UFO Sighting in Nottingham, on 2017-03-20 22:15:00 – Orange ball appeared , hovered then shot of at great speed

A friend and i were travelling home from a class we attend around 10.15 pm, in the car. we were travelling on an unlit road. an orange ball shot from our right stopped in front of the car just above windscreen level approx 15 feet away and then shot off at incredible speed leaving a short trail of orange behind itself which disappeared instantly. the ball orb sphere, whatever you would call it, left so fast it became invisible almost instantly.I was the passenger in the car. my mouth fell open in disbelief at what i saw, i turned to my friend, (the driver) and at the same time she turned to me. it was as if we could not get the words out. i said, and she said at the same time,did you see that!. we then said omg! what the hell was that!We were a little shaken by it and also in disbelief.We spent the remainder of the journey trying to fathom out what it could be. the road had no other cars apart from one behind us that we later found out was a friend that had been to the class that we had attended earlier. i text him to see if he had arrived home safe as i often do and said omg!I have something to tell you. he replied, i have something to tell you also.He then said, did you see that orange ball thing come over the road, i replied yes thats what i was going to tell you. he said i was right behind you. i saw it come from the right.
i have never in my life seen anything like it. i felt excited to see such a thing but also a little apprehensive as to what was going on. it was as if we were being checked out or something a bit unnerving to say the least at the time.

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Mike’s World

A bit of a personal aside for this post. Most readers know I’m busy (that word actually doesn’t begin to describe the situation). But I sometimes get asked why I don’t do certain things. For example …  Mike, why don’t you / won’t you:

  • answer my email?
  • spend time on Facebook …  the Faithlife Groups … Google Hangouts?
  • answer comments on your YouTube Channels?
  • respond to that thing someone said about you (or that video someone made about you)?
  • review that book or video I sent you?
  • review my book manuscript?
  • read that article I sent you?
  • etc.

I used to have a disclaimer on my email address that explained why I likely won’t answer email, but I had to remove that for reasons I won’t bore you all with. I haven’t had my email disclaimer active for over a year. Consequently, I get these questions. They are all understandable and appropriate. So in lieu of the defunct disclaimer, I decided to post an explanation.

On my recent Unseen Realm trip to Arkansas someone asked this question during the Q & A: “What is your life like — what does it look like for you on a daily or weekly basis to manage your time?” My answer was that my life (in that respect) is an act of desperation (I had to laugh, but that’s what it is).  Though I enjoy almost everything I do (caveat: no prof enjoys grading), I’m doing so many things that, while lots of things get done and every day has successes, every day also feels like failure. But I don’t take it hard. There’s always tomorrow. That works since I’m in the wonderful situation of being able to do what I know I was born to do by the providence of God. I’m truly blessed. The only thing I really don’t like about my situation is that I’m not able to “do what I do” full-time and feel guilty about what falls through the cracks.

Let me try and give you an idea of the logistics. I’m not a Methodist (and Methodists will catch this reference), but I can account for every half hour of every day since that’s how I work my schedule. I know it sounds mechanical, but it isn’t. It just allows me to knock things off and shift things to other days efficiently. Like most of you, I have a FT day job that requires me to be working on employer-related tasks. What follows are the rest of the things I am supposed to be doing on a weekly basis (a couple of these items may be familiar only to newsletter subscribers):

  • spend a little time at home with my wife and kids (and yes, the pug) detached from everything else (this one and email are the most guilt-inducing)
  • grade papers and do professor stuff for two schools (distance ed, online)
  • writing a book (next non-fiction one is in process and due by the end of August; novel #3 comes after that)
  • blogging
  • answering email
  • answering comments on my blog
  • spending some time on Facebook
  • prepping for the podcast(s)
  • recording the podcast(s)
  • reading
  • re-writing content for NakedBible.org
  • putting the notes and links together for the Miqlat newsletter
  • writing scripts for Fringepop episodes
  • management tasks for my business (exists for my online presence and Amazon publishing)
  • management tasks for Miqlat
  • reviewing my languages (keeping up with grammar and vocab).
    • each week I spend a little time on Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Egyptian, Akkadian, NW Semitic dialects, and Ugaritic
    • I’ve decided to start Latin and Ethiopic this year (the latter because I want to work in Ethiopic 1 Enoch down the road)
  • scholarly research for journal articles or (way down the road) “Unseen Realm 2”
  • teaching at church (a few four-week modules each year; in one module now)
  • interviews (not weekly right now, but that will change now that Reversing Hermon is shipping)

Evenings after work give me 3-4 hours to work on the items in this list. Weekends are full tilt. I rarely watch TV, though I love having a ball game playing in the background. So every night I pick at the stuff that needs doing. About half the items on the list really do take substantial time and have deadlines (like writing, scripting, and research).

