Black Triangle Sighting in Lakewood, Ohio on June 25th 2014 – My friend said "what's that" I looked up and saw something "cloaking" and then it was out of view behind the house.

I was sitting on my friend’s back porch looking at my cellphone. My friend’s wife all of a sudden said, “What’s that?” I looked up and saw a object with three lights start to dim and it looked like it started to “cloak” It had this weird auro around it, and it looked kinda like it was surrounded by water and it started to disappear. I could see what looked like a black craft, but it happened so fast that I can’t say for sure what color it was. After it was gone my friends wife then told me she saw three bright reddish orange lights in the formation of a triangle in between the trees then she followed it until it went behind their house. She said she say the same weird “cloaking” effect that I saw. I remember feeling a very weird sensation in my body right before she said “what’s that” I of course had some anxiety after but the feeling I had right before I saw it was different…

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