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Daily UFO Headlines 9/22/2017

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UFO Fleet flying in formation crossing the Moon

While using his telescope sky-watcher Bill Bryson recorded a possible UFO fleet crossing the moon.

Bill Bryson states that it is not unusual for him to see similar objects at least one per session but 14 objects that fly clearly in a formation is very unusual.

Bill: “Now I do not pretend to know really what they were – but it looks to me that either they are UFOs or Bats.”

Given that the camera was zoomed in on the moon, it is unlikely that the objects were bats, bugs or even birds as they would have been out of focus.

Besides, according to a commenter, birds fly at a speed of 25-35m.p.h. At that speed, to cross camera parallax then the birds must fly at an average altitude of 5,000 ft. But as Bill zoomed in on the moon, the camera was, say at 50,000 ft. in air, so then it is impossible that it was a bat or bird flight.

The first short (slow-motion) video of Streetcap1 shows the moment the fleet consisting of about 14 UFOs flying in formation from right to left across the screen. The second video is the longer original footage of Bill Bryson and shows the UFO fleet flying at high speed across the moon.


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UFO Sighting in Sechelt, British Columbia on 1965-08-11 00:00:00 – 5-6 boys about 9 yrs old. light behaving wildly decending then woke up later.

5 or 6 boys about 9 years old. selma park b.C. canada. aug 1965 between 2200 hrs and 0200 hrs. unsure exact date or time its been around 52 yrs. we were sleeping out in an open field down near breakwater. we were watching the sky to see if we could see “shooting stars” possible we were looking at perseid showers. we also were looking for satellites, a fairly new phenomenon at that time. we noticed this bright light that suddenly appeared in nw part of the sky approx. 10 oclock with overhead being 12 oclock. we noticed it because it was much brighter than the surrounding stars/planets. it appeared to be hovering then zipped across the sky towards us then turned at what appeared to be a right angle at a very high rate of speed towards the west. it then stopped and hovered although it appeared to be decending. we were all discussing what this might be, the only thing we agreed on was we had never seen anything move like that. the object then started moving from west to north then seemed to spiral moving quite quickly and seemed like it was moving towards us. i remember being fascinated, then one of my friends said its coming down. i remember it sounded like he was terrified. no one else spoke, then the next thing i know the sun wakes me up around 0900 hrs. we all appeared to wake at the same time. normally we would be awake before first light. i woke up feeling like i had just got over the flu. i was very groggy normally i wake up instantly. i remembered the light and said hey you guys remember that light last night. that was weird, none of them would look at me. no one said anything they stopped and stared at the ground. i said no don’t you remember that light we all saw it. they all denied that it happened and they all went home and it was never talked about again. my friends later would deny we ever even slept out that night. its possible ive had other incidences i believe they may be buried deep.

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Friendly Neighborhood Delivery Drones Target Iceland

Delivery drones are carrying customer orders for burgers and smartphones across a bay of water straddled by the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik—and that’s just the start of a much more ambitious plan. Before the end of 2017, the Israeli startup Flytrex envisions sending its delivery drones to the street corners of certain Reykjavik neighborhoods.

The dream of delivery drones dropping of packages on doorsteps or in backyards has faced considerable challenges in taking flight. No company can

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mankato, Minnesota on 2017-09-22 23:11:00 – ~9 objects flying fast in an arrow formation

About 9 object flying fast right under cloud cover. shape of craft is unknown but all craft emmited a yellow-orange glow underneath the crafts. they where in an arrow formation. some craft backed off fast moving in all directions, then quickly got back into formation with the rest of the crafts. flying n-nw. gone in seconds

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Win a Signed Copy of Mike’s New Book: The Bible Unfiltered

I received author copies of my newest book a few days ago. I have 6 to give away.

Here’s how to win a signed copy!

1.       Post a review of Unseen Realm on Amazon. If you’ve already posted one, you could edit it so as to qualify for the next step.

2.       Email a screenshot of the review with your physical mailing address to:

The giveaway ends midnightOct 3 (Pacific time). Submissions received after midnight will not be considered.

On Friday, October 6, 7 pm Pacific, we’ll have a live drawing of the 6 winners on my Facebook / YouTube livestream. You have to follow me on Twitter (@msheiser) or on Facebook, or my personal YouTube Channel to get alerts for the livestream.

You do not have to be watching to win.

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PEERANORMAL Episode 11: Bigfoot DNA

Back in 2012 the world heard that Bigfoot DNA had been isolated and genetically tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Those involved claimed that the testing had proven the existence of Bigfoot (aka, Sasquatch), and that the creature was a hybrid between modern homo sapiens and an unknown primate species.In a short time, the story unraveled and the research was scrutinized by experts revealing a number of flaws. But this was not the only attempt at producing genetic evidence for Bigfoot. There were earlier and subsequent tests. Is there genuine evidence for Bigfoot DNA?

The episode is now live.

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UFO Sighting in St. Catharines, Ontario on 2017-09-22 21:45:00 – I did not see them i took photos using a tripod experimenting and only saw them when i uploaded to my computer

I went outside at about 9.40 pm to experiment taking photos of the evening sky and had set my camera nikon d500 up on a tripod set my camera on about 10 second time exposure.The lense a tamron 16-300mm was on full zoom. i took about 5 photos and then finished at at about 9/45pm and returned to upload my pics and see how they turned out. i using windows 10 photo editing and hit the enhance button and was quite amazed at what i saw. i then zoomed in using their zoom tool and once again saw some really inexpiable objects. in the one photo the object is on the center left of the screen and in the right upper part of the photo was a blueish light with a white trail…This looked like a missile of sorts.I am willing to forward originals to you for examination.

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