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Did Anonymous Claim a NASA Announcement About Disclosure was Imminent?

Various news outlets breathlessly reported that the well-known activist / hacktivist group known as Anonymous had posted an announcement about an impending NASA announcement that intelligent ET life was a reality. The link above leads to a video that purports to be this announcement.

The first thing I did was to check the OFFICIAL Anonymous website. After all, it would seem reasonable that, if Anonymous had insider information like this they would post it. As of this writing, there is nothing of the sort on their official website. (Go ahead … search the site for “alien” and “extraterrestrial” and “NASA”). If one clicks on the “Message for Humanity” on the official website (of the same date as the alleged ET announcement) and watches THAT video, there is nothing mentioned about ET — and the video is quite different. Here’s the video from the official site:

So, why the incongruity? Why is there nothing about a NASA ET life announcement on the official (read: real) Anonymous sites?

My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that someone wanted lots of web traffic, so they posed as Anonymous and made their own video. It wouldn’t be hard. After all, anyone can get one of those Anonymous masks (the official site runs an ad for getting yours). Sure,. this could also be a “move the herd” social experiment, too, but I’m guessing it’s about selling ads and web traffic.


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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 164: Paul’s Ascent and Angelic Torment with David Burnett

David Burnett returns to the podcast to discuss Paul’s defense of his apostleship and his heavenly ascent in 2 Corinthians 11-12. This episode expands upon an earlier episode on Paul’s ascent, specifically linking it to Second Temple Jewish apocalyptic literature (the Ascension of Abraham) and rabbinic material that appears to draw on that earlier material. The link to Abraham in Jewish thought is important, as it informs part of Paul’s comments on being the seed of Abraham.

The episode is now live.

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A Note on the September 23, 2017 Astral Prophecy Hype and Nonsense

I just wanted to put something on the blog (again) about my rejection of the idea that Revelation 12 has anything to do with the second coming or end times in general. I’ve been getting emails with links to YouTube videos like this one that use my thoughts about the astral signage being an indication of the birth of Jesus as proof that the (presumed) repetition of the signage signals the second coming, or some sort of revealing of fallen angels, Watchers, etc. September 23 is the new date for all this to happen “because the Bible tells us so.” Sigh.

As those who follow my work know, I don’t think the signs of Revelation 12 have anything to do with end times. There is no verse in the NT that tells us to look for a repetition of those signs in connection with the second coming. There is also no verse that links the signs to the “sign of the son of man” in the gospel eschatological discourses. The sign of the son of man could be several specific things, or nothing specific at all. We have ZERO scriptural reason to thing this way.

Revelation 12 is HINDSIGHT with respect to the messiah’s birth, not foresight. It is not a fulfillment of any OT prophecy. There is no OT prophecy that told readers to look for the signs given in the passage for the coming messiah of Israel. So let not your hearts be troubled. For those who remember my 2014 post on this issue, the “no one knows” answer Jesus gave to when his coming would be won’t be improved upon by astronomy software.

Anyway, just wanted to put this up. I can hardly wait until October!  One more failure to predict the second coming or the associated events. But, true to form, the date-setters will have their excuses ready.

Yes, it can be soul-crushing for me to read / watch this sort of nonsense. But the real problem is that it is faith-destroying for many. That’s the harm.

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 163: Other Gods and Other Religions with Gerald McDermott

Gerald R. McDermott (PhD, University of Iowa) is Anglican Chair of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. Before joining Beeson, he was the Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion at Roanoke College. He is also associate pastor at Christ the King Anglican Church and Distinguished Senior Fellow in the History of Christianity at Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion.

In this episode of the podcast we discuss two of Dr. McDermott’s books: God’s Rivals: Why Has God Allowed Different Religions? and Israel Matters: Why Christians Must Think Differently about the People and the Land.

God’s Rivals raises the question of why there are other religions—why would God permit that? The content of the book takes note of the Deuteronomy 32 worldview discussed so often on the Naked Bible Podcast – that, for biblical writers, the gods were real and allotted to the nations (and vice versa) in judgment at the Babel event (Deut 4:19-20; 17:1-3; 29:23-26; 32:8-9 [per the Dead Sea Scrolls “sons of God” reading]; 32:17). Dr. McDermott surveys early church thinkers reflections on this situation and what it meant in God’s plan of salvation.
Israel Matters discusses the diversity of opinion (positive and negative) in the believing Church toward the people, land, and state of Israel.

Books referenced:

  1. God’s Rivals: Why Has God Allowed Different Religions? Insights from the Bible and the Early Church
  2. Israel Matters: Why Christians Must Think Differently about the People and the Land
  3. The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land

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Instagram and Novel # 3

Well, I’ve entered “novel #3 research mode.” Not sure what clicked in my head, but the last couple of days I’ve had a bunch of scenes and ideas fly into my head. I guess it’s time. I hope to start writing this fall.

