Plumes on Europa, a Target for Alien Life

     Europa, a moon of Jupiter thought to harbor a warm, saltwater ocean sloshing beneath a thick, icy crust, has long been considered one of the best spots in the solar system to look for alien beings. by Sarah KaplanThe Washington Post5-14-18 Now, citing data collected by NASA’s Galileo […]

Astronaut Scott Kelly Talks UFOs, Says Aliens Probably Not Visiting Earth

I had the opportunity to interview astronaut Scott Kelly recently and, of course, I had to ask him about UFOs. Kelly has spent over 520 days in space during four different missions. In one mission alone he spent 340 consecutive days on the International Space Station. The longest time any […]

2012 Doomsday? Don’t Believe The Hype…

2012 Doomsday? Don’t Believe The Hype… A friend recently brought something to my attention, Stephen Hamblin, a retired aeronautical engineering manager, posts on several internet forums some of which are related to astronomy, aeronautical topics & UFOs, in fact if you frequent any UFO-related forums then the chances are that […]