for that entire street had went off. Then about 10 houses down from the yard I was walking through I noticed two elderly women pointing up in the sky at something. I looked briefly at what they were pointing at and I just dismissed what I say as a low Goodyear Blimp flying with the advertisement lights on the side. The Goodyear Blimp was a common site in Jackson during that time. I climbed through the window of the backseat to get into the car b/c if I opened the door all the papers would fall out of the car. But my mothers car had shut off and would not crank back up. I got back out of the car and told her to pop the hood so I could check the battery cable connection. Thats when I noticed every single car on the street that was running had stalled. there were now more neighbors outside pointing up at the objects and I looked again and it was not about 100 ft away from us heading toward us and only about 100 ft above the ground, and instead of it being one large blimp like I originally thought I could now see that there were 3 separate objects on behind the other about 50 ft apart in a single line moving very slowly down Warner Ave. The first one was shaped like a pentagon and was gun metal black and had blue lights around its perimeter with a pulsating red light in the middle. This object was so close I could not see the top of it, it shined a very bright intense white light on one of the houses and then walked the light down towards our car, like a police helicopter does…but it was totally silent. This thing was so close to me I could have it it with a tennis ball. The one behind it was also shaped like a trapezoid and I could see the second “story” or layer of this craft and there was a white section that looked like windows and I could see beings moving through this section. It had orange and green lights on its perimeter but I don’t remember if it had a pulsating red center light like the first one. The first one was so close to me I could see patterns in fixtures in its underbelly. The second one did not shine a light down like the first one did until it passed over our car and was a good 100 yrds away. The second object appeared to be jet black. The third object was shaped more like a diamond and it had blue and green and white lights and this object was actually “tumbling” slowly or rotating slowly on its horizontal axis. It was seemed to have a jet black surface as opposed to gun metal like the first one. Behind the third object was a small red ball of light moving along with the 3 objects. It took me a couple of minutes before I realized that these objects were not some kind of quiet airplane or some kind of new blimp with a new shape. These 3 objects were in no hurry whatsoever and almost seemed to be “parading” for us. They went about two thirds of the way down Warner Ave and then began a very slow ascent up and to the right in the direction of the full moon. Once the objects were approximately a mile or two away all the power came back on on the street and my mothers cars headlights came back on and she restarted the car. These objects were in view for 20 to 30 minutes and in no hurry whatsoever. I saw them, my mother saw them and my sister saw them and several residents on Warner Ave saw them. This event changed my life, and quite honestly not for the better. This event totally disrupted my then held belief system of who we are as beings. My sister is now 50 and is respected church member and a nurse in Clinton, MS and my mother is a retired school teacher and is now 78. I talked about it once more with my mother when I was a freshman in college and never since then. My sister and I never discussed it again. I’ve waited all these years to say anything because I just know no one would believe me. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind came out the following year and my brother, who was studying engineering at the Univ of Tenn took me to see it. He had already seen it but wanted me to see it b/c of what I saw the year before. The three objects in that movie during the police chase is almost EXACTLY what we saw, except in Speilbergs movie the craft were more round as opposed having an angular configuration like what we saw. This is one incident in my life but as I read Transformation and as I listened to Travis Walton I realized that this incident fits a larger narrative of some things that have occurred in my life. I have waited so long to come forward because I know no one will believe me. I’ve had trouble with alcohol and holding a job even though I have an engineering degree and all my life I’ve just been kinda unstable. So I know no one will believe me, I wouldn’t believe me. As a matter of fact I don’t believe 95% of Ufologists, abductees, and so called experts out there in this field. I’ve believe maybe 2 abductee stories I’ve heard. I have always felt completely alone with this. Im unstable so do I go public and possibly jeopardize my mothers and my sisters reputation? I am the black sheep of the family, the only one in my family to ever be arrested so why go public? This is why, I am telling the truth and I will take any lie detector test administered by anyone. I also wanted to go public before my mother passed and/or before she starts to lose her memory. I have nothing really to lose by telling my story here b/c I think there are more guys like me (like the drunk pilot in Independence Day no one believed) than there are guys with squeaky clean resume’s that talk about these events. And what I’ve divulged here is just part of a larger narrative. Those who have experienced what I have know exactly what I’m talking about, its as if we know something, some truth, about the universe that no one else really knows and will believe anytime soon. So what do you do with that? Well I am giving this information to Mufon and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lets just see what happens from here.

