Army High-Tech Blimp To Spy On Americans? | VIDEO

High-Tech Blimp To Spy On Americans?
Credit; CBS News


     Floating over Maryland’s Baltimore suburbs is the newest system launched by the Army to protect the Eastern Seaboard. While officials say the new security system won’t be keeping an eye on residents below, many are skeptical, reports CBS News correspondent Chip Reid.

At the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, soldiers practiced the complicated choreography of launching an unmanned blimp nearly as long as a football field. . . .

. . . “Even without the video surveillance, these blimps are designed to track and surveil surface moving targets, that is people, it’s cars, it’s individuals going about their daily lives,” McCall said.

The Army insists the blimp will never be used to spy on Americans, but following revelations about spying by the NSA, some people are nervous about what they believe could one day become the government’s eye in the sky. . . .

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