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Why FringePop321? Watch This Video

Want to know why my non-profit, MIQLAT, is partnering with to create our “fringe / Middle Earth” video show Fringepop321? Watch this video (and get a peek).
By helping, you’re not only helping a Miqlat ministry effort, you’re doing evangelism and discipleship in meaningful, quantifiable ways. I’ve seen the “under the hood” stats and responses myself. Get a glimpse of what’s happening — and can happen — by watching the video.

AllAboutGOD’s Largest Outreach Strategy Ever! from on Vimeo.

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Mike talks Unseen Realm on the Eric Metaxas Show

My interview on the Eric Metaxas Show airs today (2-4 pm Eastern time; I’m in hour 2, starting at 3pm Eastern).

I’m a newcomer to Eric’s show (about two months now). I enjoy its eclectic nature and the fact that he’s unafraid to make the faith orientation of his show clear to listeners. Who would have thought … an intelligent Christian radio show from the heart of New Your City! Here’s the archive link for those encountering this later than today (look for December 13).

On a personal level, this was an interesting interview. Those of you familiar with The Unseen Realm and divine council content in general will note how Eric reflexively assumes Psalm 82 is about humans. His background is Greek Orthodox (not sure how he defines his faith tradition now), so that may have something to do with where his thinking went once we got into Psalm 82. Orthodoxy places significant emphasis on theosis — human believers becoming divine (what evangelicals call glorification, and what scholars call deification). We spent a lot of time on the psalm, with me explaining that the ‘elohim there aren’t people — and that matters for what Jesus says in John 10.

In a nutshell, not the kind of conversation you’d expect from a mainstream Christian talk show. But I’d guess that’s why his show is popular. A lot of believers — a lot of people in general — are hungry for intelligent content and conversation.

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MEMRA 2018 Registration Open Now Until January 7

I’ve gotten a couple recent emails about whether MEMRA courses will be available in 2018. Some folks on the livestream asked about it as well. It was good timing, since I had it on my list of things to think about this weekend.

I’ve decided to open up a module for 2018. I don’t know if there will be a second one in the summer. Registration is available until January 7, 2018. The courses begin on January 15, 2018. As before, courses are 52 weeks and cost $120. You will not lose access to course videos after 52 weeks. Cost of the grammars we use is not included. They must be ordered via Amazon. Click here for registration and here for information on the courses, including the required textbooks.

MEMRA courses are on ancient languages via video. Students pace themselves through the units and ask me questions about content when they like via the course platform (Canvas). The content is taught via the grammar and video. Courses offered are:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Beginning Biblical Greek
  • Beginning Biblical Aramaic
  • Beginning Ugaritic

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Naked Bible Podcast Episodes 190, 191, and 192: Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Interviews

The interviews from the 2017 SBL meetings had to be broken up into three episodes:

Episode 190 (SBL, Part 1)

  • We get caught up with David Burnett, now in his first semester of doctoral work at Marquette University. We also chat with Marina Westerdahl, a former student of Mike’s at Knox Seminary about to begin doctoral work in Old Testament. Marina’s research interests involve the divine council. Lastly, we visit with Sam Lamerson, professor of New Testament at Knox Seminary and fellow traveler with Mike in helping Christians think well about the paranormal.

Episode 191 (SBL, Part 2)

  • In our second set of interviews from SBL in Boston, we talk with Ben Giffone about how to earn an advanced degree without going into debt, teaching overseas, and his own interest in Unseen Realm content and Israelite religion. We also chat with John Schwandt, director of Mobile Education for Logos Bible Software (Faithlife). John and Mike talk about the unique benefits of Mobile Ed courses and how they are a great tool for anyone interested in learning Scripture and theology from some of the country’s best professors — all without uprooting your life and incurring debt.

Episode 192 (SBL, Part 3)

  • Our final set of interviews at SBL includes discussions with Tim Mackie from The Bible Project, and we learn about opportunities for biblical studies education in the UK from Dr. Matthew Lynch, a scholar in the UK familiar with the podcast and Mike’s work.


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Fake 2011 Video of UFO Over Dome of the Rock on the Jerusalem Temple Mount is Still Fake

Breaking news …


Please don’t send this to me or post it on social media where I’ll see it. It’s fake, folks.

Here’s the video. Watch it and you’ll see something very odd (not the “UFO”) that tells you it’s a fake:

What’s the tell-tale sign? The star-shaped lights in the foreground never move or flicker. NOTHING in the video ever moves or flickers or reflects light. It’s static — except for the UFO. That tells you it was superimposed on a still photograph and then made to look like a video. Anyone who’s ever looked at a city skyline at night will know how unnatural the video looks.

I can recall the first time this was circulating on Christian ministry “research” sites. Embarrassing. Still is.

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Nanotechnology to Fight Cancer

Some good news related to nanotechnology (trying to balance out the previous post): Cancer Stem Cells Destroyed by Drug-Filled Nanoparticles. It’s not all about becoming gods.

Okay … had to add this. I couldn’t help myself: Scientists Train Bacteria to Build Unnatural Proteins. First sentence: “Scientists say they have created a partly man-made bacterium that can produce proteins not found in nature.”

Okay, back to normal.

I suppose you can tell I’m moving into novel mode.


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Audio from the ETS Session on New Testament Textual Criticism

The Evangelical Textual Criticism blog has a link to the audio files of the presentations in the ETS session devoted to NT Textual criticism. As the ETC blog notes:

The session was titled “Growing Up in the Ehrman Era: Retrospect and Prospect on Our Text-Critical Apologetic.” The first part of the session was given to several presentations drawn from chapters that will be in a book we are editing; the second part was a panel discussion featuring Dan Wallace, Timothy Paul Jones, Michael Kruger, Charles Hill, Peter Head, and Pete Williams.

The audio files are $4 each. Here are the session titles:

  1. Common Problems in Evangelical Defenses of the New Testament Text – Elijah Hixson and Peter Gurry
  2. Dating Myths: Why Later Manuscripts Can Be Better Manuscripts – Greg Lanier
  3. Math Myths: Why More Manuscripts Isn’t Necessarily Better – Jacob Peterson
  4. Panel Discussion – Dan Wallace, Timothy Paul Jones, Michael Kruger, Charles Hill, Peter Head, and Pete Williams

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