FUTURE OF CYBER SEX – Can Robots Change Love & Intimacy?

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FUTURE OF CYBER SEX – Can Robots Change Love & Intimacy?

romancing a robot. That’s the scenario envisaged by David Levy, author of Love and Sex and Robots, who predicts it won’t be long before we’re all doing it — with machines.

“It just takes one famous person to say I had fantastic sex with a robot and you’ll have people queuing up from New York to California,” the CEO of Intelligent Toys Limited. “If you’ve got a robot that looks like a human, feels like a human, behaves like a human, talks like a human why shouldn’t people find it appealing?” robot film robotic humanity life love relationship “love robot” tech technology “smart tech” media news lifestyle beauty wife marriage 2015 2016 future futuristic men cyber human “social media” social society robotics realistic AI intelligence dating romance romantic “made in usa” population intimacy soul doll women lady transhumanism interaction loving learning agenda “elite nwo agenda” david icke problem reaction solution end game new world order billionaire george soros alex jones infowars rant control gerald celente max keiser

This November, Mr Levy along with Adelaide-born Professor Adrian Cheok will chair the second international congress on Love and Sex with Robots in Malaysia. The event will bring together academics from around the world to discuss the legal, ethical and moral questions on everything from “teledildonics” to “humanoids”.

Mr Levy said the subject has spawned a huge amount of interest since his 2007 book and it’s only a matter of time before the currently “crude” versions available become more sophisticated and go mainstream.

“If there was a sophisticated sex robot around now then I would be very curious to try it,” he said. This week the makers of Japanese robot Pepper issued a warning, saying using it for “sexual purposes” breaks the rental agreement after people hacked its software to give it “virtual breasts”. Meanwhile real-life technological advances like David Hanson’s human robots or Hiroshi Ishiguro’s version have been making robots look more lifelike by the year. Several versions of robotic sex dolls already exist, include RealDoll made by Californian company Abyss, whose owner David Mills once told Vanity Fair he loves women but “doesn’t really like to be around people.” A campaign has been launched calling for a ban on the development of robots that can be used for sex. Designed by an American expat in China after raising $280,000 investment via crowdfunding, the AutoBlow2 has since had press around the world, including Playboy and Cosmopolitan. Fleshlight Cyborg Sybian fantasy for many men & women

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