I’m thrilled to say that the following have been taken off my plate because of the generosity of donors to Miqlat (some tasks below are paid) and volunteers (named):

  • record, edit, and post Naked Bible podcast and Peeranormal podcast (without Trey, they both die)
  • edit written material for Kindle (Peter, Spencer)
  • transcribe the podcast episodes (at first, “Mr. Tudor” and now Brenda)
  • Facebook posting, bookkeeping for my business, creating the newsletter (my wife, Drenna)
  • editing podcast episodes for radio (Charles)
  • videos for the website (Shaun)
  • bookkeeping for Miqlat (Rich, now Michael)

I hope this helps shed light on why I do (or don’t do) certain things. My time is so limited I have to triage every day. For that reason I won’t watch videos sent to me, won’t vet anyone’s manuscript, don’t read anything outside peer-reviewed material, can’t engage in running conversations for days or weeks (!), and can’t chase down a research question for you (and some of those take thesis-level work). I hope you all understand.

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Google Searches: Focus On Ground Saucer Watch

Ground Saucer Watch (GSW), a Phoenix, Arizona, organisation, used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to get the U.S. government to release UFO documents. GSW managed to get hold of many important UFO documents through the organisation’s lawsuits against the government. The lawsuits were handled by lawyer Peter Gersten, according to the book, The UFO Cover-Up (written by Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood).
The brothers William H. and J. A. Spaulding founded Ground Saucer Watch in 1957.
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William H. Spaulding, Co-Founder and Director of Ground Saucer Watch, at the console of the image processing computer with which GSW analysed UFO photographs
(futureofmankind.co.uk photo)

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Faithlife Study Bible Published in Hard Copy with NIV

Many of you know about the digital version of the Faithlife Study Bible. I contributed a good bit of content to it. A trimmed (for space, naturally) version of that study Bible is now available from Zondervan, editorially tailored to the NIV, the translation used in that publication.

I’m thrilled to have played a part in the creation of the NIV Faithlife Study Bible. I’m happy to help Zondervan alert this audience to its existence. My reasons are, to be honest, personal. A study Bible was one of the two items I bought early in my own journey as a new Christian (the other was a Strong’s Concordance). Both were crucial in helping me understand God’s Word as I grew as a believer.

Nearly forty years have passed since I came to the Lord. Providence led me to become a biblical scholar and gave me the blessing of being a biblical studies professor in the classroom and online. I’ve learned that there’s a lot about the Bible that people should know. My own journey in Bible knowledge has convinced me there’s one fundamental insight that, if faithfully observed, will help tremendously. It’s the best piece of advice I can give you—and an orienting point for many of the notes in the NIV Faithlife Study Bible:

Let the Bible be what it is.

That bit of advice may sound odd. But let’s unpack it a bit.

When I recommend letting the Bible be what it is, I’m suggesting that the path to real biblical understanding requires that we don’t make the Bible conform to denominational preferences. Our task as Bible students is not to filter the Bible through our traditions. That’s doing Bible study in an echo chamber and engaging Scripture from a deeply flawed assumption about its context. None of the biblical writers were members of our denominations!

Our task as Bible students is not to turn the Bible into something it isn’t. Just let it be what it is. Let me illustrate with an example (one familiar to many readers here).

Genesis 10 is known to Bible scholars as the “Table of Nations.” The chapter is a biblical explanation of what happened in the centuries after Noah and his family disembarked the ark, having survived the flood. The Table of Nations describes how the descendants of Noah’s three sons—Shem, Ham, and Japheth—repopulated the earth, forming the nations known in the rest of the Old Testament story. In terms of the unfolding narrative of Genesis, the chapter is a precursor to the Tower of Babel story (Gen. 11:1-9), where the nations were divided and dispersed by God.

