Daily UFO Headlines 5/28/14

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Forgotten War

On Memorial Day of any year we remember the countless brave Americans who died for their country in war. Memorial Day, originally called “Decoration Day,”  was borne out of the Civil War on a desire to honor our fallen heroes. This federal holiday commemorates the many men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces and remembers their sacrifice.

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UFO Book Review: Haunted Skies – Volume Eight – 1980

Haunted-SkiesTitle: HAUNTED SKIES – Volume Eight
Authors: John Hanson and Dawn Holloway
Publisher: Haunted Skies Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9574944-1-1
541 pages fully illustrated.

It is difficult to know where to start reviewing this mammoth tome by John Hanson and Dawn Holloway. This is volume eight of this massive project and you simply have to applaud the authors for their endeavour if nothing else. This volume covers the year 1980. If you are one of those like me who likes ufological history then this book, and indeed the entire series is right up your alley.

The authors publish many original accounts of UFO reports from either newspapers or UFO publications and where ever possible they have done their utmost to track down those original witnesses to bring things right up to date. This book is literally stuffed with original source material of all kinds of things as well as many new full colour illustrations and photographs. The authors have tried as hard as they can to leave no stone unturned to try and bring this data to your attention.

Of course 1980 was a pivotal year in UK ufology as it was the year of the Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI). Around half of the book alone is dedicated to this one event. The authors chronologically go through the RFI with a no nonsense, warts and all approach. Original documents are produced and the time- line of who said what, where and when is laid out for all to see. There is also the authors own research into the RFI and their contacts with some of the primary witnesses. Again all of this is supported with a large array of documents, drawing, photographs and illustrations. The book is worth reading just for this information alone. The authors also give great credit to Brenda Butler one of the original UFO investigators of the RFI.

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway.

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway.

But Haunted Skies – Volume Eight is much more than just the RFI. It is a chronological calendar of UFO events in the UK for the whole of 1980. I personally had literally only just begun my involvement in ufology in 1979 so I remember some of the events in question but by no means all of them. The book, like the seven previous volumes before it, is a treasure trove of UFO information. Irrespective of your own viewpoint of UFO’s there is something for everyone in HAUNTED SKIES.

The authors are to be compliments for their diligent and never ending work in trying to preserve this information and at the same time offer it for dissemination for anyone that is interested. The amount of time and effort that has gone into producing this work must be astronomical.

Some people may think I am biased when reviewing the book as I had the honour of writing the foreword for it, but nothing could be further from the truth. If it wasn’t up to scratch the authors know that I would say so.

I would highly recommend HAUNTED SKIES to anyone and I can’t wait to read the volumes that are to follow. I can’t say any more than that.

HAUNTED SKIES is available of course via Amazon.

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UFO Sighting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on May 27th 2014 – {nd} 5 re dish lights in a row showing up then going out in order

Was standing in my yard, saw a light then another light….5 altogether light up one at a time, then go out one at a time. Oldest to newest first. No sound, happened twice with second time being a little right to the first spot. Then after the second time starred an audibly loud helicopter flew in the opposite direction. Freaked my neighbor and i out big time.

UFO Sighting in goshen, ma, Massachusetts on May 25th 2014 – Orbs captured in photos

I just noticed this orb in some photo’s I took this past weekend while trying to capture pics od rain drops. I have a sequence of pic I captured over a period of 1 minute per my cell phone pictre log. I didn’t notice the orb when I was taking only after in these shots. I have several. The first few you see the rain drops then as the cloids move on this orb appears and moves around. I can send additional pics if need. There are about 14 total showing before and after as I clicked. We were camping at DAR State forest. I was sitting at our campsite taking pics above.

UFO Sighting in Raytown, Missouri on May 27th 2014 – Strange Light over Kansas City

About 130AM on May 27, 2014 I let the dog out before I went to bed, I go out with her at night in case there is a raccoon in my backyard. When I stepped out I noticed a bright lite just a pinch to SW from due west in a 10 o’clock angle, I remember thinking that is awful lot of bright lights for an airplane or helicopter. The weather clear with patchy clouds, wind calm, temperature muggy, there were no clouds where the object was seen.

I was standing on my back porch waiting for my dog to do her business & I noticed the object wasn’t moving, I was able to gauge this by the power lines & trees in my backyard, it always stayed in the same place. I also noticed there were no blinking lights like an airplanes or helicopter would have, the lights were all white & twinkling. I watched it for a couple more minutes & decided to go get my binoculars for a better look.

When I came back out it was still there so I able to adjust the lens to get a clear look at it. It was rectangular at an angle with a bunch sparkling lights located in no particular order which looked like they were going on & off, but what was weird was a solid bar of light near the bottom. Then the solid bar of light moved to the middle of the object, then after a couple of minutes the bar moved back to it’s original position. All this time I’m thinking this has got to be a blimp or balloon but then all of sudden it turned into a diamond shape & the solid lit bar was gone. Maybe it turned to the left to make it look like a different shape, I don’t know, all I know is I’m looking at thru the binoculars and it changed shape just like that.