Readers of The Facade and The Portent will know that one of the new characters introduced in the latter was Summit. That’s the nickname of my youngest daughter. Like her namesake character, Summit (real name: Simcha/Simmi) is something of a prodigy. In her case it’s drawing. Here’s something she just posted on her instagram account (she’s been watching the Anne of Green Gables remake, “Anne with an E”). It’s an hour’s worth of work. Free hand. Good grief. The girl that plays the part in the show “liked” it on Instagram, too.

Her picture actually reminded me that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my wife started an Instagram account for me. It’s part of the Miqlat newsletter. Please subscribe! (Where else can you see genuine pictures of Bigfoot? … he showed up at our FringePop321 studio).


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Mike’s Book, The Bible Code Myth, Now Available for Kindle

I wrote and self-published The Bible Code Myth over ten years ago. I don’t believe it was ever on Amazon (so long ago I can’t remember). I had sold it as a PDF as well.

Through a lot of help on the part of Peter Rust, a friend of mine who has helped out with other Kindle items, The Bible Code Myth has now been reborn as a Kindle title.

Here’s an extended description of the book

The fundamental premise of all Bible code research is that the every-letter sequence of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament has remained unaltered since God prompted the biblical authors to compose their documents. The actual manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, however, inform us very plainly that no two manuscripts are identical, different versions of biblical books exist in those manuscripts (sometimes involving thousands of letters), and the scribes who transmitted the Hebrew text at times made mistakes in transmission, and left notes in their copies about suspect readings in the manuscripts. These data testify unequivocally that the preservation of the every-letter sequence of Hebrew letters is uncertain. The author introduces the English reader to these phenomena so as to visually demonstrate that the certitude of the every-letter sequence required for the Bible code to be real is a demonstrable myth.

To take one example of how the manuscript evidence entirely undermines the foundational premise of a Bible code, the Dead Sea Scrolls, our closest textual witnesses to the original Hebrew Old Testament, have a markedly different way of spelling. In just a few verses there might therefore be dozens of letter differences due only to spelling convention (recall in English the word “color” vs. “colour”). The Hebrew text used by Bible code researchers is much younger than the Dead Sea material, and does not account for the ancient spellings. The significance of this can be dramatically illustrated. One Bible code proponent, Grant Jeffrey, claimed to have found dozens of coded names associated with Jesus in Isaiah 52:13-53:12, the Old Testament prophecy of a suffering Messiah. In just these fifteen verses, there are 115 letter differences between the text Jeffrey uses and the Dead Sea Great Isaiah Scroll because of spelling differences. Click here to see for yourself.

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Unseen Realm Video Series on Faithlife TV

Faithlife TV has just added what they’re calling an “Unseen Realm lecture series” to the channel’s content. You need to subscribe to Faithlife TV to watch them. It’s very inexpensive (I think around $5 a month). I hope many of you will do that, as it will encourage Faithlife (my employer, the maker of Logos Bible Software) to do more of that sort of content. Let’s be honest … no one else is doing that. So it’s a good idea to let Faithlife know you want more.

The “lecture series” is actually a series of videos of me summarizing the chapter content of my book The Unseen Realm. These videos would be very useful for introducing people to the content of the book and getting them interested in reading it. So subscribe and show a few to folks that you know need to read The Unseen Realm!

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PEERANORMAL Podcast Episode 09: Is Rh-Negative Blood Proof of Alien or Nephilim Hybrids?

Short answer: No.

For why, listen to the episode and read its associated source material.

Description: The idea that people with Rh-Negative blood indicates alien or nephilim ancestry is on the rise in fringe internet communities and websites. In this episode our panel is joined by someone with medical training (MD) who is familiar with blood typing and the genetics behind Rh-negative blood. The episode discusses the nature of Rh-negative blood, its genetic explanation, and speculations about other traits associated with Rh-negative blood.

Guest host: Mike’s pastor, Dax Swanson, an MD who practiced medicine for six years and did post-MD research on blood and immunology.

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60 Second Scholar Books to be Re-published by Zondervan

Many of you have asked about the status of my self-published three-book 60-Second Scholar series. The books are no longer available for purchase on Amazon, and some folks have posted ridiculous prices for used copies. I had to “retire” the series on Amazon because I was in negotiation with several mainstream Christian publishers who expressed interest in picking them up for their own re-publication.

I can now announce that Zondervan has picked up the books for re-publication. The name should be familiar. Zondervan is owned by Harper Collins, and has been a major publishing house in the Christian world for decades. The 100 entries in each original 60-Second book will be trimmed to 80 entries and re-formatted a bit. Zondervan will release the series in May 2018.

This also means that the Logos versions of the series that went up on pre-pub just before negotiations began have been halted. Logos editions of the new series will be produced after the May 2018 launch.

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