There’s an obvious problem with the Table of Nations—or, for those who simply let the Bible be what it is, an obvious disconnect between the world of the biblical writers and the world we know in modern times. The Table of Nations shows no knowledge whatsoever of the geography belonging to North America, South American, Australia, China, India, and Scandinavia. The same is true of the knowledge of earth’s geography in the New Testament (cp. Acts 2). The known world in biblical times was a fraction of what it actually is.

This is no surprise if we let the Bible be what it is, and let the biblical writers be who they were. The biblical “world” is composed of seventy nations that are situated in what we now call the ancient Near East (or modern Middle East) and which are found on the land masses that surround the Mediterranean Sea. There is no hint in the Scriptures of any land mass beyond this region.

Attempts to make the Bible be something that it isn’t with respect to the true size of the world produced very unfortunate results that ought to be a lesson to us. Once Europeans achieved the ability to cross the Atlantic and circumnavigate the world, people immediately questioned where these other countries and the people who populated them came from. Most Europeans, well familiar with the Bible, presumed these peoples must have come from Adam—but how did the descendants of Noah produce these peoples?

All sorts of strange proposals were offered in answer to these questions from the 16th century onward. Those efforts in turn produced theories of race, including that non-European (non-White) races came from sub-humans or humans separate from, and inferior to, Adam. The rest is, sadly, history. Europeans believed that embracing these explanations, which are inherently flawed and racist, was necessary to preserving biblical authority. Despite their absence in the Table of Nations, the Bible had to speak to the discovery of these new lands and peoples. Such interpretive gymnastics institutionalized racial ideas that the Bible never actually endorses.

The lesson here is that it really does matter whether we are serious about interpreting the Bible in context or not. We can get into serious interpretive trouble if we don’t. If we want to pay more than lip service to the idea of interpretation in context, we must let the Bible be what it is. As one of the academic editors of the NIV Faithlife Study Bible, I can say that our editorial team kept this fundamental principle of context in mind throughout our work. My hope is that Lord will use this tool—and this orienting point of interpretation—to make your Bible study all it can be.

Have a look at the NIV Faithlife Study Bible for yourself!


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Alien Encounter in Castle Douglas , on 2017-03-20 00:00:00 – I was asleep and i heard a loud noise and bright light shined through my window

I woke up and heard a loud noise and bright light shone through my window, a large space craft was landing on my lawn, must have been 300ft large, i ran down stairs and went outside, the crafts ramp was lowering and beings were walking towards me must have been 9ft-10ft, blonde hair, blue eyes. a very attractive woman walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek and called me shiva. i was dazzled because i’m a visionary and psychic, and had experience with shiva in the akashic records. she then grabbed my hand and took me into the ship, there was 50+ plus beings staring at me and bowing to me as i walked past them. the woman left and a tall handsome man, started speaking in a tounge i didn’t understand, another woman called zaracasha came up and could speak english. she told me that i’m the leader of the pladians or words to that effect. and i was sent here on a mission with other generals and officers to save this planet. she said they had cameras following me everywhere and they’re using technology that can make aliens incarnate on earth to a location they select. she then said all our forces are located in the south west of scotland. she then said your mission was to infiltrate the earth commander of the asuras and reptilians. i danced with the queen of england 2011 during royal guard balmoral. i have photographic evidence to back this up. the space ship was now taking off with me inside, they took me to a chamber with a oxygen mask. they all left, and i was sitting by my own for a hour or so, there was no windows on the craft. then a tall greenish being came in and gave me what looked like a pancake. i eat it and it’s the most wonderful thing i’ve ever encountered. the woman came back in again and unclipped the mask so i could walk about. she said we’ve arrived at our base on the moon, i heard a crash and we landed, we started walking towards the exit, the space craft was bright white with red lights all over the place, it was oval shaped. a man then came over and put a black blanket over me and called me shiva. we then walked out of the ship and there was a massive building 100ft in height, with bright yellow lights shining from it, with lots of fleets of ships and craft, there was hundreds of beings walking about, all different races, we then went into a small circular building and there was a round table with 13 seats and ten members sitting. a older man, brown skin, dark eyes, claws and a round face greeted me with a firm handshake and said “welcome to the galactic federations hq for earth. you are no3 in command and please take your seat my name is yakal and i’m from the orion empire, we have so little time to speak so please take a seat” i asked why i’m here and a blue being said ” your a fool, you’ve been on earth a hundred thousand years and you still haven’t gained control” “silence mallav” said a tall white man with a beard he was the oldest of them all and was sitting on a gold chair in the centre directly across from me. “i’m brahman your brother, i’m so glad you came, your mission is complete you successfully touched the queen of the reptilians and your divine touch can cure evil, it’s only a matter of time until it spreads,” i was starting to feel fainty because of the mask. he told me that on the 23rd of july 2023 @ 23hr hours they will take me to my home planet sirius b. he then said that all the pyramids were built to align with the dog/god star sirius. on the 23rd of july that’s when a light would shine through the shaft in the queens chamber and initiate people to become gods. he then said the gods will return to earth in a thousand years. he then told me my past lives were aleister crowley and robert the bruce which is ironic when i danced with the queen. a small man 3ft tall walked over with a needle and jagged me on the arm. next thing i know i walke up on my lawn with a blanket over me, it was approx 3 hrs later.

