Time-lapse video captures the ash plume from Hawaii’s volcano exploding higher than Mt. Everest – ImaGeo

The biggest explosion yet from the Kilauea volcano propelled 1,000-pound rocks into the air, and sent ash rocketing 30,000 feet high A timelapse video from a camera on the Gemini Observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii captured the ash cloud exploding high in the atmosphere from the Kilauea volcano […]

What I Learned Studying Real Vampires – The Crux

A scene from “Interview with the Vampire” featuring Christian Slater and Brad Pitt. (Credit: Warner Bros./Youtube) [Editor’s note: One of the most popular articles on our site is a piece by Georgia Institute of Technology researcher John Edgar Browning about his work with the real vampire community, published in March 2015. In […]

Mosquito Bites Leave A Lasting Impression On Our Immune System – D-brief

(Credit: Kokhanchikov/Shutterstock) Mosquito bites are like a gross form of French kissing — the insects swap your blood with their saliva, and leave a trail of salivary secretions behind like mosquito cooties. Some of those compounds prevent clotting as the insects slurp up your blood. Now researchers find mosquito spit aggravates […]

The Story Of Southeast Asia Through Ancient DNA – Dead Things

Ancient DNA from archaeological sites in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand’s World Heritage site Ban Chiang, has refined our understanding of how farmers and hunter-gatherers mixed and mingled millennia ago. (Credit Wikimedia Commons) Southeast Asia is home to scores of different languages and cultures, but the story of how such diversity blossomed […]

Your Emergency Contact Does More Than You Think – D-brief

(Credit: Shutterstock) You know when you’re filling out your medical paperwork and it asks for your emergency contact? Sure, the process might be annoying, but that emergency contact could actually be put to good use by researchers. Since many of us use a family member, those contacts can help scientists create […]

Autonomous Flatcars Could Help Drones Deliver Goods – Drone360

Patent drawing from Cambridge Research & Development for an autonomous, battery-powered, drone-toting, delivery flatcar. (Credit: Cambridge Research & Development) A research company is seeking funding to build a prototype autonomous, battery-powered flatcar that would serve as a platform for package-delivery drones. Cambridge Research & Development in New Hampshire has applied for […]

Uncovering Roman History With Ice Cores and Lead – D-brief

(Credit: Bukhta Yurii/Shutterstock) Scientists today are searching for the “Golden Spike,” evidence for the presence of man that will show up even hundreds of thousands of years from now. Such a marker would officially kick off the Anthropocene, the epoch of man, and candidates include the presence of radiation from […]