Alien Encounter in Ontario on 1984-08-28 04:30:00 – I soke to the then was abducted and raped the awoke in the craft then electronically put back to sleep then awoke in my car 7 miles away . 12 years later confronted by m en in black.

if men in black confront me, can i attack them, or disable them till police come to help me? if i tell you they will find me. the one of two ufo’s of the 3rd kind told me not to tell anyone. after i spoke about my experiencing such in general public (ottawa,ont), 2 men in black approached me and asked if i had such an encounter. i just replied “no” and went away from them. i found that as a life threatning event. if this happens again, i am tempted to attack them. please contact me before anything else happens, eh? please help me.

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