UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on July 1st 2012 – Canada Day UFO Sighting (3 Witnesses) CALGARY, AB

Canada Day, 2012 My cousin, his girlfriend and attended an array of events. Nonetheless, we all came to an agreement mid-day; to end our it with the evening’s exciting Firework shows, capping off our nation’s 145th Birthday.

After making way to an excellent vantage point, providing the spectator with a perfect 360 panorama of the city and surrounding area (Atop a hill, Due south of calgary near HIGHWAY 22X) Soon after arriving, We were overwhelmed with beautiful explosions of pyro-art, from various communities located within the vicinity! As well as a powerful thunderstorm which engulfed the entire north/east horizon… with loads of lightning, too.

Now, to the north, Airplanes arrive and depart on a regular basis…given Calgary’s airport location, and we did see a few land n’ take off. However, the information I will disclose sure does not support the physical behaviour of an aircraft crafted by man.

While gun-powder diminished from the pyro show, the clouds grew sharper as the air drew pure. With a wicked view of the now featured thunderstorm, which was indeed heading west (towards us) we felt no need to leave. The view was spectacular!

Within 15 minutes after all the fireworks had ended, we noticed a rather bright, what a appeared to be an Airplane at the time. Thinking nothing of it, we continued to watch the thunder storm draw near. After 10 minutes of noticing the bright object in the sky, it soon became the centre of attention, though this time, all three of us had a true suspicion.

The object hadn’t moved at all in that 10 minute span. In fact, it made bizarre diagonal, swirling, shaking and pulsating movements as it got brighter and dimmer. Please advise, I cannot provide an approximate duration of the movements for we were all in disbelief at the time. Though, near the end of our experience, the craft did become very, very, very bright, began to vibrate, then, became darker than the sky (yes, it was a black dot in the nights stormy sky), topping everything off, it then made a few more sporadic movements in its shadow phase, and shot off, disappeared, directly vertical into the cosmos.

To this day, we are convinced that this was indeed an Extraterrestrial craft, piloted by beings wiser than man.



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UFO Sighting in Casselberry, Florida on October 13th 2014 – strange, bright purple object in sky that changed colors, darted around in the sky in Casselberry, FL

we were walking home from a friends house in Casselberry, FL. a few of my friends and I saw an object in the sky with a light on it that was “Blacklight” purple, then green, yellow, then orange but was mainly this bright purple color. It was doing all sorts of weird things too! Quickly changing direction, doing small circles in the sky, hovering in one spot then moving a different direction. There was no sound. We watched it for about 3 minutes as it darted left and right, up an down in the sky. It was also stationery in the sky. It was joined by a smaller blinking object, then it headed north, north-east, toward SR 434. Everyone was amazed and we had no idea of what this could possibly be.

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UFO Sighting in Lubbock, Texas on September 3rd 2012 – huge ufo passed overhead at low altitude shrouded in a mist like cloud

It around 10:15 or so when I went in my backyard with my dog, noticed a very low cloud overhead, the only cloud on a still, clear Lubbock night. It caught my attention by being so low and seeming to have a misty quality with spirals of mist coming downwards. It reminded me of steam coming from a low creek on a hot humid summer night. I watched intently 10-15 seconds wondering what could possibly cause such a cloud when my dog ran up to me. I bent over and was petting the dog for only seconds when a bright light seemed to go across my eyes in one direction and then again in another in rapid succession. I looked up and directly overhead was a light. It was passing overhead so I turned 180 degrees and then I could see the entire length of the light, it was greenish white showing through the misty cloud. I was totally awed by the object. It was so low in the sky, a few weeks before hot air balloons had passed overhead at a low altitude and I believe this cloud and object was just as low. It was a solid light in the shape of a boomerang and I would say at least 1/2 mile wide. Totally silent moving at a high rate of speed enveloped in a wispy cloud. I watched it as it passed over my house, it was out of sight in only a 5-6 seconds or so. I stood dumbfounded for a few seconds trying to process what I just saw and then ran to the front of my house, jumped in my car. I live near a highway and was able to go towards the cloud for only a couple of minutes before it was out of sight moving towards the SE traveling in a straight line.

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UFO Sighting in Wixom, Michigan on September 30th 2014 – i noticed the craft moving across the passenger plane path to metro airport

While walking my dog on September 30th, 2014, I was watching the sky. Prior to this night, I had seen things I couldn’t explain. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me for those. When I first noticed the object it seemed to be headed opposite the usual passenger plane route from Detroit Metro Airport. I wasn’t sure what to think, so I snapped five or six pictures.

Three objects traveled together in a circle, flying in what seemed to be some formation. At some point the objects stopped circling, and headed southwest, toward lake Michigan. At that point I lost sight of them.

I was excited to finally get a picture, as my family thinks I’m going crazy.

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UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on October 12th 2014 – Unidentifiable object moved across the sky on a fixed path and constant speed. It appeared to be spinning as it moved.

