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Andromeda Council: Is this for real?

I read this article tonight. Andromeda Council: 11.11.11 & the facts about life as a 4th dimensional human – Seattle exopolitics | These people say we will change to 4th Dimensional Human Beings because of a dimensional change in the galaxy. They say it will start this Month! October 2011! Is this for real? I do not know how these people come up with this information. Is it all a figment of their imagination? I wish I knew. It sounds completely crazy to me..

This video talks about exactly what the written article talks about which makes it seem even CRAZIER! Seems like they are crazy to me! Oh good news they say the reptilians and greys are being eradicated on Earth! Apparently they were in all the underground bases trying to take over the plant!

sigh…. Glad to hear the reptilians are gone! I kind of liked the Greys have you ever seen the movie Paul? Its pretty funny. If you saw Fire in the Sky they seem pretty awful. Fire in the Sky is supposedly based of a true story of one mans abduction, Travis Walton.  I do not know what to think! LOL!

Denver Airport is there really an underground base?

I have heard a lot about Underground bases in the past. Originally I started watching videos with Phil Schnieder and how he killed two aliens when working on a Government project to build an underground base. I found a bunch of other videos about the Denver Airport. What is really weird about Denver Airport are the murals! Jesse Ventura again comes up with a lot of compelling material. It is hard to say if there is an underground base. If the construction is done yet construction outside of Denver Airport seems to be still going on why?

There is so much disinformation it really is hard to know what is true. I had a friend go to Denver airport a couple years ago. He immediately started telling me about the murals. I did not think much of it back then. When I saw them on these videos it made a big difference. Of course they say they are just murals and the artist was trying to depict peace in the future..