Alien Encounter in Fort Lupton, Colorado on 1986-06-01 02:00:00 – Entity

I was sleeping on the couch at my parents house (i was ~ 20 years old) when i noticed the light outside the window behind the couch. i looked out the window and approximately 200 ft from the window on the open grass on a concrete basketball court i saw approximately 4 feet off the ground a bright white light which i later decided was a rip in space, the only way i can describe it. this bright light or hole which was probably only 3 or 4 ft in diameter i saw 3-5 aliens or whatever you want to call them exit out of the hole. somehow i knew that they were going to come over to where i was and this terrified me. i did not actually see them walk from a basketball court and over the lawn to the window which was approximately a foot and a half from my body. so, it’s the couch between me and the window. on the outside of the window 3 is what i remember 3 of the grey aliens where staring down at me. i tried to move but my entire body was not responding and i was frozen… frozen’s probably the wrong word it was like i was a quadriplegic or something the only thing that i could move was my eyelids and my eyes so i could look over and see them staring down at me. their faces were proximately 3 feet at the most away from mine still looking through the window directly into my face. i was fully awake and this continued for i’m guessing somewhere between 15 minutes and 1/2 an hour. i know that seems like a big variance for one who is describing something that occurred when they were completely awake but it was a terrifying experience and i suspect a minute may have lasted in my mind forever. subsequently i discovered that people had sleep paralysis and describe something similar to this. however, this was not sleep paralysis i was wide awake and aware and i know what i saw so the paralysis started sometime after i saw them come out of the light or the basketball court and i was laying back on the couch and at some point they paralyzed me they seem to enjoy it and i seem to be either reading their thoughts or or something to know that…Or more correctly they communicated that to me without speech.
other than staring at me i don’t know what else they were trying to accomplish. during this encounter i was struggling with all of my might to try to move even one little finger i could feel my body all over. i could not move it, i tried and i tried to try and fight them to get away from them i would have went down the hallway to my room and picked out my 243 to blow them away if i could of but i could not move.Then they left. i did not see how the exited but i imagine it was the same hole. i have the distinct feeling that this has happened several times and may happen again but that that was the only incident that i remember. possibly i remember them when i was ~ 5yes old in missoula, mt. but that could be just a bad dream.
i did tell some family members and a couple of friends about it but i described it as the worst bad dream ever but i’m letting you know it was never a dream i was wide awake and aware.
now approximately 30 years later i have the guts to at least report this to you in hopes it may help somebody or you guys with your research. i am mentally stable i have managed millions of acres of federal land as the primary land officer. i am a gs-13 30 year federal employee with a staff of 30. i’m not some nutcase and i’m scientifically trained i have had no mental issues no drug issues and i have a very long and responsible career, family life and i’m letting you know this actually happened.

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