Black Triangle Sighting in Rochester, New York on June 3rd 2012 – In 3 1/2 wks I had 3 different experiences. One with cubes, one with ufo and one with an extremely bright light about 20 ft or less from my window.

On June 3, 2012 it was about 4:07 in the pm and I was walking to my car. I work at a hospital and on the street there is always alot of traffic. I was walking toward the first intersection and saw and heard what I thought was a whirlwind and to my surprise there were 4 cube shaped objects in a square formation about 10 feet apart coming up from the ground!! Then there came up a plastic bag looking thing that looked blown up and 4 more cubes came up and then 4 more and then 4 more – a total of 16 cubes and this blown up bag looking thing which I think was leading them. While this was happening I looked around and there was no one – not a person – not a car – and I’m thinking this is impossible! I watched it go into the wind (which was quite strong)and up into the atmosphere until I couldn’t see it anymore. Once these cubes (which were all silver) were up high the traffic started flowing and people were coming around. The first thing I thought when this happened was – they found me…

Then about a week later I was up stairs staring at the beautiful clear starlit night and one star in particular caught my attention and I thought to myself what a beautiful star and then – as if to read my mind – it went from side to side. I felt as though someone slugged me in the stomach! I then thought I didn’t just see what I thought I saw and it then moved side to side. I ran down stairs yelling about the UFO to my son and daughter but they want nothing to do with it and so I grabbed my camera and went outside to take pictures and by then it was almost right overhead. I snapped a bunch of pictures. They weren’t the best but you could see the lights which were green and white. It was triangle shaped and small about the size of a small plane with 3 lights underneath which were not pulsating at all or blinking. It went by very slow and silently. I watched until I couldn’t see it anymore.

About a week and a half later at exactly 2:30 I woke up because my room was lit up as though it was day time. I went to my window and it was so bright I would see what was causing it. It had to have been very small because my back yard it quite small and big trees. There is a little space where this object could fit. The light was shining for about 5 mins. I was too scared to go outside and look at it.

The next day I went to get my camera and it was gone. The case was there but the camera was gone. So, I have no proof of the UFO I saw. I haven’t had anything happen since – that I know of…

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