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UFO Sighting in California on November 18th 2014 – Stadium-sized, diamond-shaped craft, no sound

Living in a busy air corridor (SFO, OAK, etc.) — and having already seen a UFO (daylight sighting, cigar-shaped craft) from the same location — I keep my eyes open. This was a night sighting, from the windows of our two-story house. I took notice of this object out my bedroom window as it seemed big, but was moving far too slowly to be a jet aircraft — and was far too big, easily 3-4 times larger than the typical outline of jet aircraft navigation lights. I called my boys, aged 7 and 9, to view this and we all ran to watch from another window as the object moved slowly behind a tall pine tree (about 100′ tall on one corner of the property). The object was heading southeast, then changed direction in a slow curve to due east, lazily moving right past my house less than a half-mile away. It moved right over the main part of town, banked slowly south for approx. 1/8th of a mile, then back on a due east course, heading toward Berkeley across San Francisco Bay. We then lost sight of it through the trees, as it was quite low (no more than 1000 feet). It was then that my wife got home from work and said that she’d seen the object as well from her car, thinking it looked big, and had rather odd lights for an airliner. She also remarked that it made no noise whatsoever, while jets flying past are often quite loud. My boys then said that THAT was the object they’d seen before in the general vicinity.

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Are Organic Molecules Found on Philae Comet Ingredients for Life? | VIDEO

Are Organic Molecules Found on Philae Comet Ingredients for Life?

Philae Lander ‘Sniffed’ Organic Molecules on Comet’s Surface

By www.nbcnews.com

     BERLIN — The European Space Agency’s Philae comet lander “sniffed” organic molecules before its primary battery ran out and it shut down, German scientists said. They said it was not yet clear whether the molecules included the complex compounds that make up proteins. One of the key aims of the mission is to discover whether carbon-based compounds, the basis of life as we know it, were brought to early Earth by comets.

Philae landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko after a 10-year journey through space aboard the Rosetta spacecraft, on a mission to unlock details about how planets and perhaps even how life evolved. It wrapped up a 57-hour marathon of scientific experiments on the comet’s surface on Saturday as its batteries ran out. Philae’s COSAC gas-analyzing instrument was able to sniff the comet’s ultra-thin atmosphere and detect the first organic molecules after landing, the DLR German Aerospace Center said. The lander also drilled into the comet’s surface, although it is still unclear whether Philae managed to deliver a sample to COSAC for analysis. . . .

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Time of sighting: 17.27 hrs

Date: 18 November, 2014

Weather: mild and mainly clear

I was driving back to Southport along the Formby Bypass with my daughter Jasmine. 

Click here to enlarge top photo.

We were chatting about her school day when she suddenly exclaimed, “What the hell is that!”

Jasmine, sitting next to me, was pointing excitedly over the dark skies of the RAF facility at Woodvale. I quickly glanced to my left looked upwards and I saw what she was witnessing. 

An extremely bright white UFO was coming down fast and hard into the area that looked like the pinewoods behind the RAF airfield; or even possibly into the Irish Sea beyond the trees. Jasmine told me that the UFO was initially yellow in colour and had only changed white as it descended.

Seeing as I was driving along the bypass I could not stop but I had clearly seen the unidentified flying object myself.

The usual possibilities, such as a firework, aircraft or a sky lantern, did not seem right. A straight guess would have to be that it may have been space debris of some kind, going off what I have witnessed in the past. 

I have reported several times before about UFO sightings in the RAF Woodvale area. Here is a selection of examples. 




Moreover, only a few days ago I highlighted a report in the Liverpool press of a UFO spotted over nearby Liverpool. 


Is this latest UFO sighting simply coincidence or some kind of ‘sign’? You decide! 

Jasmine also seems to have a talent for being in the right place at the right time, when it comes to UFO spotting. Her previous call on the famous ‘Rufford UFO’ later went international. 


Mysterious things seem to be showing up again in the Merseyside skies. 

Did you see anything? 


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UFO NEWS: Eerie Flash in the Sky Over the Sverdlovsk Region | VIDEO

Eerie Flash in the Sky Over the Sverdlovsk Region 11-14-14

By urfo.org

     A strange celestial event happened last weekend in the Sverdlovsk region. First, the sky turned red, and then lit up with a bright yellow light.

The correspondent of ” New Region “, last weekend sverdlovchane witnessed the strange celestial phenomenon; comment has been made by weather forecasters nor Sverdlovsk Hydrometcenter nor representatives Kourovka Observatory. The best observation point to witness the phenomenon was seen in the sky over the city Rezhom. Video was filmed by Anton Glavatskih, a schoolboy and his classmates. Locals suggest that it could be a meteorite, similar to the one that fell in the Chelyabinsk region in February 2013, and possibly explosions on the old Rezhevskoy chemical plant. . . .

