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Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?

“Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?”


“U.S. government has in rogue assets within. If a catastrophic earth based event (such as an asteroid impact, or natural mega disaster) were to occur on a future date and world governments had advanced knowledge of such an event — would the populace be warned?”

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This article obviously thinks the worst of our Governments. Would our government do this? It got me to thinking that it actually makes sense. If the Gov’t wants to keep control this would actually be a way to do it. I would hope the people pushing the buttons have better morals than this but it is possible. Get the right people in control and they will kill for the good of our society. It is really bad to think but it is very possible.

IntelliStreets. Monitoring our streets like never before!

Intellistreets is the wireless digital infrastructure that controls, monitors & maintains the sensory world.

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These new street lights can monitor your every move and listen in to what you say. Another tool the Department of Homeland Security plans to use on your for more control. Watch the youtube video they have a lot of good uses but the biggest is how they can monitor every move you make and everything you say! They are wirelessly networked together. Using Wireless Mesh Transceivers..

UFO ALIEN WAR 2011? UFOs Disabling Nukes? Darpa looses test Space HTV2?

Is there an Alien war coming? Some people seem to think so! Is this something the government is keeping from us? Does the US already have space ships orbiting earth? Are Nukes being disabled by UFOs? Do you remember hearing about issues with our Nukes? Then they came up with a reason why? I do it was swept under the rug! I found these videos tonight this site has tons of information

Fort Knox! I hope its not empty!

I watched Ancient Aliens tonight and now Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. Last nights show was a rerun and I did not really want to watch it. So I went to bed but I could not help getting it brine into my brain once again that it is possible that Fort Knox is empty. I really hope this is a bunch of bs as it is just another theory out there that could be very bad for the American people. They asked local people about Fort Knox a lot of then say there is no GOLD in Fort Knox. Since 911 they have doubled security which is to be expected. The scary thing is all the different people that either worked as a guard for the Military that say they were told that there is not Gold in Fort Knox. This is all HEAR SAY! So hopefully its all a bunch of BS.