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UFO ALIEN WAR 2011? UFOs Disabling Nukes? Darpa looses test Space HTV2?

Is there an Alien war coming? Some people seem to think so! Is this something the government is keeping from us? Does the US already have space ships orbiting earth? Are Nukes being disabled by UFOs? Do you remember hearing about issues with our Nukes? Then they came up with a reason why? I do it was swept under the rug! I found these videos tonight this site has tons of information

The man that killed 2 alien greys

I first heard about Phil Schnieder very recently. He claimed he was working for the GOV’T building an underground base when he encountered Aliens which he shit and killed. HE says he was almost killed in the process. He is dead now he was killed with a piano wire.

Here is a video of him before he died talking about what happened with the Alien Greys.

There are a lot of videos of Phil Schneider so are very long and drawn out. He says he had several attempts on his life because of what he told people. It looks like they were finally successful.