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UFO? Meteor? Blast"; Massive Light Flash Caught on Dashcam – Russia | VIDEO

UFO? Meteor? Blast"; Massive Light Flash Caught on Dashcam – Russia | VIDEO


     A huge flash lit up the early evening darkness, as shown by images taken from a dashcam on a road close to Yekaterinburg. Emergency services refuse to comment cause of extraordinary blast in the dark sky. . . .

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First Update of the Catalogue of UFOs/USOs

USO Emerging from Ocean

Introduction to the First Update of the Catalogue
of UFOs/USOs Reported by Seagoing Services

By Jan L. Aldrich
© 2013-14

When NICAP compiled The UFO Evidence (1964), it included one section on “Air Force Observations” dating back to World War II that included 92 sightings, mostly by pilots and other flight crew members. Another section on “Army, Navy and Marine Corps” included 36 sightings.

— Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence Volume II

     Project 1947 has updated or enhanced over one hundred cases in this new version of the draft Navy, Marine and Coast Guard catalogue (NavCat 2.0). The new material consists of illustrations, additional details and links to reference material hosted on the Project 1947 site. Various map references have been added to help place the incidents. We have also added over one hundred new cases to the catalogue, doubling the previous version in size. This updated compilation represents about 80% of the cases gathered so far.

Half of the cases in the current NavCat occurred before January 1953. Since Project 1947 is mainly concerned with cases at the beginning of the UFO era, this is not surprising. Many cases only came to light due to the more accommodating official UFO information policies in 1952. After the close of Project Blue Book, the number of cases from seagoing services declined as there was no central collection point for such incidents. The breakdown of the origins of the cases are: Navy 77%, Marine Corps 12%, and 5% Coast Guard, with the remainder from other services. Again the statistics will change as new cases come to light.

As this is a draft document, a number of equivocal incidents have been presented. Some entries might be considered quite difficult to believe or to be almost in the category of rumors. We hope to gain more information on such entries before the catalogue is finalized. Cases with weak provenance will be culled from the final version.

Unknown or unidentified contacts

Some cases listed here are termed “unidentified contact” which may be radar, sonar, visual, or all three. A number of these are not UFO-like at all. Some are listed to illustrate the type of reports in official files, ship’s logs or other accounts. These too will be culled for the final document.

Submarine Reports

The Navy has an extensive world-wide submarine detection system. Few anomalous USO reports from this system are publicly known. The 1951-52 reports list come from Naval Intelligence Submarine Contacts which were supplied to Project Blue Book. Capt. Ruppelt wanted to see if it was possible to correlate unidentified submarine reports with UFO activity in the US. No correlation was found. Researcher Robert Todd was able to obtain a listing of the submarine contacts supplied to Ruppelt. Several unidentified or “doubtful submarines” are listed in the catalogue. Most contain few details and do not seem to be of an unusual nature.

When one thinks of UFO cases at missile test ranges, one immediately thinks of the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake also has some cases in the Project Blue Book files, some of which might appear to have only vague connections to UFOs. However, in the late 1960s Dr. James McDonald visited both Point Mugu and China Lake to speak to the facilities’ personnel. After his first talk at China Lake, he was granted extraordinary access to the base where he interviewed a number of personnel who reported various UFO incidents there from as early as the World War II era.

Unfortunately some of this interview material was lost during an airline flight when Dr McDonald’s briefcase containing audio tape records and notes went missing. Fortunately some material from his investigations still existed in his papers at the University of Arizona. Dr McDonald also used his position as a contractor for the Office of Naval Research to cultivate sources to find other Navy cases. (Regrettably, he had no luck in his attempts to locate the records of the Navy’s UFO project ordered by Secretary of the Navy Dan Kimball in 1952.)

Keyhoe/NICAP “Hidden Cases”

A number of cases given to NICAP by various sources were confidential. They were often from serving military personnel or people in other high security capacities where their identities had to be protected from possible official repercussions. The authenticity of the cases were certified or sworn to by NICAP Board members or officials and they were referred to as “Hidden Cases.” Keyhoe’s Flying Saucers: Top Secret contained a list of such cases including a number of Navy, Marine and Coast Guard incidents. The location of the files on these cases is currently unknown, however, several of these cases have become public over the years: the North Atlantic case of Feb, 1951, the Korean case of 1951, and the so-called “Navy Squadron” case over the Atlantic, 1953. (In this last case some of the correspondence concerning attempts to get accounts from the witnesses still exist. Also, the case has been confirmed through the efforts of Dan Wilson.) The other files are considered lost, but may have existed in a private office Keyhoe supposedly had in his hometown.

