Hovering and Zig-Zagging Craft

Hi Guys,

Thought I would post what I saw last night at around 1am in the morning.

I originally saw a small object in the sky at a great distance away that was moving from east to west, it was kind of flickering. At first I thought that it was a satellite or aircraft so waited to see what happened. The cloud covered vision for approximately 10 mins until I was able to see what was happening and if it would disappear like a normal aircraft.

Then another small type light that looked like a star moved in the same direction east-west and then stopped, the other original light I had seen also stopped and seemed to be communicating to the secondary star like object. The original object I saw then started moving in the opposite direction from west to east in a zig-zag type pattern and then it moved straight north and then back to west. The secondary star then also followed the same direction at the same time east-west and stopped again and remained hovering, stationary.

Both lights moved in a jaggy stuttering pattern and not linear like a normal aircraft.

I then peered out the window to see for anything else peculiar and noticed a strange silver like object reflecting light from the moon.

I have attached pictures and small clip. Unfortunately the iPhone was not able to focus in on the object at such a great distance away, but the one closest to the moon gives the best picture.

You’ll need to forward to the last 4-5 seconds to see the blinking light, I cut it short as I didn’t think the camera was picking it up.

What do you guys think this is?

Moving objects

Best Ones

What the hell? This object was totally stationary.




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