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UFO Sighting in Waller, Texas on 2017-03-03 20:07:00 – Witnessed lights i sky at night in waller texas on march 3rd 2017

I walked out to my car on march 3rd 2017 at around 8p to get my phone charger whe i noticed lights out of the corner of my eye cross the street facing south which is a field filled with cows. it was a clear night and the lights where just there i counted 5 of them thought the neighbors were lighting those sky lanterns that dissolve in the air. i watched for a minute more they didn’t move social i went to get my phone to take pictures came back out they still hoovering about 3 minutes had passed i started shaking and getting nervous and video taped the lights and them took pictures and noticed they were getting a little farther away from me and told myself i have to call someone i know, so i called my friend kimmie and asked her to go outside and see if she can see any lights in the sky, by this time i was shaking because the lights weren’t moving just hoovering. i decided to take a second video and watched as one light faded off and disappeared in a blink. my friend i called was in montgomery by lake conroe she didn’t see any lights that night. i asked the owner of the house can airplanes bye seen from here be seen going to the airport she said no. i knew they weren’t airplanes or weather balloons.

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UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2017-03-21 18:16:00 – Unknown object observed near sun disappears after photographed. the object is reflecting sun light.

I was standing outside by back yard and decided to take a few pictures of the sun setting. i took about 10 pictures; but did not notice anything unusual in the view display before taking the photos. it was only when i went back inside and looked at each that i noticed the object at about 10:00 in one of the photos.

the photo is 181650 and i have included a shot right behind that one181940, another showing a home next door 182417 on the other side of my fence to hopefully give an estimated elevation, and two blowups/ screenshots using my phone i did this morning.

the sun is casting light directly on the object at an angle it is away from it; which rules out lens flare. the normal flare one would experience when shooting the sun (which would look like a second sun); i aimed it back into to sun.

i was using a samsung note 5 cell phone.

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Could Life’s Earliest Stages Have Survived Without a Key Ingredient?

“CHNOPS” is one of science’s most revered acronyms, an amalgamation of letters that rolls of the tongues of high school biology students and practicing researchers alike. It accounts for the six elements that comprise most biological molecules: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, and sulfur.

Biologists have traditionally assumed that all six elements were prerequisites, as each one is found in several of life’s most essential molecules. But what if earlier life forms weren’t

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UFO Sighting in Hudson, New Hampshire on 2017-03-20 03:45:00 – Pulsating lights , hovering object , above the treeline but hovering over the parking lot.

It was early monday morning aroung 3:45am. i was heading home for lunch .
(i work the 3rd shift ) my apartment is only 5 min from where i work.
as i was arriving to my destination an object towards the left of me
caught my eye. it was hovering just over the parking lot but high above the
treeline. the object appeared to be hovering , it was pulsating very bright
white lights! it then turned into a ball of a bright white light and flew over the trees leaving a brief trail of sparkling flash behind it.
i yelled out “oh’my god!” ive had ufo sightings in the past but nothing so close as this!! this happens to be my forth ufo sighting.
i believe my sighting is called ” a close encounter of the first kind.”
today as i returned home from work , i can estimate that the object was as long
as the building that i live in. i aslo had a daytime sighting last year, this time
i was with my girlfriend. this object was way up in the sky just under the cloud at a complete standstill and appeared to be rotating. it was a very large object . the skies were crystal clear blue so the obect was very noticeable.
ufos are real and im a witness to this!!

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Let the secrets free.