Keyhoe, as a Naval Academy graduate and retired Marine officer, had numerous Navy contacts and sources. The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)’s bulletin “UFO Investigator” contained a lot of officially released information on space or aviation developments and the occasional UFO report. Even with these contacts, however, Keyhoe was apparently not tipped off about UFO-related articles in the semi-official “Naval Aviation News” magazine and the public release of information on the 1952 Greenland sighting.

Reporting by Navy/Marine/Coast Guard Witnesses and Officials

As has been pointed out before, some witnesses of UFO events self-censored and did not report them. Unless other witnesses made a report, there would be no official record of the incident. In a number of cases the witness(es) might report the case, sometimes in writing, only to be told, “If I report this, I will be laughed out of the Navy.” “I want to be promoted someday, so this will not be officially reported.” As a result, the official receiving the report ended up censoring the information and removing potentially good cases from the historical record.

UFO Reports are supposedly recorded in ship’s logs, but very few of these log entries have actually been found in the final or “smooth log”. Sometimes UFO reports are made in separate documents and not mentioned in the smooth log, even though witnesses claimed the entries were made at the time. Over and over again, in answer to FOIA requests, the Navy insisted that no records were kept, they were routinely destroyed, or they never existed in the first place. Despite this reticence to release information, some material has been located in official records. They were usually not listed as UFOs, but rather under unusual or unidentified radar contacts or displays.

During the Korean War, the 6004th Air Intelligence Service Squadron (AISS) and Air Technical Intelligence Liaison Office (ATILO) at the Far East Air Force (FEAF) did record several such unusual Navy contacts in their intelligence reports. [Air Technical Intelligence Liaisons or their representatives were present in Germany, Austria, Japan and Korea, the last especially during the Korean War. The German office made 12 UFO reports to ATIC in 1952 based on extensive investigations. The ATILO at FEAF made a number of official reports and comments based on their investigations. ATILO personnel in Korea had their own sightings.]

The Navy on occasion has been forthcoming with reports. The 1952 August Greenland report was made public in news headlines. The Pascagoula, Mississippi 1973 USO report was released to a number of sources. Other sightings were also later released to the press. After the closure of Project Blue Book, the Navy has responded to a number of FOIA requests with the release of records.

Most official Navy reports have come from either Project Blue Book or other agencies. One Navy source which regularly carried unusual aerial reports was the Hydrographic Office in its “Notice to Mariners” publication. Some were mentioned in various publications such as “Naval Aviation News” along with others.

The US Coast Guard is far more forthcoming. However, except for a small amount data in files titled “UFO” or similar subjects, the majority of the information is listed under witnesses’ names, locations or other such classifications. Locating a particular UFO report therefore is dependent on being able to nominate a specific name or location.

FOIA response from USCG to Robert Todd regarding handling UFO reports
– click on image(s) to enlarge –

While the Navy and other agencies many times respond to requests negatively, many documents have been found in general files such as “Naval Intelligence Reports, 1946.” A number of documents on Ghost Rockets (GR), formerly classified as “Top Secret” and below, were found just by turning over each page in the file. There was no separate file on the subject of “Ghost Rockets;” indeed no such file on GRs or Swedish Incidents or a dozen other names has yet to be found except those within the papers of General LeMay. [LeMay had a number of such reports in messages in his file which also included General McDonald, USAAF A-2 Report on GRs to the Commander of the Air Force Commander General Spaatz.] Other than LeMay’s papers, all other documents found to date were either by FOIA requests or by manually thumbing through documents at the National Archives and other record centers.

One instance of reports being made to officials that never reached the status of official records involves Major Dewey Fournet, USAF Intelligence HQ UFO monitor. Fournet made a presentation to Naval and Marine officers in a Naval Intelligence class in late 1952. He asked for and received three UFO accounts from class members. However, he did not send the reports to Project Blue Book, but rather they were recorded in a separate list of UFO reports and articles entitled “Operation Interloper.” The “Operation Interloper” documents Fournet brought from the Pentagon were captioned as “Unclassified.” One speculation is that “Operation Interloper” was used as a convenient way to learn of other UFO incidents by discussing the subject with individuals outside the government, or personnel who lacked the proper security clearance.

“NFIA”: (No Further Information Available) has been added to catalog entries for which no other details or information is known to exist.

Project 1947 continues to gather reports from the Seagoing Services. We welcome any new reports, information, clarifications and corrections.

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Paradise in Trouble

Two weeks from Friday, I’ll be defending my dissertation. It’s a moment five and a half years in the making, one that I’ve been excited for and nervous about for years. I should be eagerly anticipating the moment I step up to that podium, and even more eagerly anticipating the moment I step down, when if all goes well I’ll transition from PhD Candidate to University of Hawaii Alumnus. Instead, the thought of being an alum of this school leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Right now, the Universit

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Let the secrets free.