UFO Sighting in Indian Shores, Florida on 2017-06-17 00:00:00 – Bright white sphere appears in self photos, it is in various positions on pics.

i was in indian shores, florida taking pics of myself w/ ocean behind me, it was daytime. i did not see object at that time, only when i saw pics
later at home after uploading to pc. the object was very bright white
round sphere. i was standing in same spot mostly, but the object in the pics
seems to have moved a number of times. it shows up on my right side, my left, and high over my head. i use the sun as the reference point.

when i zoom in on pic, the light shows a little red and green on opposite
sides. so that makes me think its not a planet. and not a star, cause they
don’t move like that. anyway, there are other anomalies around the sun, that
could be a photo mess up, i can’t tell exactly why those colors are there.
but the video explains what may have caused it, maybe a photo expert can tell what it is or isn’t. i’m sending this just for the record. the white sphere is the reason i’m sending this. thankx

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 164: Paul’s Ascent and Angelic Torment with David Burnett

David Burnett returns to the podcast to discuss Paul’s defense of his apostleship and his heavenly ascent in 2 Corinthians 11-12. This episode expands upon an earlier episode on Paul’s ascent, specifically linking it to Second Temple Jewish apocalyptic literature (the Ascension of Abraham) and rabbinic material that appears to draw on that earlier material. The link to Abraham in Jewish thought is important, as it informs part of Paul’s comments on being the seed of Abraham.

The episode is now live.

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U.S. Government UFO Document: “PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD: DATE: 25 August 52/LOCATION: Holloman AFB, New Mexico”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)
Source: Fold3.com, Lindon, Utah
Quote from the document:
“Silver in color. Round.”
The UFO was sighted by a foreman.
The case is listed as “Unknown.”
Wikipedia article: “Holloman Air Force Base”:
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Rocket Sled Track at Holloman AFB (text by Wikipedia)
(wikimedia.org(wikimedia.org photo)

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Why “SciStarter is excellent for citizen science.”

Well thank you for the kind words, Pietro Michelucci (founder of EyesOnALZ, a crowdsourcing platform designed to accelerate Alzheimer’s research). Pietro is one of 15 project and platform partners we’ve been working with to test and deploy a suite of new citizen science tools.

For the past two years, thanks to support from the National Science Foundation, the SciStarter team has been hard at work building tools, partnerships, and methodologies to help connect millions of citizen scientists to

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UFO Sighting in Wilson, Kansas on 2017-06-17 01:08:00 – While fishing at lake wilson ks we were watching the sky and all the sudden a small star grew too about the size of a nickel into the west sky and started coming closer too earth and then it flashed its likes a few times and then it went back too the star

We were fishing at lake wilson in ks at around 1:45am we were looking in the sky at the stars when one of the little stars grew too about the size of a eraser head on a pencil in the sky and started coming to the earth. it came closer too earth and then it stoped and flashed it lights 3 or 4 times and then it went back too the form of a little star and then started to make its way back up into the sky at a very fast rate it darted around and then it was gone into the north west sky. when the light left it looked like a regural star in the sky it also turned a light green with a little blue too it when it was the size of a little star.This dot was really fast and could really dart around and move very quike like. we have see these lights before at the lake in kansas.So we thought we would report it we hope too see more action when go too the lake some more this year.

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UFO Sighting in Dresden, Sachsen on 2017-06-24 15:36:00 – The object let a vapour trail that stopped suddenly, after 10 minutes an object appears in the sky

I swas sitting at the balcony and watched a plaine with 4 vapour trails, when i saw 2 metallic objects appeared behind it, could be seen for only 3 seconds and disappeared. i get my camera and focused in to the sky at the place. lens 300 mm, apsc sensor, sony alpha 77. suddenly a single vapour trail eppeared and because this is very unusual (planes have got 2 or 4)i take a picture (picture1) the trail stopped within a cloud. ten minutes later it blows up to a giant dimension and inside an polygone-shaped extreme white object was to be seen (picture 2). minutes later all disappeared.
what was unnormal: the single vapour trail, its suddenly stopping, the blowing up into a big dimension (this could not be seen in the case of all planes i watched before and after the event. the vapour trails vanished normally in seconds, depending from the air conditions at this day.
the extremly white object that appeares in the blown up vapour trail i had never seen a comparable object in the sky.
because i couldn’ t take some pics from the other 2 objects that was near the plane (it had no vapour trails), visible only for seconds, it’s worthless to mention. only pictures are documents for events.

ps: all pictures are taken by the same lens-setting: 300 mm

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Daily UFO Headlines 6/23/2017

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