Approximately 8:15PM CST on Sunday, October 12th, 2014, I was walking my dog on 36th Street, between Gillham Rd and Warwick Street, in Kansas City, Mo. In the SE sky I noticed a light, on what appeared to be a helicopter. The light caught my attention because it wasn’t like any other color that is typical of any aircraft. It was a soft amber light, and large like a spotlight. I noticed there were no other lights on the object. None of the required red and green lights, no flashing lights. I then noticed there was no sound coming from the object. I was trying to gauge how far it was from me when the light went out. The object was still completely visible, but there were no lights and still no sound. I continued to watch as it made its way to the NW. I was having a hard time discerning the shape, and then realized the object was spinning as it moved. The rotation of the object made it impossible to get a clear shape and the edges were more fuzzy than well defined. When I last looked at the object it appeared to be making an almost flapping motion, almost like a giant bird. It moved at a constant speed, and in a straight line. The speed was typical of a small aircraft. I followed it across the sky until I lost it due to buildings and trees. The whole event was so bizarre that I got in my car and tried to follow it, but never saw it again. I called to non emergency police line to see if any one had reported strange sightings, they said they hadn’t received any. I also checked the internet, which brought me to this site. I would really like to be put in contact with someone else who saw this object. I know what airplanes, helicpters, gliders, balloons, blimps, etc. all look like, I know how they sound, I know how they move. This was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

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UFO sighting in Meridian, Idaho [VIDEO]

A witness noticed a UFO streaking through the sky above Meridian, Idaho on Wednesday, October 8.

Kaitlyn Ellis noticed the aerial object from her backyard at approximately 2:45 p.m. She recorded video of the UFO as it moved across the sky. She asserts that she then saw a plane with a long contrail following the unknown object.

UFO over Meridian. (Credit: Kaitlyn Ellis/KBOI)

UFO over Meridian. (Credit: Kaitlyn Ellis/KBOI)

Witnesses in Meridian’s neighboring city, Boise, also reportedly saw the UFO.

KBOI 2 News contacted Colonel Tim Marsano with the Idaho National Guard to get his opinion of the UFO over Meridian. “I really don’t have any idea what that is,” he explained. “But I can tell you for sure it’s not anything that belongs to the Idaho National Guard or the Army National Guard.”

The news station also contacted amateur astronomer John McVey who opined that the object in the video is too slow to be a meteor.

Although the object in question was not related to Idaho National Guard or Army National Guard exercises, its behavior and appearance are consistent with a conventional aircraft. And military craft aren’t the only craft flying over Idaho. So it’s plausible that the object in the video is simply a private or commercial plane.

But the object has not officially been identified.

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UFO Video-Taped Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled | VIDEO

UFO Video-Taped Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled -( Idaho) 10-8-14

UFO Video-Taped Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled

By www.kboi2.com

      MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) — An unknown object was spotted in the sky over Meridian Wednesday afternoon.

A KBOI 2News viewer shot the video and then soon after noticed an airplane with a contrail following the object.

The video was taken from the back porch of Kaitlyn Ellis’s home on Wednesday around 2:45 pm.

KBOI reporter, Morgan Wagner, went out to see what others thought about the flying object.

“That looks like a UFO,” Donald Merritt said. “I lived out in the desert and I saw a lot of weird stuff out there.”

But the Cadwells said to them it didn’t look unusual.

“No, it didn’t,” Amanda says. “It didn’t look like it was out of this world, but sorry I don’t know.”

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Would Finding Alien Life Change Religion?

Would Finding Alien Life Change Religion?

Would Finding Alien Life Change Religious Philosophies?

By Megan Gannon

      The discovery of extraterrestrial beings — be they slimy microbes or little green men — would dramatically change the way we humans view our place in the universe. But would it shatter religion? Well, that depends on what you believe.

In his new book “Religions and Extraterrestrial Life” (Springer 2014), David Weintraub, an astronomer at Vanderbilt University, takes a close look at how different faiths would handle the revelation that we’re not alone. Some of his findings might surprise you.

Public polls have shown that a large share of the population believes aliens are out there. In one survey released last year by the company Survata, 37 percent of the 5,886 Americans who were polled said they believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, while 21 percent said they didn’t believe and 42 percent were unsure. Responses varied by religion: 55 percent of atheists said they believed in extraterrestrials, as did 44 percent of Muslims, 37 percent of Jews, 36 percent of Hindus and 32 percent of Christians.

Weintraub found that some religions are more accommodating to the idea of E.T. than others. Those with an Earth-centric spiritual point of view are the most likely to be made uncomfortable by questions about the discovery of aliens. Certain evangelical and fundamentalist Christians, for example, are of the opinion that God’s sole intent was to create people here on Earth. Some believe that if God created life anywhere else, it would say that in Genesis, Weintraub said. . . .

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