About this time I decided to go get my camera & a stronger pair of binoculars, by the time I came back outside I thought it was closer because it looked just a little bit bigger, but maybe that was because I took my eyes off it for a couple of minutes. So I turn on my camera (it is a digital Canon Rebel with a wide angle & zoom lens) & try to zoom into the object but I couldn’t find it in the viewfinder. So I my eyes off the viewfinder to re-orientate where to point the camera & I notice it is still in the same place but now it is just tiny speck of light. So I try find it in my viewfinder again but couldn’t, when I looked again and it was gone. Whatever it was must of took off heading in the direction I was looking because it was gone in 2-3 seconds at a 10 o’clock angle. I looked all around the back yard to see if more of them were out, but only saw the one

During all this time I never heard any noise, my dog & I were completely calm, just curious. Like to see it again….

UFO video shows object hovering over an iceberg

A UFO appears to be hovering over an iceberg in eastern Canada in a video that was recently uploaded to the Internet.

The individual who shot the video describes:

So I really don’t know what to say about this, while driving around Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador looking at all the icebergs, I noticed what appeared to be a chunk of ice just barely attached to an iceberg, hoping to catch it collapse I took out the camera and zoomed in. What you can see is a white object not attached to the iceberg, but rather spinning around and changing shape?

Some have suggested that the mysterious UFO is just the upper portion of the iceberg, and the witness’s view of the iceberg’s mid-section is simply obstructed. According to the witness, however, the weather was perfectly clear that day, eliminating the possibility that fog was simply covering part of the iceberg. But one YouTube commenter believes something extraterrestrial was obstructing the witness’s view. User ethanr432 suggests, “It’s a UFO with its cloaking device on. It’s blocking the middle part of the iceberg.”

iceberg UFO

UFO over an iceberg? (Credit: 235FireFly/YouTube)

Focusing on the hovering object, the Daily Mirror points out that some believe it to be an alien spacecraft, while others believe it to be a flag. The object’s shape-shifting would make sense if it is simply a flag. But this identification would not explain the witness’s assertion that he observed the object spinning. And the witness confidently states, “I can assure that it is not a flag, that iceberg was probably 5, 6 stories tall . . . and they tend to collapse, break and roll over all the time . . . not something that people do around here.”

One possible and likely explanation for this strange hovering UFO is a type of mirage known as a Fata Morgana. The National Snow and Ice Data Center explains that this type of superior mirage appears

because of the weather condition known as a temperature inversion, where cold air lies close to the ground with warmer air above it. Since cold air is denser than warm air, it bends light towards the eyes of someone standing on the ground, changing how a distant object appears. Superior mirages can produce a few different types of images: Distant objects can appear to float high above their actual position, for example a boat can look like it is floating in the sky, or an object below the horizon can become visible.

Superior Mirage

A superior mirage. (Credit: Nick N/Australian Government)

Some who have watched the UFO video are more interested in an unidentified object that appears to the right of the iceberg at the 0:45 mark and splashes into the water. But this object’s appearance and behavior do not suggest anything to indicate that it is anything but a diving bird like a Northern Gannett, which is common in that area.

Some have criticized the witness for only shooting forty eight seconds of video. But he explains that he was in his car, using the window to stabilize the camera when another car drove up, and someone got out to take photos of the icebergs, which obstructed his view. He claims that he resumed filming approximately one minute later, but the object was no longer visible.

The witness states that he is “open to all opinions, ufo, illusion or what?” He also admits that “This is easily the strangest thing I have ever witnessed in my life.”

What do you think about the two UFOs in this video? Share your opinions by leaving a comment below, or by posting on the Open Minds Facebook page.

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UFO Sighting in Covington, Kentucky on June 30th 1969 – blimp like, stationary, brushed aluminum, no windows, lights, sounds or appendages

I had been lying on my bed at home…I remember thinking that I was bored and decided I would walk up to the park and see if any kids were there to play with. The park was less than a block from my home. there were 2 separate parks.. the ball field and across the street were swings basketball..sandbox etc..I walked past the ball field crossed the street to the playground..no one was about..I turned around to walk back home…as soon as I crossed the street next to the ball field, I looked to my left and seen the hovering object at tree top level just beyond the ball park..blimp like…stationary…no sounds.. no lights…no windows..no appendages…dark brushed aluminum in color..it remained in that same spot during my entire sighting of it..and repeating to myself over and over WHAT IS THAT?? having lived in the Greater Cincinnati Airport area all my life…I was very used to airplanes blimps etc.. as we were under a flight path to the airport…when I approached a line of houses I could no longer see it…I had been walking very slowly..at that point I hurried past the first house…in between the first house and second was a driveway..and I could see it was still there.. I got excited and was hurrying home to tell my sister to come and look at it..when I approached my home..I froze up..I could not move my legs..I grabbed onto my neighbors fence..being so close to my home..the bedroom window was open I started yelling for my sister to help me…we lived on the second floor over a beauty salon…there were about 20 steps to our apartment..she kept asking me what was wrong and I told her I could not move my legs she dragged (carried me up the steps…an ambulance was called…I was approximately 13) ..by the time the ambulance arrived I could walk again..they decided to examine me anyway and took me to the ER..it was my first vaginal exam and so it stays clear in my mind..the doctor told my mother that I was probably going to start my first menses and I was released(I did not have my first menses until several years later)..I never told anyone what I had seen that day(maybe because of the drama of going to the hospital?)..a few years later I brought up the subject to my sister as she had a sighting she could not explain about 5 years after my event..that is when I finally told her what had happened that day. I have replayed this event over and over in my mind..for many years …everyone in my family has heard the story at this point and I get teased every now and again about it..I remember clearly the events before and after..I am now 58 yrs old.

Let the secrets free.